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  1. Indianinoz

    Fundraising for a noble cause

    Doing that, would be good to confirm on this forum too. Thanks Skani
  2. Indianinoz

    Fundraising for a noble cause

    Hello, A Company Limited by Guarantee(not for profit) is formed to raise funds for a noble cause. What are the license(s)/permit(s) required? The head office is based in QLD. It is in the process of applying for registration with ACNC as a charity and with ATO as a DGR(deductible gift rececipient). Can it still raise money now itself? Will be raising funds through: a) Online all over the world through online platforms like GoFundMe b) Local Australian donations through word of mouth and fundraising events
  3. Indianinoz

    Form a not for profit organisation

    Thanks, it seems it is very difficult if not impossible to reach a LIVE person at Justice Connect, at least at the moment. Do you know of any other such organization? Thanks!
  4. Indianinoz

    Form a not for profit organisation

    Any ideas anyone? Thanks!
  5. Indianinoz

    Form a not for profit organisation

    Hello, I'm looking to form a not for profit organisation and raise money for a particular project. I'm looking for a not profit organisation which assists in formation and free legal advice for organisations like these. I do not wish to go to a commercial accountant/lawyer for this purpose. Can you please help me? Justice Connect - The closest I've come to an organisation like this is Justice Connect but I'm not sure what it actually does.
  6. Like the one which displays 'Oversize load ahead'
  7. Hello, I'm interested in getting into a career in driving cars with lights that notify other people when a heavy oversized vehicle is going on roads. Please suggest what this occupation is called and what certification/license is required for the same. Also, what is this occupation exactly called?
  8. Indianinoz

    Fuel Efficient car

    Hello, I'm looking for a car: a) Automatic gear (apart from that, no other features required, even A/C and radio are not essential....of course if it comes with these, no worries, but not required) b) Very fuel efficient: I drive a lot c) Price range: Up to $3,000 preferably (2nd hand is fine) d) Quite common for mechanics in Australia e) If its a 4 wheel drive, it would be great, But not essential. Which such car would you recommend? Being Fuel efficient is the most important thing. What should I see in a car's specifications to ensure it is fuel efficient?
  9. Hello, A person(say John) who is a Financial Market/Foreign Exchange dealer wants to migrate to Australia. His sister is in Queensland, Australia already on a PR working as a Financial Analyst. John's wife(say Mary) is a Marketing Manager with 1 year of experience. Is any of this couple, i.e. John or Mary eligible to apply for a PR of Australia(whether 189 or 190 visa?)? They are fine with any state but would prefer either NSW, Victoria or Queensland.
  10. Indianinoz

    Moving from Sydney(NSW) to Mackay(QLD)

    Any shipping company you would recommend?
  11. Indianinoz

    Moving from Sydney(NSW) to Mackay(QLD)

    Hello everyone, Any help/guidance on this matter would be really great! ?
  12. Indianinoz

    Adelaide to Perth

    We are planning to move from Sydney to Mackay. We are a couple with routine belongings which include some furniture, mattresses, a washing machine and a refrigerator. Any suggestions on the best way to get things moved and what could be an estimated cost?
  13. Hello, Me and my wife are moving from Sydney to Mackay soon. What do you think is the best way to ship all our house belongings and what could be an estimated cost? The heavier objects include a little bit of furniture(sofa, table, dining table etc.) and washing machine and refrigerator along with mattresses. Any agency that you would recommend?
  14. Indianinoz

    Contributory parent visa

    Thanks Verystormy. When is the $125,000 payable? Is it payable on application or payable when granted i.e. roughly 4 years later?
  15. Indianinoz

    Contributory parent visa

    Also, is applying for the temporary visa and then the PR visa a better way to achieve this?