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    Heading to Perth January 2016

    Hi all, My fiancé (will be husband shortly) and I are moving to Perth on 18th Jan 2016 and we really can't wait!! We're on a WHV as we wanted a set date and will be applying for 189 once we arrive. My faince is a joiner & engineer, both clean health, criminal records and hard workers so shouldn't have any problems. We're very lucky and have a family friend that is meeting us from the airport and will be our 'base'. We want to be moving into our own apartment and working as soon as physically possible, will we struggle to apply for flat on WHV or will it be ok if we have jobs (hopefully we'll have permanent residency before our year on WHV is up) Any advise is appreciated
  2. Katie93

    189 visa lodged February 2015.

    Congratulations and good luck to you all being so close!! We're looking to apply for Visa subclass 189, both completed IELTS test. We are now wondering if it's worth us going on a working holiday visa first of all? We've never been to Australia and it is a massive task to apply for the visa. We can then apply for the 189 within Australia if we get there and love it? I know it's not really relevant to your exciting news but I am looking for a little advise Had you all been to Oz prior to visas? Thank you Katie
  3. Hi all, My fiancé is a carpenter/joiner and we qualify for subclass 189. We have the funds aside to apply for our residency and come to make a go of a life in Perth. My mother's best friend lives in perth and we are starting with her as a base. Our question is... do we take the plunge and go for a 189 visa from the UK having never visited the country before? Or do we go on a Working holiday visa and if we get there and fall in love, apply straight away? I know it can be done from inside oz. Any advise is much appreciated!! Thank you Katie