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  1. Hi We originally applied for a 143 visa in January 2015 but once we found out the shorter processing times for the 864 visa we switched to that and submitted in November 2015. We then had a CO appointed in September 2016 so much shorter than if we had waited for the 143 visa. They don't take into account time in the 143 queue and you have to pay the 1st VAC again. You have to be onshore when applying and when the visa is granted.
  2. I reckon that new cars in Australia are cheaper than the equivalent cars in the UK, even taking into account the current poor exchange rate. We bought a new VW Golf and it was several thousand £ cheaper than we would have paid in the UK for an equivalent model.
  3. We have our permanent visas now and when we filled out Form 80 we only bothered with travel where there was evidence in our passports. I traveled extensively for business in Europe but there was no evidence of these trips that the visa people could access so I did no declare them. I think they are only interested if you visited "dubious" countries
  4. We opened a bank account with the Commonwealth Bank before our visa was granted. You are right that you cannot withdraw money until you go in person to your bank branch (you can do this on a visitor visa). This is a government dictate to prevent money laundering. We sorted the application out with the Commonwealth Bank branch in the UK who were very helpful.
  5. I wonder, though, if these figures take account of the contributions parents make after their arrival in the form of income tax and medicare contributions?
  6. Are you over 65? If so, you can apply onshore for an contributory aged parent visa 864. You can then stay on a bridging visa until your permanent visa is granted, although there are restrictions on you leaving Australia during this time. We changed to an 864 visa from a 143 visa to take advantage of the much shorter waiting time. Dave
  7. I thought I would share our experience with the Onshore Contributory Aged Parent Visa 864. As the name implies it is only available to applicants over 65. If you meet this criterion the waiting time is much shorter than the 143 visa, typically between 6 and 12 months depending on when in the year you apply. We actually started out with a 143 application but switched to the 864 visa when we saw the 143 queue lengthening. The other issue is that you have to be in Australia when you submit the application and when the visa is granted. You can stay in Australia whilst you are waiting for approval and will automatically be granted a bridging visa. It can be restrictive if you want to leave Australia with a bridging visa but you can avoid this by leaving whilst your visitor visa is still valid, which is what we did. Like many others we found Centrelink dreadful, taking nearly 3 months to process our daughter’s AOS. To their credit the Parent Visa office then only took 4 days to grant our visa once they had the AOS confirmation! Dave
  8. I would like to get an idea as to how long it takes Centrelink to process an AOS. My daughter went to Centrelink on 8 September with her AOS form and supporting documents. She was told that they would pass the information to Immigration and she would hear again when the bond deposit needed to be made. She has not heard anything yet and I wonder how long other Forum members have had to wait for Centrelink to process the AOS Thanks Dave
  9. For those of you who have obtained visas recently, were you able to get the letter allowing you to process your AOS before you had your CO appointed? Given that Centrelink can be slow in processing the AOS it would be very helpful if this were possible Thanks Dave
  10. We changed from a 143 application to an 864 application to take advantage of the shorter processing time but you need to submit a new application and pay the 1st VAC again
  11. Hi We have applied for a contributory aged parent visa (864) and entered Australia on an electronic visitor visa. When we then applied for our visa we were granted a Bridging Visa A so we could stay in Australia whilst our visa was granted. It is true that the grant time for an onshore contributory aged parent visa (864) is considerably less than for a contributory offshore visa (143), around 9 months compared to 24 months. However for the non-contributory visas, the 804 and 103 the wait time is fairly similar as most of the time is spent in the 8-10 year queue (look at the data in the automated TEST email you can get from immi). One thing to be aware of with the Bridging Visa A is that it is not always easy to leave Australia whilst you are waiting unless you have a compelling reason.
  12. Hi We recently completed the Police Check form without having a CO appointed, left the appropriate section blank and received the Police Certificate about 10 days later without any problems Dave
  13. Does anyone know if you can get a HAP ID before a CO is appointed so that one could arrange a medical and so be sure if there are any medical problems?
  14. As far as I am aware you have to be a bit careful when applying for your 864 visa whilst out there on a visitor visa. If you return to the UK whilst your visitor visa is still active then there will be no problems but once it expires you will get a Bridging Visa and it could then be difficult for you to return to the UK until your visa is granted. Obviously if you were planning to be in Australia whilst the visa is processed then there will be no problem. You must be in Australia when the visa is granted.
  15. I submitted my application for an 864 onshore aged parent visa on 9 November 2015. I have been following the TEST immi emails and the assessment date for the 864 visa has been stuck at 30 June 2015 for several months. I have had no response from immi apart from them saying that they had a large number of applications in June. Are there any 864 applicants on the forum who can shed any light on the situation?