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  1. Cricket coach: what certification requirements

    Is first aid certification mandatory for a sports coach? If yes, of if no but recommended, where can I get the first aid certification relevant for sports(especially cricket)?
  2. Contributory visa for my parents

    Just wanted to check if there is anyone who can help with any of the queries mentioned. Thanks a lot!
  3. Hello, 1) Our home is carpet. Its just been a few weeks in our rental home but both me and my wife feel it is making us sick. We keep getting these static electricity currents which were not the case before when we were in a home without carpet. Also, it seems the dust on the carpet is not helping us. Can we get it removed through the real estate agent? 2) Our home has the old style of electrical meter within the home which only allows me switch off the entire electricity for the home. The other circuit breakers like 'stove', 'lights', 'power1', 'power 2' etc. are sealed in a way that only an electrician can turn them off/on. My friend who is an electrician says they're now illegal and the home should mandatory have these circuit breakers unsealed. My real estate's electrician says though the 'sealed way' is outdated, it is not illegal because when our home was built(and its an old home), the 'sealed way' was prevalent and hence it is not illegal. The real estate'es electrician said that I cannot force the owner of the property to unseal the circuit breakers. Who is correct? Thanks!
  4. Contributory visa for my parents

    EDIT: Its about $55,000 per parent so about $110,000 for both parents
  5. Hello, Me and my wife migrated to Australia in Dec 2015. We did go to India for 2 trips for around a month each to attend weddings. My questions for contributory parent visa: a) When are we eligible to apply for contributory parent visa? Its been 22 months since we migrated and we have stayed in Australia for more than 20 months now. b) What is the cost of applying for the visa for both my mother and father? I heard its about $55,000 for 2 parents, but is all of it an expense or is some portion a deposit which we can withdraw later? c) I just recently quit my job. I'm developing a business which may take 1-2 years to give fruit. My wife is working full time. Her income is just enough to cover our expenses. Is this OK or will our application have problems? d) What is the usual processing time for the contributory visa? Is it about 2-3 years? What happens in these 2-3 years? Can I call them to Australia? Do they get a bridging visa? Or is only a visitor visa the option? e) My grandmother is dependent on my parents. She has no active income(just a little bit of interest income) and she is too old to live by herself. Can she come to Australia with my parents?
  6. Going back after getting a PR for 5-7 years

    Assuming I manage to complete the 3 years of stay in the first 4 years including at least 9 months in the last year and I apply for citizenship in Dec 19. What about the period after Dec 19 when I apply until I the obtain the citizenship which may take about 6 months? Can citizenship be denied if I leave the country in Dec 19 immediately after being eligible to apply and having applied for citizenship? Secondly, once after I obtain citizenship, is there any compulsion that I have to visit Australia every few years or can I perpetually live abroad also if I want to?
  7. Parent visa-non contributory

    My parents are 50 and 55 respectively. Can they not apply for the non contributory visa now? They are not in Australia at the moment.
  8. Parent visa-non contributory

    He definitely paid some fee but that was way lesser than the fee for the contributory visa which is around $55,000 for each parent..
  9. Hello, I'm interested in buying a natural refrigerator that works without power and fuel. For eg. Coolgardie Safe. Has someone used such a refrigerator? Which is the best place to buy one in Australia? I'm based in Sydney.
  10. Parent visa-non contributory

    Thanks for your reply! I understand that. However, I want to know whether the ones in queue are granted a bridging visa which allows them to stay in the country without being able to work. Also, whether during this bridging visa they're given Medicare and Centrelink benefits. I heard from a friend how applied the non-contributory visa, they got a bridging visa which was sufficient for them. His father was already 65 when he applied, he got he got the bridging visa soon and then at the age of around 68-70 he unfortunately died. It saved him from spending $50,000 approx.
  11. Parent visa-non contributory

    Thanks! Well yes if there have been recent changes and not many are aware of this rule on this forum, will try an agent. Thanks!
  12. Going back after getting a PR for 5-7 years

    Does it serve the purpose if one of me and my wife complete the required stay for citizenship but not both? Say for eg. I go to India now completing only about 18 months of stay in Australia whereas my wife completes 36 months of stay in the first 48 months(with at least 9 months in the last 12 months). Can we both apply for citizenship later or will only she be eligible?
  13. Parent visa-non contributory

    Thanks for your reply! Waiting for someone who can help with accurate facts.
  14. Hello, We(me and my wife) migrated to Australia in Dec 15. Our parents wish to join us permanently, that is not on tourist visa but permanently. However, we do not wish to go for the contributory Visa as it is very expensive. When can I apply for the non contributory visa considering we are in Australia for around 21 months now(we went twice to our home country for around a month each)? We both are employed. I understand they say this visa may take up to 30 years to process, but what is the reality? I also heard they do get a bridging visa which allows them to stay in Australia and get medicare as well but not work?
  15. Going back after getting a PR for 5-7 years

    Does it make any difference if both or one of me and my wife are working for an Aussie firm remotely from our home country i.e. India? My employer has agreed to grant me 'work from remote location' i.e. from a computer. Does this help or do I have to be physically present in Australia to ensure the period gets counted for citizenship?