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  1. Hi, when I applied for the 143 Visa, I think the $10,000 bond was required to be held on deposit for five years, but the term was then doubled to 10 years. Does anybody know if the additional 5 year requirement applied retrospectively or only to those who applied after the change to 10 years?
  2. Whilst I can in some respects sympathise with the view that we parents should have private health care because we will, almost inevitably, be a cost to Medicare as we age, it should be borne in mind that we bring our wealth to this country (often far in excess of the $250,000 it is claimed we cost the taxpayer). We buy cars and homes, spend our pensions here, pay our tax, invest our savings here, and when we depart this life, leave that money in OZ for our children to spend here. Very, very few migrant parents will ever claim any sort of welfare benefits, so I think on balance we should be looked on as being an asset rather than a liability.
  3. Most things are just about planning - mail, car etc., but don't forget house insurance if you are away for long periods. A former neighbour of mine in UK overlooked this, went off to NZ for 3 months, had a break-in whilst away, lots of damage and items stolen, and her insurers refused to pay out. That was a very expensive holiday!
  4. Just for Info re. CONVERTING YOUR UK DRIVING LICENCE (Victoria) To convert your UK licence to a Victorian one you need to apply for a driving licence (there is not a specific form for just changing over). Call your local VicRoads to make an appointment and make sure you have your necessary id documents - Passport, UK Licence, proof of address (got my bank to stamp a printout of my bank statement), Visa Grant letter. If you have a medical condition which had to be declared in the UK, the fact that you were granted a UK licence will not automatically be recognised in Victoria. You will have to complete a form to be signed by a doctor that you are OK to drive. You can pick up this form in the VicRoads office (probably online too), so if you have this ready there'll be no delay. The receipt for the licence fee (about $80) gives you permission to drive until your licence arrives. Even if you have no intention of driving here it's a very good idea to get a driver's licence as it's the most commonly asked for form of ID and is much easier to carry than your passport!
  5. If you look at other people's timelines at the bottom of a post you will get an idea of how long the different stagews take. Sh Aron post (just above yours) for instance - about a week.
  6. I'm in Victoria and couldn't get a ordinary Seniors Card, but applied for and got a Commonwealth Seniors Card which entitles one to concession bus/tram/rail fares and I think two completely free train fares per year. Certain venues will give concessions but not much else, although Queensland might be more generous.
  7. Just to add on the Movecube question. Number all sides of your boxes if they are going into storage at the other end. My boxes are all in my daughter's garage until my house is ready, and if you need access to anything it's a devil of a job to find any particular numbered box! I did do the Inventory electronically, but I'd started off with a spreadsheet on which I entered far more detail so that I'd be able to find anything in particular that I needed - but if you can't identify the box in the first place, that doesn't help much .........
  8. Just done this. As I'd gradually been packing for months, by the time I came to complete the Inventory I just described the contents of the boxes as follows (for example) 1. Bedding 15; 2. Craft Supplies 50; 3. Kitchen Utensils 50; 4. Handbags & shoes 20; 5. Photographs, stationery 1,000. All these numbers were estimates and if Customs wanted to go through and unpack and count everything that was up to them. Their x-ray equipment is so sophisticated that I reckoned they'd be able to see that I had absolutely nothing of any interest to them. Things like my vacuum cleaner and shoes I did clean thoroughly and stated this on the inventory. Movecube was cleared through customs within a couple of days of landing.
  9. Just a tip if you are ready to leave the UK. Ask your GP to give you a printout of previous medical issues - I'm sure that most UK GP surgeries are now able to do this. The doctor I have registered with here really appreciated having this history and it saved me the task of remembering dates etc. It gave the important stuff - hospital admissions, treatment, test results, any medical conditions, medications etc.
  10. Sending very best wishes for the safety of everybody caught up in these awful fires, and to those family members waiting for news.
  11. Why are some people so resistant to completing their Timelines now in order that others may benefit from their dates? Some have been asked to do so on several occasions, yet still expect help from others. Click on your name, top right of page, and you will find information on how to complete and update your signature.
  12. Although I received my visa a long time I still like to pop in to see how later applicants are progressing. Off topic is annoying, but even more so are posts using text speak, which is not appropriate for forums and I simply ignore them. If people cannot be bothered to write correctly then I can't be bothered to read their posts, let alone offer any help - even if I were able to do so.
  13. If you read other people's timelines at the bottom of their posts you will get an idea of how long the different stages take.
  14. The whole process is so time-consuming and at times complicated, I would strongly advise anybody embarking on this visa journey to engage the services of a MIRA agent. I am SO pleased I did! It costs so much money to get the visa that I felt it was well worth the relatively small amount it cost to have my hand held all the way, somebody to tell me exactly what to do, when to do it, proof read everything before submitting all the documents, and best of all - to stop any mistakes being made. Unfortunately, this forum is usually not found by visa applicants before they start on their journey, but if you are just about to begin your application or know somebody who is - the agent's fee is a sound investment.
  15. I've hunted on VicRoads for a transfer form but can only find the two page Application form for a driving licence which covers Permits, Learners etc. etc. Is there a specific form for transfers? Have an appt tomorrow morning to do it.