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  1. Hello, What are the guidelines on renting a home and/or a bedroom for bed and breakfast? Say for eg. I own a 3 bed room home on 100 acres of land. I am using only 2 of them. The third one I want to use it as a daily bed and breakfast. Apart from this, I have 4 additional structures(villas) on the same piece of land which I give on daily bed and breakfast. Apart from this, I set up temporary tents(say 5 tent) and give this on daily bed and breakfast too. Do I need council approval/permission for any of the above activity? Of course, the structures(apart from the temporary tents) are build after obtaining council approval. But is running a daily bed and breakfast and setting up temporary tents liable for any compliance with the council?
  2. Car Insurance if renting car to a friend

    Policy says if someone else is driving, there will be a further excess of $650 but can be covered. So does this mean I don't need to do anything if my friend is fine with this excess?
  3. Hello, I'm going off overseas for a month and my friend wants to rent the car from me. I do not have a comprehensive policy(since I don't want to cover my car since its an old one) but I have a the all the compulsory insurance required like Compulsory Third party and also road assistance. The name on the policy is just of me and my wife. How can the friend ensure he is fully insured for all thirds parties? Does he need to take a separate insurance? Is my insurance sufficient for him?
  4. EMF refuge planned in Australia/New Zealand

    I am not trying to convince people. Its just a way of living which many people want to live. If you are interested, feel free to join. If not, feel free to live the way you are.
  5. Hello, One of my clients is looking to buy a small eco resort(with around 5 villas) and hence applying for loan. Because the resort hasn't been run till now properly, there are no real financials available. Can the client borrow it as a rural residential property? Or will this go under business? If business, how do we satisfy the bank's requirement since no financials are available? Thanks!
  6. Centrelink benefit when husband lost job

    Thanks! The person and his wife have negligible assets. The person also has no income. But wife has a full time job with salary about $60,000 plus super
  7. Centrelink benefit when husband lost job

    As far as I know, Permanent Residents over 2 years are entitled to claim provided they fulfill the income and asset tests.
  8. Centrelink benefit when husband lost job

    What if he is a Permanent Resident of Australia from 2 years and not citizen?
  9. Hello, One man lost his job and is looking for another job. His wife is already earning about $60,000 plus super in a full time job. Is he entitled to any benefit assuming they have no children and very little asset value?
  10. Wired internet on Kangaroo island?

    Thanks Snifter! Yes I might have a job offer there. I understand work options on the island are limited.
  11. Wired internet on Flinders island?

    Hello, Is there wired internet available on the Flinders Island? Note: I'm specifically looking for wired internet. I don't care of the speed drops to say 10-15 MBPS. But wireless internet is not acceptable to us. Quote Edit
  12. Hello, We are considering moving to Kangaroo island. Is there wired internet available on this island? Note: I know MIMP provides 100MBPS wireless internet. But I'm specifically looking for wired internet. I don't care of the speed drops to say 10-15 MBPS.
  13. Hello, I know of many cricket academies in Sydney. However, I want to know about cricket academies out of big cities like Sydney, New Castle and Wollongong. Does anybody know of any?
  14. EMF refuge planned in Australia/New Zealand

    That is what I'm telling. People are propogating solar as if its the best thing for nature and health. Little do they understand that all our ancestors who lived 90+ and even 100/110+ never used photovoltaic solar panels.
  15. EMF refuge planned in Australia/New Zealand

    But the amount of people on solar in 1970s would be less than 10% of what it is now. Plus the solar panels and their ancillary equipment of that time were less harmful than the modern ones.