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  1. Just just sent email to immi for latest dates and received 2 responses! One saying 20 June 2015 and other saying 29 June for 143!
  2. Thats good news.....hopefully June is almost sorted! Good luck
  3. Congrats...enjoy life in Oz....I think we'll be Waiting longer as we’re on 40 months and haven’t even started yet!
  4. I quite agree it would be the best pressie ever!
  5. It really depends on how many people the politicians decide they want to allow in each year....they are cutting back year on year, and as there have been more and more applications the length of wait can change drastically. we were quoted 18 months to 2 years when we applied August 2015, and we're still waiting and haven't been asked to prepare documents or medicals etc yet! Probably will be 3.5 - 4 years for us....so no idea about your timeline. Best advice just live life as normal until you hear ...don't expect it at a certain time or you'll get really depressed!
  6. Hi if it is and it’s early December they will really have to move! I can’t see it being processed until July next year...the beginning of the new processing year as I think June 2015 took all the visas they’re willing to grant during this year! Sorry to sound so pessimistic but we’ve been waiting so long and being treated so badly as regards processing etc. that I don’t see things changing dramatically.
  7. I do wonder how true this is though as we’re on 39.5 months and haven’t heard anything at all so if something happens in the next few weeks Aos will have to move itself to reach even the 45 month target!
  8. We’ve been waiting 39 months and still have not had an invite to proceed with Aos etc so we expect 48 months at least, but then we were told 18 when we started....you really can not take their date as gospel, and if you applied today I would suggest just get on with living and don’t think about the date at all!
  9. Maybe they know the time it’s going to take so not asking yet as our medical and police checks may run out?
  10. Hope you do soon. Still wondering why we’ve heard nothing yet concerning medical police etc when we’re only 6 weeks behind you yet you started to process in May? Very disheartening. Think maybe ours won’t happen until July of next year...when they start the new year of visas??
  11. At least it’s in Oz! We’d rather be in Port Macquarie though which has about half the population of Rockhampton!
  12. We feel your stress...as we have a live in job, which we originally we told our boss would probably mean us leaving Feb 2017....the original 18 months! Then we’ve extended a bit more and a bit more, thankfully with an understanding boss, but he wants to do things with the property now...so we’ve said Sept 2019 for now but even then we can’t be sure and may be living in rented accommodation until everything is finalised! Also family is on continual hold mode - they have lives as well but can’t prgress until Aos is sorted! Frustration
  13. Just sent email date is still 12 June 2015! Frustration continues!
  14. Can you go back and do the meds and police check again if the date is ridiculously near?