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  1. Jamieliverpool

    Average nursery fees in Perth.

    Hi everyone, things have advanced a little bit since I last posted and it looks like my misses is going to be offered a sponsorship for a company in Perth. She’s already got through the initial interview and has a final one coming up but it’s looking positive. we have a 4 year old and a 9 month old who will both need full time nursery. We’ve looked up nursery’s in the Perth area but there seems to be no set price . We’ve been looking at houses in the butler area. im just wondering if anyone could give me any information on average nursery fees for a good nursery ? Does Australia offer any free hours like in the uk? Any help would be great. thank you jamie
  2. Jamieliverpool

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Thanks for everyone who’s offered advice their are to many to respond to personally . Been some really good advice and a massive help . We contacted the migration company recommended and got the ball rolling. So thank you everyone . The bag checking stuff. It’s just confirmed we are 100% making the right decision if people are concerned about tiny things like that . If that was one of my major concerns here trust me we wouldn’t be leaving. It’s going to be hard work with 2 young kids, Iv got a health and safety diploma to get finished as soon as possible so I can eventually get out of welding but I’m so determined to make a success of this. I’ll be swapping the kop for the terraces of Perth glory in no time! All the best everyone.
  3. Jamieliverpool

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    This is great thank you . Iv got some shipbuilding experience in cammel laird (you may of heard of). i get you with the heat and welding I was working on Kuwait for a while welding military trucks UT butt welds with hardened wire, the heat was horrific. thank you for all the advice mate, much appreciated .
  4. Jamieliverpool

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Thanks everyone for your replies. ash we are just down the road from you then . My misses was a teacher for Toni and guy An now works for wella so we are hoping for a teaching job over there for her. These are hard to come by both in the uk and Oz it seems but we ll see. Good luck with your move. Thanks for the recommendation of the emigration group we’ve contacted them and got the ball rolling. Captian_tor - “I have friends with uni degrees and some who are experienced professionals who are working in entry level call centres and general admin jobs. Lots of number fudging going on to make it look like the employment levels are good when in fact, as you mention, there's so many zero hour contracts with people getting next to no hours each week or 20 hours split over 5 days resulting in additional outlay costs such a travel/parking expensesjust to go to work... which makes it a pointless task. “ this has absolutely hit the nail on the head of the point I’m trying to make. I was surprised that some people seemed to think the UK is in good shape. It really isn’t. I know a lot of people in the same situation as you have described. We both have decent jobs but like I said in an earlier post if I was to be laid off or anything like that we would be in serious trouble. The work just isn’t there. I’m not trying to point score or be political I’m just being honest in the way I see the situation here . Tab- yeah I totally agree and it’s for similar reasons we have decided enough is enough. My misses works in Manchester so she knows exactly about the m62 traffic! Sounds like you and your family are having a fantastic time and it’s really encouraging to hear. Thanks again everyone for replying and for the advice . The way Liverpool are throwing this league away I might pack up an leave tomorrow
  5. Jamieliverpool

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Thanks everyone for your replies. A lot of good points for us to consider and think about . Ballaratburd I’m glad you can see where I’m coming from I was a little surprised at the comeback of me saying about the better opportunities in Oz. Like yourself I’m working class lad from Merseyside, from a very very deprived area. We’ve done ok for ourselves but I really feel hampered by the lack of opportunities in my region now. It does worry me that it’s definitely getting worse and what effects that will have on my kids.I have a decent job now that pays well for the area but it’s also a job that has laid off 20 people in the last 2 years. If I lose this job we could be in serious trouble as the work just isn’t out there. I understand Australia isn’t the answer for everybody and I have definitely looked at Oz as a cure all for us when that isn’t the reality. I really worry about my kids prospects when the time comes to think about careers. It’s a long way off I know, but I would hate for my lad to get into welding like I did because there was literally nothing else available at the time. Welding has served me fairly well but as everyone knows it’s a dirty, unhealthy trade at times. As regards to family I don’t have any parents but have 2 younger sisters who would be over visiting at every opportunity. I’m not a home bird the only thing I would miss is my Liverpool season ticket!! My misses has a small family also who would visit. A few people have suggested visiting and this is definetly a good idea although it’s expensive it’s really something we are going to consider. Seems I have been looking in the wrong areas also. So thanks for pointing that out . Again thank you everyone for taking the time to reply your help has massive for us .
  6. Jamieliverpool

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Thank for your reply’s and advice . The uk does have record low unemployment at the moment. It also has nearly a million people on zero hour working contracts and nearly 4 million people in working poverty . The work prospects In my region are not great at all. I’m a coded welder who’s worked all over the Middle East, Canada and America . I was laid off 3 years ago and it took me 5 months to get employment. It’s worse than that now . I was recently called by an employment agency to see what my work situation was and was told of an “excellent opportunity” they had which was paying £8.50 an hour . Which obviously I would take if I had no work just to feed my family but it’s far from ideal . I want to better myself and my family’s prospects, not just get by . Im not saying Perth or Australia has streets paved with gold but a simple job search puts the uk to shame. You would know better as your there I understand that. All I’m doing is looking for a better life for us all. It’s certainly an eye opener as maybe i have looked into Perth as a cure all for everything I want for us. I will definitely take this into account . again thank you for your time and advice . jamie
  7. Jamieliverpool

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Hi everyone, Not sure where to start really. My girlfriend and I have 2 young kids (4 and 9months). I have lived a few places around the world, New Zealand for 18 months(on a 18-30 visa) and then the middle east for a couple of years with work. Its always been my dream to move our family to New Zealand but my misses has never really fancied moving away until now. We are looking at Perth WA as there seems a lot more jobs available and the housing is cheaper than NZ. I am a coded Welder and im currently working through a health and safety diploma. My misses is a hairdressing teacher for wella so therefore is qualified in hairdressing and has a teaching degree. We are aged 31 and 29. Im just wondering how everyone went about the visa application process. Should we be sorting this first or applying for jobs in the hope they will assist our visa application? We have found houses in spearwood and beelair that look really nice and seem to be in a more rural setting, which is what we are looking for . Has anyone got any other recommendations for areas suitable for a young family? The one thing weve noticed in our research is the cost of living increase from here in the UK. Obviously the salaries are better in Oz but im just wondering how people have found this as we don't want to come out and struggle. Although I know everything depends on work and lifestyle. And finally I feel my misses has finally realised the opportunities for ourselves and our young kids are far better in Oz than here in the UK. The work situation here is getting worse and worse and I genuinely fear for my kids prospects when they are older . This is a massive move for us as it is for everyone who has had the courage to improve the their lives and prospects by moving to Oz. Any advice you can offer us is hugely appreciated. Im really sorry for waffling on . Thanks for your time , Jamie (Liverpool, UK)