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  1. I'm the op of this topic (I don't use the other account anymore) I completely agreed with the above comment from @Raul Senise It's been 6 years since I applied for my 186 and things have changed alot. Whatever applied 6, years ago could have been changed completely. For instance, I was on 457 when I arrived to Australia 6 years ago and applied for 186 visa 3 months after I landed. But 457 was no more for a couple years already...
  2. Sorry, I didn't know that the the question has been changed to So it's clear now. They are asking for my first ever Australian Visa details !
  3. Hi guys, I'm wondering if someone can help me with this question. Much appreciate! I visited Australia for a business trip early in 2012, for 2 months. Then I came back to my home country for nearly 2 years before I've got an offer to move to Australia permanently in 2014. I'm wondering should I put the date of my brief travel to Australia in 2012, or should I put the date of my later journey as first arrival date? Thank you very much!
  4. David Ng

    187 visa leave employer

    Your comment differed vastly from what I have been collected and experienced so far, but it looked like you were correct. Below are 2 sentences extracted from https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/187-#tab-content-2, under Obligations. You will get into situations which you'll need to justify your leave when your employer fires complaints with DIBP, I don't think DIBP has enough resources to check up you and your employer periodically for 2 years after you've got your Visa...
  5. David Ng

    Tricky 457 to 186 Question ?

    [Disclaimer] Don't get this as an official answer. I believe you don't have to withdraw your 186. When I applied for my 457 back in 2013, my employer's sponsorship status expired before my case was assigned a Case Officer. When I've got a CO, she just asked my employer to submit a new Sponsorship Application,and somehow she mapped that new Sponsorship application to my 457 visa. My employer's sponsorship and my 457 Visa were approved on the same day back in 2013. I applied for 186 Direct Entry only 5 months after my 457, on the same sponsorship status.
  6. David Ng

    Travelling on 186 PR

    I've got friends who have been PR for 10 years (they wanted to keep their Norway passport, and Norway wouldn't allow dual-citizenship!), and have traveled around Europe and Asia. You will need a VISA, or an Australian Passport to enter Australia. Basically, when your PR is granted, it comes with a 5 year VISA. So, if you're still on your 5 year VISA, you don't need anything else. If your 5 year VISA expires, you will need to apply for a Resident Return VISA, which will give you another 5 years (155) or 3 months (157)
  7. David Ng

    187 visa leave employer

    As far as I know, there is no obligation to stay with your employer for 2 years. That just a commitment (not a legal requirement). So, if your employer agrees with you on your leaving, I don't think there will be any problems. One of my colleague left my company as soon as 2 weeks after he's got his 187 Visa...
  8. David Ng

    Tricky 457 to 186 Question ?

    Nah, when you lodge your 186 application, you will be able to apply for a Bridging Visa A (Google for it), which will allow you to stay in Australia until you get an outcome on your 186. If you need to travel while waiting for 186 to be finalised, you will need to apply for Bridging Visa B Good luck!
  9. David Ng

    457 processing - any help would be greatly appreciated

    Hi there, I have gone through the same situation. - My Nomination and VISA applications went in on 15/08/2013. - Got contact by CO on 21/10/2013, she just asked for some health insurance documents, and said everything's ok, and we needed to wait for the nomination to be approved. But then the Nomination application was put on hold, due to my employer's sponsorship status was expired end of 09/2013. - My employer submitted a new sponsorship application on 24/10/2013. This was the most frustrated time, we couldn't do anything except waiting... - On the last day of 2013 - 31/12/2013, all applications were approved. In total, it took me 5.5 months, probably because my applications went in after the highest peak last June due to people trying to get in before the fee went up, and I included my wife and my son in my application too. It looks like DIAC (now DIBP) doesn't prefer applications with dependents!
  10. David Ng

    My TFN hasn't arrived yet !

    Well, I was able to call ATO and ask for my TFN directly after (about) 3 weeks. I provided my application reference number. They asked for some of my personal information to confirm my identity, then said that my TFN was ready and just read it back to me. The formal letter arrived to my address after more than 28 days. I was taxed at the ridiculous 46.5% rate for 2 months myself. I knew how frustrated it was!
  11. David Ng

    457 Visa processing time - August 2013

    I had gone through exactly the same situation. It was indeed very frustrating. My case took exactly 5.5 months. The reasons, after I finally had got my visa and had a much better and clearer mind to think about them, were 1-I didn't have enough "luck" and 2-not good luck again. :what: My application came into the system after the highest peak of all time, last June... And it was with the busiest processing center, Melbourne... And then my employer's sponsorship status expired before I was allocated a CO... So, processing time was doubled, mostly because the sponsorship renew application came in after the visa and nomination so everything was put on hold waiting for it... Anyway, you'll find it's worth at the end. Good luck guys!
  12. David Ng

    457 Visa processing time - August 2013

    It took me 5 and a half months in total.
  13. David Ng

    457 Visa processing time - August 2013

    I've been trying to keep myself busy so that I could forget about the painful visa process. Just found the grant letters in my email's inbox this morning . I didn't expect them this week
  14. David Ng

    457 Visa processing time - August 2013

    I was trying to look for some time frame on the Sponsorship part alone, here's what I found https://www.emigra.com/emigra-country-profile/australia/. According to them, each part of the application is around 6-8 weeks. Note that all the parts can be lodged at the same time. But if they are lodged sequentially then it can take up to 18-24 weeks. It looks like I will need to wait at least 1 more week for my sponsorship part to be sorted out... tired...:confused: