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    Soccer Mornington

    Hi Kristian i used to play reasonable standard in UK. Looking for competitive social game to keep fit and get to know a few new faces in/around mount eliza. any help would be appreciated. Cheers paul
  2. ConfusedPommie

    Soccer Mornington

    Hi Recent arrival in Mount Eliza. Looking for regular social game of football in Mornington area. Does anyone know any (5 or 11 aside) teams or a contact I can speak with? Cheers Paul
  3. ConfusedPommie

    Perth possibilities (compared to Melbourne)

    Great - thanks
  4. ConfusedPommie

    Perth possibilities (compared to Melbourne)

    Hi all I've recently been offered a very attractive job in Perth, but have a few queries which I would really like some answers to, to help me decide whether to move (again) and if so, help negotiate a decent package: 1) How much more expensive is Perth to Melbourne. My basic internet enquiries suggest around 10% - does this sound right? 2) What is the job/housing market like in Perth. With the apparent end of the mining boom, are Perth properties a good investment and are jobs still in high demand or in decline? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Paul