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  1. Passed Test with 100% marks. Thanks, Elliot Tsao for your summary. That was really helpful. Now in the waiting Queue for the ceremony. AS per current time frame from my council, waiting period is around 3 moths.
  2. Many Thanks
  3. it looks that pdf book is 80 pages. I did the practice test and saw the videos. No time to read the text
  4. I managed to book test tomorrow. For prep, the videos on the website are sufficient or I should read the pdf book as well?
  5. That is another letter after approval letter >
  6. Once we get the approval letter, then we have to contact local council ourselves or wait for a contact from the council? Cheers,
  7. Updated. Got date 7th July for the citizenship test Cheers
  8. I think if the old person is not available you can still get a new 1195 signed and attested by another person and you can tell IMMI that you lost the hard copy of the previous form. I think, as mentioned in the thread, they might not ask. If they ask you can explain it. I think should not be a problem.
  9. Thanks So lucky that you found people dropping from the list many times
  10. I applied late night 18 April, your turn will be soon NSJ
  11. How come you got so early date?
  12. When is ur test Elliot?
  13. HI Flex, Can you ask the person to attest another same1195 and photograph for4 u ?
  14. I have got finally my test email 22:15 AEST, Test 24 August