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  1. ABG


    IMO, the speculators ruin its value as a currency as people are trading it as a derivative. So as an investment opportunity, it’s high risk so don’t play with what you can’t afford to lose. As a currency; until the speculation comes under control, it’s greater value as a derivative outweighs its transactional value and so it won’t reach its true potential. If I wanted to invest in blockchain tech I’d put my money somewhere other than cryptocurrency
  2. ABG

    Migrating with family - advice needed

    My only input would be to retake English test as it’s the quickest and cheapest was to get an extra 10 points. If Cambridge didn’t work for you, try PTE or IELTS. Now that you’ve done it once you know what to expect and should be able to improve your score if you’re a English first language speaker (which I’m guessing based on your English usage in your posts). Migration agent also worth exploring as the migration pathway is tricky if your case is not clear cut
  3. When I arrive in Aus in the couple months, there’s a good chance I’ll be doing some consulting for my current employer. What’s the best structure to do this based on anyone else’s prior experience? I was thinking Aus Sole Trader business licence rather than setting up a Pty Ltd. This sound right or would doing it through a UK Ltd be better? My leaning towards Aus business was that having demonstrable local income would be helpful for getting rental properties etc, plus the fees would be AUS$ denominated and so I wouldn’t be exposed to FX fluctuations. If this is the way to go, can I register for an ABN offshore?
  4. ABG

    Offered a job in Melbourne...

    We’re moving to SE suburbs in Sept (Mentone area) and based on costs from my brother who is already living there and in same family situation (family of 4, 2x young children), we calculated a little over $5k per month covers living expenses for the family in a 3-4 bed house (looking at $600/week rent, Foxtel, good internet etc), savings etc would be on top of that. On moving costs, we were quoted £2.7k for 570 cubic feet shared container, £3.1k for 690 cubic feet ( half of a shared 40’ container), and £3.4k for private 20’ container (690 cubic feet). We got flights for average £430 per ticket on Singapore airlines. We’re budgeting on having to pay 3 months rent upfront + 6 week deposit. There are other chunky bills, like car rego ($850/car I think) but I reckon $20k relocation should be enough. As we’ll have no credit history in Aus, we’re going to get a UK loan for car purchase as although we have the cash to cover it, I’d rather pay next to no interest and manage cash flow as we’re living off savings until I get a job. I may have missed it, but have you been to Melbourne before? We went last year to activate our visa and it has something for everyone. Sports, arts, beaches, parks, skiing nearby in Winter etc. We can’t wait to go!
  5. So how did it all pan out? Did OP son try convince airport staff to let him travel without a visa, or did he get emergency passport? Curious to find out [emoji16]
  6. ABG

    EOI - Skilled Visa Help

    It’s worth getting your application in sooner rather than later if you are really serious about going. Sooner it’s in, the sooner you get in the queue! I’m was in a similar field - R&D Manager and Vetassess took off one year of my eligible work experience as they believe that it takes 1 year practical experience before you are at the correct skill level to fulfil the role. The English test isn’t too bad. You don’t need to do the academic one, just the general one if you do IELTS. I was in same boat with not wanting to tell my employer my intentions. For Vetassess, I made use of a Statutory Declaration in lieu of a current work reference. For the main application however I bit the bullet and spoke to a friendly manager to do a reference letter. Provided there are no complexities in your circumstances and if you’re willing to put in the leg work, you can d the whole thing without an agent. I did.
  7. ABG

    How long to pack up life in uk

    We’re going in September and apart from getting quote for shipping (and securing visas), haven’t done anything. I reckon you’re fine with a Jan move date!
  8. Thanks everyone! Checked my son's passport and it actually has 14 months left on it so will leave that one as well. Figure it will be easier going in with the original passports that the visas were granted on.
  9. So we’re on countdown to leave, T-minus 3 months and counting. What’s the minimum you’d time remaining on your passport you’d leave before renewing? We need to renew for our youngest as he’s only got 12 months left so no point leaving it, but then question my daughter’s and my passport which have 3 and 4 years left respectively. How easy is it to renew from Oz? If it’s pretty simple then I won’t renew the other 2, but if it’s a PITA then I’ll send all 3 in at once.
  10. Home Affairs = Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.... Whilst Australia has not criminalised entering/leaving on a foreign passport like South Africa, its pretty clear from the government department responsible for matters relating to citizens,that Australian citizens are meant to enter/leave on an Australian passport. I'm not inclined to trawl through legislation to justify this - I'm happy to take it at face value. If you recommend going against government advice, good for you. Personally, if Dept of Home Affairs says Australian citizens must enter/leave the country on their Australian passport, then that's the advice I'm going to go with. Not the advice of an anonymous person on a forum who is challenging this because there may/may not be a piece of legislation showing that the border agency has the power to stop an Australian citizen leaving the country,
  11. ABG

    EOI relevant experience?

    As you’re paying the agent, probably best to get him to explain it carefully to make sure you understand everything. The advice on here is largely from well meaning amateurs, and the agents posting can’t give detailed advice as they are not familiar with your particulars and can’t give professional advice without knowing that. If your agent is well respected, first port of call is a detailed discussion with them and the rely on their experience.
  12. Australia Home Affairs has this to say on the matter: “As an Australian citizen you must always leave and enter Australia on an Australian passport”. So Parley was right, he should never have been allowed to leave. I have South African dual nationality and there it’s a criminal offence to enter/leave SA on a foreign passport with a punishment of up to 12 months in jail plus a fine! I commend the OP for trying to help his son out. I’m similarly aged to the son and my folks would laugh at me and expect me sort it out on my own. You make the mess you clean it up was a mantra in my household[emoji23]
  13. You’ll get a range of answers. When we applied 2 years back we submitted everything upfront and had our visas within 7 weeks IIRC. There’s a 190 visa thread which may give you more current timeframes or other ‘tracker sites’ where people track their visa progress and you can see how other people are faring. Good luck!
  14. ABG

    Dual Sim phones

    XiaoMi also have some decent phones that are dual sim card
  15. ABG

    190 Visa Help

    Unfortunately I don’t have an answer. On the plus side, Victoria seems to be one of the harshest with rejecting applications if there seems to be ambiguity around commitment to the state, but you’re moving from there not to there. You’ll just have to play it by ear. If you have friends and family in NSW that should help and be sure to mention it. I got Vic sponsorship, and in my application indicated I had family and friends in the state . It was the only state I applied to for sponsorship