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  1. ABG

    Buying a car

    I’m not sure if you’ve talked finance terms yet but with zero credit history you’re likely to get the worst terms on offer. I was in a similar situation, could have put a big deposit down and tried to finance, or buy a run around out right and wait until I could show positive cash flow through my bank account over a couple months. We decided on the latter and bought a small run around (which we needed anyway), and then a family car after a couple months when we had established ourselves. The guy who I went through for finance reckoned I saved 3% interest and dropped required deposit to only 10% by waiting a couple months and being able to show income in Australia. Considering how much it costs to get set up in a new country (we dropped about $30k in our first 2 months here, including the run around car), it might be something to consider to preserve your cash flow
  2. ABG

    Aussie weather

    Pretty warm driving around Melbourne (Mentone) today...haven’t felt heat like this since my last trip to India!
  3. I ended up going Pty Ltd for liability reasons. I’m not yet out of the PSI trap so not getting any significant tax advantages. But I’m working on it! The advice my accountant gave me is that once I’ve escaped PSI, the optimal structure is to establish a family trust, and have the Pty Ltd as the trustee. The trust reports to tax office, but contracts etc go through the company. Eligible family members are set up as beneficiaries of the trust to get the most tax benefits. TBH, I didn’t really follow him but apparently it’s the best strategy [emoji38]
  4. Am I interpreting this correctly? Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) is available for all permanent residents at eligible/qualifying universities, regardless of how long the person has been resident in Australia, provided the student is remains permanently resident in Australia for the duration of their study. Residents (apart from long-term NZ special category visa holders) are not eligible for HECS-HELP loan to pay for their student contribution.
  5. I applied in a different field, but also assessed by Vetassess. I didn’t want to tell my employer of my intentions and so used a Statutory Declaration instead of reference letters. I told Vetassess that speaking to my employer before securing a visa could negatively impact my employment. They were happy with that as I provided other documentation to back up what I said in the Stat. Decl. That could be an option for you too, provided you can demonstrate in another way that your are qualified and have the relevant experience
  6. ABG

    Mobile Phone SIM

    I got it instore. It may have been a ‘special’ from the assistant as I asked for the 80GB which had 40GB extra (ie 40+40) but my account shows 80+40.
  7. ABG

    Mobile Phone SIM

    Optus have a sim only deal on right now, $35 gives you 30GB data, unlimited local calls and SMSes, unlimited calls and SMSes to international numbers (35 countries), including UK. I got the bigger package as my home broadband is rubbish, 120GB plan for $55 a month.
  8. ABG

    Which sun screen do you recommend?

    We also get the big pump one from Woolworths. Goes on really easily and isn’t greasy.
  9. We’re now living in our 3rd continent (South Africa, UK, Oz) and despite only being here 5 weeks, we feel very much at home. As a perpetual expat, we’ve found Australia far more welcoming than when we first moved to the UK. We’ve however been away from our homeland for more than 12 years so have long since acclimated to expat status.
  10. ABG

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    There’s a lot of fluff in their budget, but we’re paying $64 more a month a month in rent and that’s for a 3 bed in Melbourne, about 25km from CBD! Our total spend per month though is 6K for a family of 4 and we live quite comfortably. Not sure what’s going on with their cars; 100k in loans for car+piano+holidays (repaid at 2k/month), plus another grand ‘car repayments’, plus 400 a month in car running costs. Double accounting for dramatic effect??
  11. ABG


    Settled in and loving it! It can definitely be done cheaper, but I had a job already set up and so we chose properties etc as people earning a salary, rather than looking for a cheaper place and saving money. Definitely the best decision we've made
  12. ABG

    TFN how long?

    Mine took a week, I applied first week of September
  13. ABG


    You nailed it! I initially signed up with Optus as they said I could get fibre. They then cancelled the order saying its not available so I'm now stuck in the slow internet ghetto. NBN is in my suburb, guess not yet at my address yet.
  14. ABG


    We got hit with $275 per licence (10 years). We also had to pay $18 per applicant for the privilege of going into VicRoads to make the swap!! The one thing I will say is that they were very helpful. We didn't have our proof of address with us but they were happy for me to show them our address on my phone banking app, and then with my wife, I signed the section that I knew her so she didn't have to prove address. In every other country I've lived in before we would have been sent home and told to rebook and come in when we have the right paper work. Our internet is $60 per month, but had to pay the first month upfront, pay $100 for the router (month-to-month contract as we're waiting for NBN to be installed in our area), connection/installation fee was $100, plus we had to make a $20 advance payment for phone as we didn't want any set monthly home phone contract as we don't use it.