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  1. Yes we received request Feb 2019 while on holiday in Australia! Everything submitted with a few health Enquiries still to be cleared up! Immi have questioned submission of Aos as well as daughter had problems submitting electronically and had to complete paperwork in the end!
  2. Yes Wishfull I thought the same ...they have us in their sights
  3. Well I thought this might happen. immi want proof we’ve submitted Aos! We did it by paperwork as daughter couldn’t get it to submit electronically and went down to Centrelink to sort everything out. Our agent just had a letter 2 months later!! Think we might be waiting a while then? Hope not
  4. Congrats great news..we’re still waiting, as I think they’ve slowed down a little ...even though originally we were only 3 weeks behind you.
  5. We’ve just decided que sera sera and if it happens then it will it not then... I don’t trust them on any of their timelines now!
  6. So after years of giving us some idea of how everything is progressing there is absolutely no way of knowing what is going on...this is so depressing and I’m so glad I’m now at the front of the queue after nearly 4 years. I can only feel sorry for everyone behind me
  7. We were asked after 42 months (Aug 2015) but we will still have another 6 months to wait, I should think so most people will be at least 4 years!
  8. Should you get on to Immi then, as I thought all May 2015 people had received their visas? Have you had the Aos phone call??
  9. I thought you couldn't get your meds done until asked as you need your ID number??
  10. Sadly waiting times are really unreliable. We were told 18 months in 2015 when we applied...we’ve just started processing at 42 months and expect at least another 6months. Good luck to you though
  11. My family and I seem to be encountering a lot of “don’t knows”. Daughter had a Centrelink which had never dealt with Aos for a PR visa, and our local doctor has never had to deal with Australian Government panel doctors! 🥵. I feel like I’m going mad!
  12. I was wondering on the form 80 front especially !
  13. answering my own query...thanks to Marilyn's help! Examination grading Please consider the information that you have recorded regarding this client and provide a grading on their medical examination below. Supporting comments must be provided if you decide to provide a B grading.Note: This is not a rating of whether the applicant will meet the health criteria. A No significant history or abnormal findings related to public health present B Significant history or abnormal findings present that may indicate that the applicant has a disease or condition that is, or may result in the applicant being, a threat to public health in Australia or a danger to the Australian community.Note: Any relevant results and reports should be referred to a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth for opinion
  14. On the medical front, does anyone know what the different grades mean? as I had a grade A for one part and grade B for another. Are they both accepted? and do Immi contact you if there's a problem?? Thanks all