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  1. It’s a “how long is a piece of string “ question isn’t it! We’ve been waiting 42 months and have just been asked for docs. Aos is taking about 6months so we think the whole process will be at least 48 months. Assuming things move at the same rate..which they probably won’t you will probably be asked for documents around the end of the year, with visa grant maybe May 2020? Who knows....just wait ...I know it’s hard ...but good luck! If it’s earlier then that will make you happy!
  2. I think these dates are very vague purposely. We’ve only been asked for docs meds etc and do not expect anything to be near finalising until at least Sep 2019. I would think 2018/19 visas available are about up to the limit as there were so many in June 2015. For the future there is no real marker as government have elections and voters to please so will twist and turn as they have with us. We’re expecting our visa to be granted at around 48-50 months (August-October 2019) .which will hopefully tie in with our boss at work and other family plans. Fingers crossed.
  3. We’ve just received our notice and they’ve given us 70 days...
  4. Wohoo. Just had email asking for meds, aos and form 80. We were just saying it was going to be another couple of months or so! We’ve been given a month to apply for Aos and 70 days for the rest. . Beers tonight in Port Macquarie to celebrate. Maybe it was lucky being here.
  5. Yes we usually spend around $7000 per trip every 18 months...would be more often if we didn’t think we’d live there! So total $70000 over next 10 years !
  6. But if your only family is in Australia then this is what you have to do!
  7. Are immi sorting out 173s before 143s now? They used to have a shorter wait, we did consider doing it that way originally but thought we’d rather get it over and done in one go...beginning to wonder now!
  8. 103 804 143 173 864 884 Temporary to Permanent Acknowledge New Applications JANUARY 2019 Queue Assessment Mar 2017 Jul 2016 Jun 2015 Jun 2015 Nov 2016 Nov 2016 May 2018 Visa Assessment Aug 2010 Jun 2010 Jun 2015 Jun 2015 Nov 2016 Nov 2016 May 2018 Am I going mad? I thought this said July 2015 the other day? Are we going backwards....I’m so stressed with all this! And so are my family
  9. Congrats ....seems the 173 stream is ahead of 143.....we’re really jealous and hope to hear something soon!
  10. Yes but we’re 143 which is slightly slower?
  11. No zilch! Not holding my breath......spending a month in Oz with daughter and grandkids...then back to work in UK!
  12. Hi Linda sadly we can’t do 600 as we need to work....British government have mucked up my pension so I have to wait a further 6 years until I can claim. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens!
  13. I don’t realistically think we’ll get our visas this side of June 2019 as I think they’re probably close to the number of 143’s they’re thinking of granting in the 2018/2019 year. I just hope that it doesn’t drag on for much longer as we’re so depressed now....what with the mess of Brexit and the implications from this if we don’t get our 143’s granted...we were thinking of living in Spain or France near friends but now even this route could be bugg**ed! What to do?