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  1. <p><p>Hey, saw your post when reading through the thread...just wanted to wish you all the best, hope your trouble's sorted now :-)</p></p>

  2. gypsywonderer

    Super New, Looking for some advice. all is welcome

    I would be okay with just a year, and then probably just bounce around europe and africa for awhile.
  3. gypsywonderer

    Super New, Looking for some advice. all is welcome

    very true. i have been researching like crazy. i have a friend who lived for quit awhile
  4. gypsywonderer


    Would anyone like to chat about anything?
  5. gypsywonderer

    Super New, Looking for some advice. all is welcome

    i already know that that is the place i want to be. i know that and it just is killing me more because i cant do anything about it.
  6. gypsywonderer

    Super New, Looking for some advice. all is welcome

    i was afraid yall were going to say that. i made a stupid mistake and it was put behind me for a couple months but all of a sudden its coming back to haunt me and im trying to get it dismissed. its been really rough and i was hoping i could just start fresh there you know. im hoping i can get it dismissed so i can leave. im really not sure how much more of texas i can take.
  7. So im a nineteen year old girl currently living in the united states. ive lived here all my life and all my life ive dreamed about just getting up and leaving. a couple of months ago i read a book (fiction) about a man who loved the outback so much he seculeded himself there built a home and everything. He talked about how beautiful it was and it made me want to do a little research of my own. I fell in love. Now i just need some help getting my **** in order to get there. See i dont have a passport and im kinda in a bit of trouble. i dont want to run from it but when everything is cleared up i definetly dont want to be in the states anymore. any information on how to get myself to australia would be great. Boat? Plane? Visas? Sponserships? anything please i dont think i can handle living here much longer. :unsure:
  8. gypsywonderer

    Migrating in 2015 anyone?

    Hello, Im 19 and live in the united states. I want to just leave my life here behind and move to Australia. i want to find myself a nice little piece of land and build a tiny home. Be somewhat secluded from the rest of the world. Right now im in some trouble and its not super bad but its pretty bad and im hoping after its all cleared up i can get on a plane and just go. but i was also looking to find other means of transportation there. Not just plane. like boat maybe. so hopefully by the middle of next year. (::embarrassed::cute: