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Found 7 results

  1. Hello All, Our child will be born in India in early July and we're having the baby through surrogacy. Both me and my husband are Permanent residents of Australia and citizens of India and live in Australia. We're seeking advice for the best and fastest possible way to bring the baby to Australia permanently in our circumstances. One option is to apply for child visa 101 however we're worried about the the visa processing times mentioned on the website which is about 11-18 months. We might be able to apply for a visitor visa subsequent to the 101 application and come to Australia till the visa is processed and a decision is made by the immigration authority however staying away from Australia for more than 5-6 months will be extremely difficult for us as a family. The other option which is also our preference is to do the onshore child visa 802 application however we're unsure if we'll be able to get a visitor visa for the baby without any conditions and then do the onshore visa application once the baby is here in Australia. If we're able to do the onshore visa application then we don't have to worry about the time required for visa processing. If anyone can advice if they have been through a similar situation? how long it took for 101 application processing? or if anyone applied for baby's visitor and then done a 802 application onshore? Any advice will be very helpful! Thanks
  2. Hi all, My partner and I will have been living together for 12 months in July and want to apply for the Partner Visa (de facto). I'm Spanish and he is Australian and we are living in the UK. We don't know whether to apply offshore or move to Australia and apply from there. We both have stable jobs but we both feel we are not progressing and want better opportunities in Australia. We are concerned about the difficulty for me to get a qualified job (graphic designer) while I'm on a Bridging Visa. We would like to move around January 2020 to Australia. His UK visa expires in November so he would have to renew it if we decide to apply offshore. Our options are: A) Apply in July for 309 visa and pay for his visa in the UK with the potential risk of having to stay in the UK for over another year. B) Move to Australia when his visa expires and I'll go there on a tourist visa – eVisitor subclass 651 which doesn't have the condition of no further stay – with the risk of not getting work rights on the bridging visa when I apply for the 802 partner visa on shore. I read it is possible to ask for the right to work but I don't think it is guaranteed. Most of the jobs offers that I'm seeing right now require Australian citizenship, permanent residency or rights to work on an ongoing basis. I'm not sure if the bridging visa or even the temporary partner visa would satisfy this requirements. Which route is best to take? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I've been putting off applying for my daughters visa(Subcalss 101 Offshore) due to the long timeline. I've been trying to get a job from here and been hoping that we'd be able to go sooner and apply from Aus(Subclass 802 Onshore) instead... My question is - can I apply for Subcalss 101 Offshore and change it to Subclass 802 Onshore should I be lucky enough to gain employment from here whilst we're waiting for the Visa? Your help is appreciated as always! Steve.
  4. Philln01

    Child Visa 802 (onshore)

    Hi folks, looking for info or advice My son who is now 16yrs 6 months has told me he wants to come to Australia, possibly to live permanently due to the UK being the UK (Utterly Krap) no work ETC. I want to get him here via the child visa and im looking at the onshore visa as i can control the Financial side of it, i.e i dont trust his mother with my cash, or a 16 yr old either. Are there any down sides to him entering on the Holiday Visa and the applying for the 802 onshore visa once here. When we left his mother would not allow him to come so was never put on our Visa. Does anyone know how the bridging visa works, would he be able to work or go to Tafe / College. We are now Citizens so there are no issue there and ill sponsor him. All help and Advice is warmly recieved.
  5. Guest

    Defacto 802 Visa Help Needed

    Hi everyone. I've been living and working in Australia for 6 years on a 457 visa and was made redundant in January. I couldn’t get another sponsor so I had to leave in March. My girlfriend and I have been together for over 12 months and we are about to apply for the 802 defacto visa, but I’m keen to pick your brains for information on the process. If anyone has been through this before and can help with the following questions I will be eternally grateful: 1. From application to winning the visa - how long does it take if you do it yourself - and what is the overall cost of the process? 3. What’s the cost and timeline if you use an immigration agent? 4. Does anyone know of any immigration agents they have used in the past that were good? I would be indebted to anyone who could answer all or some of the questions above. Thanks everyone. John
  6. Hi all, My future husband (about to marry in London in Feb) and I are exploring different options for me to apply for the partner visa. What do you guys think about below process: I get a tourist visa for Oz which allows me to stay for up to 3 months every entry We register and hold the wedding in London after I get the tourist visa I collect all the documents we need from London friends and sources (police check, etc) We honeymoon in Europe and the return to Oz I apply for a partner migration visa in Oz This way, compared to me applying for the partner visa in London, it will save us the hazzle of waiting in London for the Partner visa. Many thanks in advance!
  7. Guest

    Spouse visa - from 802 to 801

    I'm in Australia on a Temporary spouse visa (802), and want to prepare for whatever will be required once the 2 year waiting period is up but I can't find ANY information at all on what happens then. Has anyone been through this? Do you have to submit all the evidence, stat decs, medical checks etcetcetc all over again, some of them, none of them?