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  1. Funds requirement for 189

    We were never asked to provide evidence of funds. We’re moving in a few months and are intending on taking around $50k to get set up (family of 4).
  2. CO contact timeline

    With our application, first contact was made the day before grant. We front loaded every except Form 80. Uploaded it within hours of being asked for it and grant came that evening whilst we slept. Was about 6 weeks if memory serves
  3. Arrival in Oz after acceptance of 190

    This is what we did. Got our visa in Oct 2016, activated with a holiday to Oz in Aug 2017, moving in September 2018. We front loaded our medicals and PCC, but with review times dragging out, it may be worth waiting longer if you aren’t in any rush for a holiday (our visa review took 7 weeks but reading that it’s taking many months now).
  4. What happens at the medical?

    The question was posted in 2012. Hopefully they’ve had the medical by now
  5. visa 190

    My guess would be from the date of application
  6. visa 190

    Think timelines have been getting longer. Back in 2016, my assessment took 7 weeks. We uploaded PCC and medicals upfront
  7. Skill: Pharmacovigilance/drug Safety

    It’s a guess from me, but I would go for Life Scientist NEC (ANZSCO 234599). I didn’t know him personally (only of him), but one of our sub-contracted PV Manager migrated to Oz end of last year, and I presume it was under a skilled visa, although he may have had a partner who was the main applicant. He went to Melbourne so might be worth checking through 190 visa options there
  8. My understanding is there’s an equation they use: if anticipated medical treatment cost over a number of years is less than X you’re fine, if it’s more than X then there are grounds for refusal. I’m not a medic or familiar with the medication, condition, supportive treatment etc so can’t help more than that. If I remember correctly, I think X was in the region of AUD 30k over 3 or 5 years. This is definitely one for an expert!
  9. Skilled Visa

    I think what was cut/pasted didn’t format as intended: the EOI has no cost but there is a rogue line that makes it easy to miss the meaning. But either way, still amateur and not good for their business [emoji23]
  10. NSW 190

    Well done in getting the invite- no small achievement! I submitted periodic payslips (1 per quarter for every year I was claiming to show I was employed by who I said I was, plus P60s for every year, plus statement of works, recommendation letters, and independent verification of my role. in my case I could provide links to articles, conference proceedings, recorded lectures I’d given. My advice- a bit of extra effort upfront saves stress and scrambling down the road!!
  11. Application for Skills Assessment

    Could you not include your new employment contract and role description for the Skills Assessment. It’ll probably take them weeks to even pick u the application so you can upload first payslip after a couple of weeks. Reason I suggest it is that it could take 3 months for skills assessment plus then several months before invite to apply and then the visa processing time so if the role is assessed as relevant, you could get more points, depending on how many years experience you already have. If you’re on the cusp of earning more points then it could be worthwhile, if you need years to reach next points band then not worth the efforts. Just my 2c worth, wrussell could confirm if this is a viable strategy or just a silly idea
  12. Subclass 190 for NSW and VIC

    I’ve heard plenty of stories of Vic rejecting applications if there are 190s out there for other states. If I had traction from one state, I would personally withdraw other applications so as to not jeopardise the application that’s making headway
  13. Uploading Form 80

    I filled the form in electronically rather than handwriting it and scanning it. If you do that then size won’t be an issue.
  14. The dealio with 190 visas

    The leg work for a 190 is longer as there is the extra step in applying for State Sponsorship. When I did it in 2016, Victoria used every bit of the 12 weeks they stated it would take. The advantage of getting sponsorship is that you are automatically invited to apply for a visa. Even if there are people in the queue with higher points you get an automatic invite. The visa granted is identical to the one you get through the 189 route. You do however have to commit to living in the sponsoring state for 2 years and the State will reject applications if they think you won’t. Eg Victoria typically won’t sponsor you if you applied for 190 visa to more than one State. Being able to show close ties to the State like you can is a definite advantage!
  15. Skills assessment

    I think you need to be a bit more specific with what you are looking for help with. Not many people are going to share their whole applications as they contain a lot of sensitive information, but if it’s a specific aspect then expand on that and hopefully someone has had a similar experience and can help. It it’s the whole application you are battling with, then it’s probably time to speak with a migration agent. wrussell above is an agent and obviously has experience with HR Managers so would be a good place to start.