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  1. Just a heads up about sending unaccompanied baggage. Doree Bonner were very helpful and I thought quite reasonable (£206) for a 30kg suitcase. Some of the shipping/moving companies are very expensive for a single item. Then, I decided just to travel with the barest minimum and send a parcel via Fedex Express (through Parcel2Go - same price at Interparcel). £74.00 for 20kgs - but it must be a cardboard box - not a suitcase. I thought that was very reasonable.
  2. Sadge

    One way travel insurance

    I'm travelling UK to Australia, not Australia to UK, and the UK site no longer exists. Looks like they're winding up from the Companies House website - no assets! An insurance company with no assets - doesn't really instil confidence. They are probably different companies. The search continues.
  3. Sadge

    One way travel insurance

    According to Companies House they have Zero assets!
  4. Sadge

    One way travel insurance

    Could you please post a link? I've googled insure4less and none of the entries appear to actually direct you to the company - rather information about the company.
  5. Sadge

    One way travel insurance

    OK if you are fortunate enough to e under 65!
  6. I'm sure you are not alone. Some, who applied in 2015 are still patiently waiting. If you check out other people's timelines (in their signatures) you will be able to get a better idea. It would help other people too if you added your own timeline.
  7. One Way travel insurance anyone? I've just spent the most frustrating 3 hours on the phone/internet trying to find insurance cover for my upcoming journey. Virtually no company seems to offer one-way, and if they do the age limit appears to be 65. Mention medical condition s and they can't get rid of you quickly enough. If anybody had recently arranged cover I'd be very pleased to get recommendations. TIA
  8. https://www.dss.gov.au/about-the-department/international/policy/assurance-of-support
  9. As I have been through this process some time ago and am now about to leave for the new life with family, I can sympathise with those just embarking on the visa journey so I wish everybody here good luck and trust the wait proves to be shorter than currently anticipated. Patience, I can see from your posts how interested you are in other people's timelines, and wonder why you don't put your own in your signature to share with others?
  10. Very nearly the best thing, although it was perhaps more an anti-climax after the long wait to sell the house! Nobody can actually believe I'm going after they've been hearing about me going to live in Australia for years. A bit like a long pregnancy "my goodness, you still here?!" Congratulations to you too, and have a safe journey.
  11. There is a lot to be said for employing an agent. I wondered initially whether it was worth it, but at the end of the day I knew that every form was completed absolutely correctly, the agent proof read everything, suggested any amendments, corrections etc., and the result was that nothing was questioned, everything was spot on. The visa costs so much money it's tempting to try to save a little along the way, but the end result is what counts, and those few extra £s (in the scheme of things) was a good investment. Good luck everybody.
  12. Thanks Linda - it's been a long journey and that's for sure. I had no grey hairs and very few wrinkles when I applied for my visa, but I have a few more of both now! I hope everybody still in the waiting room moves along the bench and reaches the door to their new life asap. I'm currently researching one way travel insurance - what a faff it all is trying to answer the endless questions when you don't 'quite' fit the choices available! If anybody has any recommendations of companies that they've used I'd be pleased to hear from you.
  13. Some seem so resistant to doing so, but then keep asking questions about other people's timelines!
  14. Well, will they put all your small boxes into one large wooden (?) box and then pack, say, half a dozen of those large wooden boxes into the container. When I came back to UK many, many years ago somebody else organised my things to come back and when they arrived they were all in one large wooden crate, which wouldn't have used up a whole container. Just wondered if your company does that. My things are all packed up into cardboard boxes all ready to go into either a crate to join other crates in a container, or into a Movecube (which will also join other Movecubes in a container).