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  1. We’re now living in our 3rd continent (South Africa, UK, Oz) and despite only being here 5 weeks, we feel very much at home. As a perpetual expat, we’ve found Australia far more welcoming than when we first moved to the UK. We’ve however been away from our homeland for more than 12 years so have long since acclimated to expat status.
  2. ABG

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    There’s a lot of fluff in their budget, but we’re paying $64 more a month a month in rent and that’s for a 3 bed in Melbourne, about 25km from CBD! Our total spend per month though is 6K for a family of 4 and we live quite comfortably. Not sure what’s going on with their cars; 100k in loans for car+piano+holidays (repaid at 2k/month), plus another grand ‘car repayments’, plus 400 a month in car running costs. Double accounting for dramatic effect??
  3. ABG


    Settled in and loving it! It can definitely be done cheaper, but I had a job already set up and so we chose properties etc as people earning a salary, rather than looking for a cheaper place and saving money. Definitely the best decision we've made
  4. ABG

    TFN how long?

    Mine took a week, I applied first week of September
  5. ABG


    You nailed it! I initially signed up with Optus as they said I could get fibre. They then cancelled the order saying its not available so I'm now stuck in the slow internet ghetto. NBN is in my suburb, guess not yet at my address yet.
  6. ABG


    We got hit with $275 per licence (10 years). We also had to pay $18 per applicant for the privilege of going into VicRoads to make the swap!! The one thing I will say is that they were very helpful. We didn't have our proof of address with us but they were happy for me to show them our address on my phone banking app, and then with my wife, I signed the section that I knew her so she didn't have to prove address. In every other country I've lived in before we would have been sent home and told to rebook and come in when we have the right paper work. Our internet is $60 per month, but had to pay the first month upfront, pay $100 for the router (month-to-month contract as we're waiting for NBN to be installed in our area), connection/installation fee was $100, plus we had to make a $20 advance payment for phone as we didn't want any set monthly home phone contract as we don't use it.
  7. ABG


    So 2 weeks in country: you blow through your money quickly! We’ve gone through about $25k already! Lots of things that don’t require upfront payment in UK does here. We have bought a car (8k) and lots of furniture and house hold items (7k), but then upfront costs to bear in mind: - rent (ours is 2800/month) - bond (2800) - driving licence x2 (550) - internet set up 280 - school uniforms 350 - school contribution (70/ term) - foxtel/tv (125) - health insurance 350 - ambulance cover 90 Hopefully that’s the bulk of the big ticket items; I’m just glad I’ve arrived with work!
  8. Isn’t there an early termination fee? We have that for our cable contract. Early termination costs 3 months fees
  9. ABG


    My numbers could quite possibly be off - we're moving next week so don't have an accurate idea of the costs. This is what I based it on: Rent - $2700 TV - $50 Internet - $70 Elec - $150 Water - $30 Healthcare - $300 Food & general - $1400 Petrol - $200 Car insurance - 60 Home insurance - $50 I should probably have mentioned that with our household budget, we never include discretionary/entertainment in the cost; this is what our outgoings from our joint account would be, savings and fun money comes out of individual accounts after living expenses, so take home would need to be higher than the above. It also doesn't cover things like rego ($800 I believe per car, per year in Vic).
  10. ABG


    I did a back of of the envelop tally and according to that we need about $5k per month for a family of 4 in Melbourne. That’s living in SE suburbs with rent of $650 per week. However how I live and how you live could be vastly different!
  11. Thanks, very helpful. I believe I do meet the PSI tests as I will be providing all the equipment etc to provide the services and will be liable if things go wrong. I think I'll probably go as sole contractor for initial contracting, and then amend as appropriate after I've spoken with an accountant when I arrive.
  12. Revisiting this topic again.... So I am going to be working as a consultant for my previous employer and possibly some of that company's customers. I'll be working as a consultant to the company(s), doing contract business development and helping them develop and launch products across APAC. @Ferrets, can you expand a bit on Randstad you mentioned before as when I google them I come up with a recruitment agency. The other options are operating either as a sole trader or a Pty Ltd. My projected annual turnover will be above the GST threshold and also beyond what I think is the 'magic number' where paying corporation tax is more attractive than personal income tax. That makes me lean towards operating through a company, but then I'm not certain yet what all the additional costs are for the paper work to maintain a company. Does anyone have a ballpark figure for this? If it helps, the company will be a one-man band (me), with a part-time employee to help with paperwork (my wife). Added complexity is if I operate as a sole trader with an extra employee, how does that impact the 'magic number' threshold? The business will be a home-based business.
  13. Vetassess docked me too. I split the employment in two and checked the ‘not for points’ box for the years docked by Vetassess. I.e. I had 9years with same employer, the first considered not relevant so I put that as a separate employment if 1 year and said not relevant, and then a second employment (with same employer) for the rest, but this time as counting for points.
  14. ABG

    Statutory decs

    What are you using the Stat Dec for? I used one for my skills assessment in lieu of a statement of works, as I didn’t wish to inform my employer of my intents to emigrate before I knew I had a realistic chance of getting a visa. As mentioned by a previous post, it’s a legal document as per the Statutory Declaration Act 1835 and in order to be valid, needs to comply with that legislation. For my stat dec., I hired a Notary Public to draft the declaration and make sure it was compliant.