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  1. My fit2work check went through ok in the end, and they've confirmed that I'm all clear!! Just submitted the ACRO check for visa today....neverending paperwork, this whole process is like the world's toughest test of patience!!! Just keep telling myself it'll be worth it when I'm going to the beach after work:laugh:
  2. Iscashe


    We haven't booked flights yet, I want the pr visa all done and dusted first - I'm finding it hard to believe it'll all come together!! There's so much to do, it's a bit overwhelming, but hoping that by the end of May we'll have visa and AHPRA in place at least! Will keep you posted :-)
  3. Iscashe


    Brilliant news, congrats! All being well we'll be heading for Brisbane in September too, maybe see you there ? !! I'm just preparing to send off my AHPRA stuff...did you do a cover letter with it or just the form and all the documents? And what post did you use to send it?
  4. No sadly the police check for the visa is separate, so yet more money to fork out :cry: although it's probably exactly the same thing! They really don't make anything easy do they?!! Good luck when you start!
  5. Today's update:- I had a reply to my email from fit2work, telling me to change my web browser to Google Chrome :err:. It seems a bit wrong that I had to do so, and took yet another half an hour of faffing about, but I did it...and it still didn't work. I think the problem is the size of the files that need uploading...the UK police check document is 4 pages long, plus you need to add a bank statement or utility bill as proof of address, but these cannot be uploaded separately, so I had to merge them into 1 document. I did it as pdf, then word docs, but both files were over 50mB and the page couldn't upload it as it was too big and kept timing out. Eventually after much googling I figured out how to merge the 5 docs into 1 jpeg file, then reduce the quality to low to make the file small enough. So total today of approx 2 and 1/2 hours to complete forms...on top of yesterday's 3 hours of futility:arghh: So basically, you either need a superfast broadband connection, or excellent IT skills, or the patience of a saint to get it to work...(or in my case, the stubbornness of a bunch of angry mules!! :laugh:) When I finally got through that, the payment was through Paypal for £86 (converted from $168AUD) and seemed secure; I got an immediate email receipt for payment and acknowledgement of submission of forms. It does not say how long the checks will take - they said they will send a separate email when it's processed. I'll keep you updated as to progress...assuming there is any!! :biglaugh:
  6. I've tweeted them as well...maybe they'll answer tomorrow, I mustn't give up hope! But anything associated with AHPRA seems to be disastrous :eek:
  7. I'm a mental health nurse, needing to register with AHPRA to work in Aus. As other healthcare professionals may know, AHPRA introduced another new rule this month, that we all need an International Criminal History Check (undertaken by a private company, fit2work) before we submit application to AHPRA. I followed AHPRA's links to the fit2work.com.au website and dutifully tried to fill in the form, but for a start they give no guidance on what format they want you to upload documents in (eg they want a scan of your passport, but don't say if it's ok as a jpeg, then also consent forms need to be printed off, filled in and signed, scanned back in but again no clarification of format) - I tried jpeg, word and pdf but all no use. When you click 'continue' at the end it just takes forever then...times out. I've wasted 4 hours today trying :cry: Has anyone else tried it yet, if so have you had any success? I've now emailed them but wanted to get on with it! AHPRA really make me wish I hadn't given up smoking...:arghh:
  8. I spent around 7 months in Turkey, and around 8 months in Saudi Arabia, but with both of those left the countries for breaks every couple of months to go to renew visas or have holidays (but not back to UK). Not sure if that counts?
  9. Does anyone have any experience of this yet? I have twice taken 'gap' years to go travelling, do I have to get checked for every country I've been through? Could take a while...:err:
  10. Iscashe

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Received LOD/positive skills assessment today from ANMAC - next stop visa lodging!!
  11. Iscashe

    AHPRA outcomes?

    Congrats, and thanks for reply! Nice to hear a success story :smile:
  12. Iscashe

    AHPRA outcomes?

    Well I guess this is an epic fail. Sorry guys. Don't know whether there's just no answers or whether I failed to make the thread clear enough, bold enough, interesting enough. Too old for AHPRA; too old for forums!!! Hey. **THE COLD NEVER BOTHERED ME ANYWAY** slams door :wink:
  13. Iscashe

    AHPRA outcomes?

    Hello all, i thought with all the confusion the AHPRA registration is causing, it might be helpful if people who have had decisions from AHPRA (either positive or negative) could post their outcomes, what their qualifications are, and (if they were refused) reasons given for the decision. This would be really helpful for those (like me) who are still going through the process. It would be great if we could all not get into the injustice of it, just give each other FACTUAL accounts of the process (I know it's a very emotive subject, but there's nearly 90 pages of it on another thread and it's nigh-on impossible to keep track of who, if anyone, is getting LOEs). This would be extremely helpful to those of us either waiting (in Oz or UK) or deciding whether to even bother. So have you had a decision from AHPRA? How long did it take, what are your qualifications, were you successful and if not, what reasons for refusal did they give?
  14. Hello all, Thanks for the many and varied responses. It seems I somehow gave the impression of not having done any research and having woolly notions about a utopia of diving and riding all day...so let me set the record straight! We are thinking of moving to Adelaide, where the weather is not either too hot to go out or constantly raining, but fairly temperate. I have looked at jobs and worked out a range of my potential earnings, used a tax calculator to work out monthly pay, looked at. Aussie mortgages, and looked at multiple real estate agents listings, so have a realistic idea of what would be affordable. I currently live by the sea in Devon so am used to inflated house prices without London wages! I have looked at local schools in Adelaide. I have looked at costs of living and understood that certain things are indeed far more expensive in Aus, but am used to living fairly simply and love cooking with in-season produce so see this as a fun challenge. I have lived in several different countries in my life, travelled fairly extensively and have no rose-tinted specs...my lack of them is exactly why I'm a bit nervous, because I am fully aware how difficult it can be to adjust to a whole new life! Oh, and Riyadh, where I lived in Saudi, was at least 40 degrees for over 6 months, with many days topping 50 degrees, so yes I feel able to say I can cope with it! Glad to hear from people on here that do feel positive and have a better quality of life...there are no guarantees for me but I'll never know if I don't try...life's an adventure and we only get one! Sorry for some of you that things don't sound so good. Hope this makes it a bit clearer. Thanks for all the useful bits of advice, I may head over to Poms in Adelaide now! :-)
  15. Thank you! And yes to everything you've written. Feeling a bit sensitive now, maybe time to sleep :-)