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Found 293 results

  1. Hi, new member here. My apologies if some of these questions have already been answered. Im filling out, day by day, our 309 Visa to return to Australia. My husband is an Australian Citizen by birth, I am British. I have some confusion as to who can fill out 888 forms. I thought it was only Australian permanent residents or Citizens. But I have been told that my family and friends in the UK can fill them out also. Is this correct? If it is not, what are the alternatives? And, I am in a bit of debt with my bank in Australia. This is due to the speed in which I had to leave the country as to not overstay. Do you have to pay your debt off completley or can you prove you are repaying it in manageable amounts in order to have your visa approved? Thank you in advance!!!
  2. Hello all, I’m new to the forum so hello to start! I’m moving to Perth in May this year with my girlfriend who’s from Perth. Ive lived there previously for two years on WHV’s. I’m a tiler by trade and want to bring my main tools with me. A manual tile cutter, a dewalt combi drill with two lithium ion battery’s, a dewalt laser level with one lithium ion battery and two spirit levels. All items are in separate secure boxes/cases. What I’m wondering is, does anyone have any experience of shipping simular items and what company’s did people use? I also have about 2 or 3 large suitcases and two push bikes I’d like to ship over. I’m not being lazy I have searched the forum looking for information on this. I heard through the grape vine you cant ship drill battery’s for some reason so any information regarding this would be great. Thanks so much in advance : )
  3. So im a nineteen year old girl currently living in the united states. ive lived here all my life and all my life ive dreamed about just getting up and leaving. a couple of months ago i read a book (fiction) about a man who loved the outback so much he seculeded himself there built a home and everything. He talked about how beautiful it was and it made me want to do a little research of my own. I fell in love. Now i just need some help getting my **** in order to get there. See i dont have a passport and im kinda in a bit of trouble. i dont want to run from it but when everything is cleared up i definetly dont want to be in the states anymore. any information on how to get myself to australia would be great. Boat? Plane? Visas? Sponserships? anything please i dont think i can handle living here much longer. :unsure:
  4. Guest

    Offshore de facto visa help

    Hi all - I'm just after some advise regarding my de facto partner visa application. My partner and I already meet all the requirements for the visa and have got everything put together with no problems. However we had originally planned to lodge our application here in Australia but our situation may now change. I have potentially been offered a job back in the UK and ideally I would like to go back home to work and earn some good money for a while whilst the visa is being processed (work is very sporadic at the moment due to my WHV status which wont change whilst the process is happening). My partner will have to remain in Australia due to work commitments so we are now thinking that I will return to the UK and lodge the application offshore. Will our separation cause any issues for my visa or is my returning home to work whilst the visa is processed an ok reason for living apart temporarily? Also what kind of declarations/ evidence may we now need to include in the apllication regarding this? Thanks in advance for your help! Bel
  5. I am a British registered nurse planning to apply for the subclass 190 visa permanent residence visa. I am registered with AHPRA and will have 60 points if I get state nomination. I have a few questions. Could someone help? 1. Can I apply myself or do I need to apply through a migration agent. Is it difficult to do by myself? 2. Should I get ANMAC (special) assessment first and then state nomination before I apply for EOI or am I supposed to apply for state nomination and EOI together. 3. What is the time frame to apply once invited for application. I need to know as I work full time in case I apply myself I need to plan the time. 4. Is form 1276 the identical to the online application form e-visa form 1393? And am I supposed to submit health and character documents along with the e-visa application. 5. There is any e-book,guide or book which could help in applying for the visa?
  6. Hi all, My husband and I moved to Sydney bit more than two months ago from London and it is time to say hello to the World down under! We are still discovering Sydney and our minds have been focused on my husband's job, finding&dressing our place (which we are still doing!) and trying to understand this city, but it is time to start enjoying Sydney and what Oz can offer, so we would like to meet people! plus I'd like some advise re jobs too! - We moved to Sydney because of my husband's job. We live in Neutral Bay and would be great to make new friends. Plus any advise on how to get on in Sydney would be fantastic! Jamie, my husband, works office hrs in the city and I'm free all day really. We like going outdoors walking, going to the beach, staying in, Jamie likes mountain-biking and I love all about art. Really easygoing, so if any of you would like to meet up let us know! Or if there is any other ladies around who wanna meet up just message me I get so bored being at home, which takes me to my other wonder:work. I work in Broadcasting/TV/film and my last job in London was with a worldwide broadcaster, but the kind of job I used to do there is mainly done in Asia and I am not familiar with the Media industry here; so I'm open to work in temp jobs until I find a job in my career. Do any of you know of websites or if any of you work in Media.. Any good agencies to check or good companies to work for? I like working and being around people, plus extra earnings are always welcome... Help!? Feel free to say hi!
  7. wallie345

    Requirements for second year WHV?

    Hi im moving out to sydney/goulburn in september time and im just wondering what requirements do i need to fulfiill to be elligible for the second year? I was thinking of applying for the an skilled working visa for i have a diploma but i fall 5 points short of being elligible for it what else can I do to help myself for it? Im 18 and moving by myself any other general advise?
  8. Hello Everyone, I wish to apply for Australian Immigration. I request your guidance for a step wise visa application. Following are some of my particulars, Field : Marketing/Advertising Exp : 3.5 years IELTS : 7 in all bands Years of Education : 16 I would highly appreciate if someone can guide me for filing my application. Looking forward for a positive response from the Forum Members ~ God Bless
  9. Can anyone tell me, when you get your visa granted ( eventually! ), do the whole family have to travel to Oz to validate or is it just the main visa applicant? Obviously with a house to sell we may need to validate before that happens and although we are still waiting for CO and visa we are trying to get a little bit organised and have a fall back plan!!
  10. samfarren

    State sponsorship advise

    :wacko:I am sooo confused...........I have my date for my IELTS, was going to use an agent but then thought I might be able to do it myself, fallen at the first hurdle I need to apply to Victoria for state sponsorship but I have read in one place that I can apply before my IELTS result and my skills assesment is complete - as long as they are ready for the end of the process On the other hand, I have read that you cannot apply for state sponsorship unless you already have these Can anyone offer any help please???? :hug:
  11. Hi I need some advise on whether my mums medical condition of 20 years will affect her chances of gaining residency in Oz. Once we are there all of her offspring will be in Oz with my brother sponsoring her on a Contributory Parent Visa (subclass 864), as he is a citizen of 3 years. She has a blood disorder (high platelet count) which is managed with regular blood tests and medication and has been fine since diagnosis. Is there any PIO's out there who can advise if they've gone down this road or someone who can help with an insight into "if" the medical condition may or may not be acceptable? Thank You Karen
  12. Sherbetdip23

    Please advise - CO info

    Hi Hubby has been asked to provide work references for CO. Do COs contact your current employer??? He hasn't told his employer that we are emigrating and doesn't want to until we have a visa and clear idea of when we are going. Please advise :shocked:
  13. Hi, can anyone advise me urgently on my query: I am applying for MBA from Australian University in Melbourne and my visa has to be filled. In my funding for the course my brother who is in USA is partly acting as sponsorship. My query is: From where dose he need to get the letter for affedavit - is it from any notarization agent or he has to get it from "Justice of Peace" itself. Also dose he need to give his IT return for 3 years or payslip of the recent months would do? Please do advice me at the earliest. Thanks, Sweta
  14. Hi everyone, My hubby is in the Air Force and we spent 3 years living in Cyprus. Our agent has told us we need a police check from there and was wondering if anyone else has gone through this? I've found an application form from the Cyprus Police website, but have no idea how to go about it?! Where do i send it to etc? OMG how dumb am I? :embarrassed: Someone help!!! :jiggy: xxx
  15. Hello My husband and I and our 3 year old daughter are moving from the UK to my native Australia in January. We are unsure whether to take everything or if it will be more cost effective to just take our clothes and some of our most treasured possessions and re-buy the rest in Australia. Also, if you are someone who did take everything, are there some things you now wish you didn't bring because they proved costly to ship or unnecessary in Australia. Looking forward to your thoughts! Thanks.
  16. Hello All, This is my first post on this forum, and am here seeking advise from the Aussie Visa Experts I am Jai from India and have 6 yrs exp in IT field. I wish to apply for Aus PR visa, and have passed the points test (65) on Aus immigration website. Has anyone filed for a PR on their own without going thru an agent?? I have contacted a migration agent in India, and seem to charge too high for the services, so thinking to apply on my own. just want to know how complicated is the process? Appreciate all your help!! Thanks in advance.. I2wannafly!! :wink:
  17. Since moving from uk to au my husband has changed into a violent stranger. He abuses me verbally and threatens me constantly. He has physically hurt me on one occasion and i am now scared to speak or even look at him in case it provokes another outburst. Often his black moods last for days. i have absolutly no family or friends here and am desperate to go back to uk but frightned he may stop me taking our children please please any advise would be great as not sure where to turn
  18. Guest

    Need advise for BVB! :S

    Hi, I'm just looking for a bit of advice from anyone who knows anything about the Bridging Visa B. I am currently on a Bridging Visa A whilst the Sydney office are processing my application for a De-facto Visa. I have been with my partner for 18 months and the De-facto visa application was submitted in April 2011, I have contacted the office recently to find out the processing time. They told me as they are 12 months behind it could take until April 2012 :arghh: In July 2011 I obtained a BVB to return home to the U.K for my brothers engagement, I had no problems with this and simply filled in the 1006 application and was granted the visa. However I am now wanting to return home again for the Christmas period and was wondering if it would be difficult to obtain another BVB? My sister has recently had a baby and got quite ill afterwards, although she is now on the mend my family are wanting a family Christmas all together and I want to go and meet my new neice in person:cute: Would this be classed as a valid reason? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi there great forum and really helpfull. I have a question and hopefully someone can help me. I am scheduled to emigrate to sydney in November. The job i am going to pays 48,500 a year. which ive been told equates to around $700 a week in hand. I have a wife and baby boy and another baby on the way. Can anyone advise whether i am making a big mistake moving to sidney on this wage. Ive looked at properties and was trying to get a place for $350 a week, but really have no clue about costs of amenities and internet etc and more importantly how much nappies cost ha ha. anyway i would be really chuffed if someone could give me any pointers because my wife and i are in a real quandry over what to do. visas are through and shipping company have been to measure up. Were fearful we are going to get over nd realise we cant afford to live and have a new baby to bring up. The company im going to covers the medicare if that makes a difference. Atb and thanks Col
  20. We have been assigned a case officer but she is asking for my OH's son to be sent for a medical even though he is over 18 years old and not emigrating with us. Has anyone else heard of this? My OH is divorced from his children's mother and this could prove difficult if they insist on a medical being done for him. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
  21. im kayleigh aged 14, 15 in january and im moving to the gold coast (robina) in january. im scared about starting the new school (varsity lakes) and making new friends any advice?
  22. Hi Has anybody undertaken her/his medicals in Kuwait ? I am going to undertake medicals in Kuwait I would be appreciated if you share your experience regarding your medicals in Kuwait with me Regards:wubclub:
  23. Hi my CO says "All required internal checks have been initiated, however the timing for the completion of these checks varies from one case to another depending on individual circumstances. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide you with a definitive timeframe for finalisation of your application as cases take many months to finalise." Does this mean that my security checks also started and my form 80 been sent to ASIO for international checks ? What are internal checks ? Regards
  24. Guest

    Any male advise for my Hubby

    Hi, my husband will be the one to get the ticket! to Oz. I am sooo keen its unreal and at the moment he is still unsure. Main reasons: the security of what we have here and going somewhere and loosing it all. I am trying to convince but its coming across pushy , I am a women what do you expect! Any advise from men that maybe have gotton over that barrier or who can see that life has the greener grass would be great. Thank you Also support from girlies would be fab too, when he decides i will feel much better as a bit in limbo at the moment x
  25. hi, I really need advise. I'm moving to brisbane in october 2011 and have no clue what to expect. I dont know anyone my age out there so if theres any advise at all that you could offer than that would help:) maybe some info about school or something like that would be good:)