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  1. I think you may just have to bite the bullet and pay for the notary. Better to spend a few hundred and get it right than have your visa refused, lose your application fee and be barred from reapplying for a long time. I obviously don’t know what you need certifying, but if you’ve got originals then there’s no need to contact the previous employer
  2. Have you had your skills assessed yet? I ask as the points for those categories are based on the outcome of the skills assessment. It’s worth doing the English test to get points for that - typically State Sponsorship has minimum English requirements (at least my application for Vic sponsorship did).
  3. Question on Salary

    I have no experience with demonstrating experience when self employed, but as your company has been going several years could you not use your company tax and annual returns (which would show what services you provide) and customer testimonials to demonstrate that you’ve been in skilled employment? I was never asked by DIBP how much I earned. They rather wanted me to demonstrate I had the skills to do the work under the ANZSCO code I was applying. You mentioned you retained intellectual property rights to your code; could you not show where you licenses your code as further evidence - I would have thought there would be licensing agreements?
  4. As with the above, I think it only counts when completed. You may have to back it up and for that you’ll need a certificate and academic transcript showing successful completion
  5. I think the family sponsored option is the 489 visa. It’s a provisional visa but can lead to a PR visa if you live and work in a regional area for 2 years. The 189 or 190 visa doesn’t give points for family in Australia
  6. New 189 questions

    I’d get the year extension. On 60/65 points you might need to get State sponsorship for extra 5 points under the sub-category 190 visa. This also takes time. It took me 8 months to get to the point I was ready to apply for the visa (1 month prep for skills assessment, 3 months for the assessment, 3 months for State sponsorship, 1 month finalising visa application). I did my IELTS test in the 1st month prep stage, but it wasn’t a requirement for skills assessment. For missing payslips etc, you can use tax records and bank statements. The skills assessment agency I went through also allowed the use of statutory declarations in lieu of reference letters
  7. Has anyone recently moved to Oz and brought their guitars with them and were there any problems? Just found out that in Jan 2017 there was a new CITES international treaty banning the trade in certain woods, rosewood is one of them. Rosewood is however a very popular wood in guitars, with most having a rosewood fretboard. The legislation seems to be mainly around trading in them, but reading online there may also be problems bring them in without CITES certificates to show they were obtained through correct channels. I’m fine with one of my guitars as I bought it new and can get a certificate from the retailer, the other guitar was bought used from e-bay and may be more difficult. I’m interested to hear if anyone has any recent experience with this.
  8. How to tell

    Not quite sure I understood your question. That said, I’m not sure why if you are “very fond of the person”, you’d pick email over face-to-face to tell them you are emigrating. Seems pretty impersonal. I can’t really understand how you emigrating could be taken the wrong way.
  9. How many times can you submit EOI?

    The visa you get with a successful 190 application is the same as the visa through 189, the process is just different. The good thing is your skills are liked by the previous sponsoring state so hopefully they will sponsor again
  10. EOI SC 189 & 190 - Frustrated, Confused, Need Advice

    Your agent may have applied directly to Victoria. In the EOI, you can specify states for sponsorship, but with Victoria, you apply directly to them, before or after completing the EOI. They have a list of documents they need to see (below), one of which is a detailed CV. I applied for sponsorship before submitting my EOI. Family sponsored visa typically mean you have to live pretty far from the metro areas so work etc will be harder to get. The family member also has to live in the designated area. As you qualify for PR visa, that should be your first objective. Here’s the list of what Victoria want to see (sent directly to them): Detailed resume or curriculum vitae (CV) Nomination declaration (available to download in the initial stages of the application) Offer of employment and confirmation of employment statement (if applicable) – note, this is mandatory for Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) nomination Skills assessment (matching the occupation for visa nomination) English language test or copy of the bio page of your passport if an exclusion applies to you Electronic copy of the PhD completion letter or transcript (if applicable) Electronic copy of your Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) documents (if applicable) Evidence of registration (if listed as a requirement on the Visa Nomination Occupation Lists). You will not need the following documents at the start of the application process, but you may be requested to provide them during the assessment process: trade qualification certificates available financial resources.
  11. EOI SC 189 & 190 - Frustrated, Confused, Need Advice

    Not sure how to help with regards to the agent, but what might be worth a try is focusing on 1 particular state for the 190. With the loss of points for age, you’re going to need State sponsorship. With Victoria you send a separate application directly to the State, which gives you the opportunity to really sell yourself in the CV. You need to convince them that’s it’s worth sponsoring you over a younger applicant who may have more points due to being younger but doesn’t offer as much value. Show them how you will bring value to the State and back it up with examples of how you’ve done that previously. Victoria are rumoured to be pretty ruthless if you’ve applied to other states though - hedging your bets is seen as lack of commitment to their State and they either ask you to withdraw other applications or reject you outright. That you have family in Melbourne is useful in establishing commitment to the State if they sponsor you. The good thing if you secure sponsorship, is that as long as you have the minimum points required you automatically get invited to apply, you don’t have to wait in queue behind higher point scorers.
  12. RA, psoriatic arthritis, eczema are all autoimmune so an environmental trigger could definitely impact. I’d say though it’s more likely an airborne allergen than temperature related. There has been some interesting research recently that’s shown changes in air pressure, usually drops in pressure, increase joint pain. Pressure drops normally preceded the bad weather coming, which gives support to dodgy joints acting as a barometer for weather changes - my wrist, which I shattered years ago mountain biking, definitely gives me pre-warnings!
  13. Might be worth getting some character witnesses lined up who can vouch for you and demonstrate that you’re not the same person anymore. I’m sure I’ve read similar posts that have had positive outcomes. Good luck [emoji1303]
  14. 189 Visa Help with Skills Assessment

    I would think the fastest route is submit skills assessment and then while waiting for that to be assessed, take the English test. My advice would be to do lots of practice tests as it’s harder than most people think, and it helps to be familiar with the format and the common errors
  15. I think Victoria have a 6-month cooling off period before reapplication. With regards to funds, when I applied in early 2016 there was a table on their (Vic) website with indicative amounts needed. It’s been a while, but think it was somewhere around AU$20k for primary applicant, and then an additional 10k per dependent. I’ve read in various forums that if you submit EOI with multiple states listed that you lower your odds (or a state may ask you to withdraw other applications to show commitment). This is however pure here-say and I can’t back it up at all.