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  1. Indianinoz

    Right to wired home phone

    I don't know. My area is into a NBN Fixed Wireless area. Hence, they're not providing new copper line connections(whether phone or internet) unless somebody pays $$$ to get it installed. Before it was declared a NBN Fixed Wireless area, they would maximum charge $240 for installation which was very reasonable. Now, even though lines go right outside my home, I have to pay $5,300 to get it connected because lines have to be trenched a new pit has to be dug up. Some Telstra support staff told me that even though an area goes into NBN, they will not cut off the existing copper lines. Is this not true?
  2. Indianinoz

    Right to wired home phone

    Sorry for the late reply. Due to a medical condition for someone in my home, I cannot use wireless phone and internet. My home is 5.9kms from the telephone exchange. Do you think ADSL or ADSL2 should work reasonably well? I'm not looking for blazing fast speeds. I'm looking for internet which is stable with at least about 1-2MBPS of speed. I'm an accountant so don't need to download HD movies or graphics. But need to work on softwares like Xero/MYOB(cloud) etc. Slow is fine, but it should be stable connection.
  3. Hello, I'm a tenant in Queensland. This home does not have a wired home phone i.e. landline. Can I request the agent/landlord to pay for the installation? Is it my right to get a home phone? I've been given a huge bill for home phone installation and ADSL. $5,300 to get a lead in of the copper wire into my property. However, I'm only on a 6 months rental(which may be renewed). It can't pay such a big amount with uncertainty of being evicted from the home once the contract ends. Is there a way to have the landlord contribute to this capital cost rather than me bearing everything? After all, its an improvement on his property. Thanks!
  4. Indianinoz

    Sue telecom company

    Thanks, Yes I'm QLD now. I do the stuff from Aussie Broadband in writing. I have booked an appointment with Community Legal Service. Thanks Skani!
  5. Indianinoz

    Sue telecom company

    Well Aussie Broadband has been my point of contact always and kept misguiding me. I want to to sue them for: a) $2,150 already spent b) Getting my line connected at their cost and ASAP c) Harassment for the past 6 months If all of the above is not possible, as much as it is possible. Telstra says since this area has now gone into NBN Fixed Wireless, they won't pay for the lead in.
  6. Indianinoz

    Sue telecom company

    Hello everyone, Firstly, I placed order for a fixed phone with Telstra. However, Telstra noted that there is no lead in to my property i.e. there is a network shortfall. Then I placed an order with Aussie Broadbad which uses Telstra's fixed lines. I mentioned to them about this network shortfall in writing. However, they still said they can go ahead with my order if I paid $240 installation charges. I agreed. But once the Telstra contractor visited, he obviously noticed that there is a network shortfall. Then Aussie Boradband tried to back out. I complained to the TIO. The then emailed me if I can wire it from my home to the boundary point, they can do the rest of the work. I hired somebody, paid $2,150 including labour and material and got the job done. But now they're backing out saying it is not their responsibility at all. I got a quote from the only Tesltra approved contractor Tandem and they sent a quote of $5,300 for additional work. Aussie Broadband is saying they won't pay this as it is not their liability. This, after 6 months of harassment with false commitments and no result. Telecommunication Ombudsman(TIO) says they can't punish or pine Aussie Broadband but only request them. This is horrible. Is Ombudsman here only to try to reach to a settlement rather than fine someone who is doing wrong. Ombudsman is not giving me justice, only trying to. I want to sue Aussie Broadband. What are my remedies? Don't have money to hire an expensive lawyer, will do it all myself or through a not for profit which doesn't charge. What can I do? Thanks!
  7. Indianinoz

    Fundraising for a noble cause

    Doing that, would be good to confirm on this forum too. Thanks Skani
  8. Indianinoz

    Fundraising for a noble cause

    Hello, A Company Limited by Guarantee(not for profit) is formed to raise funds for a noble cause. What are the license(s)/permit(s) required? The head office is based in QLD. It is in the process of applying for registration with ACNC as a charity and with ATO as a DGR(deductible gift rececipient). Can it still raise money now itself? Will be raising funds through: a) Online all over the world through online platforms like GoFundMe b) Local Australian donations through word of mouth and fundraising events
  9. Indianinoz

    Form a not for profit organisation

    Thanks, it seems it is very difficult if not impossible to reach a LIVE person at Justice Connect, at least at the moment. Do you know of any other such organization? Thanks!
  10. Indianinoz

    Form a not for profit organisation

    Any ideas anyone? Thanks!
  11. Indianinoz

    Form a not for profit organisation

    Hello, I'm looking to form a not for profit organisation and raise money for a particular project. I'm looking for a not profit organisation which assists in formation and free legal advice for organisations like these. I do not wish to go to a commercial accountant/lawyer for this purpose. Can you please help me? Justice Connect - The closest I've come to an organisation like this is Justice Connect but I'm not sure what it actually does.
  12. Like the one which displays 'Oversize load ahead'
  13. Hello, I'm interested in getting into a career in driving cars with lights that notify other people when a heavy oversized vehicle is going on roads. Please suggest what this occupation is called and what certification/license is required for the same. Also, what is this occupation exactly called?
  14. Indianinoz

    Fuel Efficient car

    Hello, I'm looking for a car: a) Automatic gear (apart from that, no other features required, even A/C and radio are not essential....of course if it comes with these, no worries, but not required) b) Very fuel efficient: I drive a lot c) Price range: Up to $3,000 preferably (2nd hand is fine) d) Quite common for mechanics in Australia e) If its a 4 wheel drive, it would be great, But not essential. Which such car would you recommend? Being Fuel efficient is the most important thing. What should I see in a car's specifications to ensure it is fuel efficient?
  15. Hello, A person(say John) who is a Financial Market/Foreign Exchange dealer wants to migrate to Australia. His sister is in Queensland, Australia already on a PR working as a Financial Analyst. John's wife(say Mary) is a Marketing Manager with 1 year of experience. Is any of this couple, i.e. John or Mary eligible to apply for a PR of Australia(whether 189 or 190 visa?)? They are fine with any state but would prefer either NSW, Victoria or Queensland.