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  1. Hello, This is a time sensitive issue and I would ask that an expert in real estate/ financing field only please PM me so I can disclose our situation and see if there is a quick solution. Please and thanks!
  2. adrian85

    Australian Migration Agent

    HI Allan, Neither Vetasses or TRA do a skill assessment for Fibrous Plasterer! They don't suggest another RTO and DIBP says i have to find one ob my own and then run it by them for approval, i waited an hr on the phone for that information! I have a red seal from Toronto for my trade qualification. Will the RTO be able to determine if that is an equivalent qualification? What is the average MA fee for this visa from start to finish? Do they help with RPL and skill assessment or only EOI and actual visa app? Thank you
  3. adrian85

    Australian Migration Agent

    Hi Alan, Im a fibrous plasterer by trade. I'm in Toronto Canada. I'm trying to get my skilled recognized here by the Ontario college of trades to get my Journey Person certification but I don't know if that will help me with my RPL/ qualification portion of the skilled 189 or 489 visa requirements. Cheers
  4. adrian85

    Australian Migration Agent

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an Australian Migration Agent to help me from start to finish with my 189 or 489 visa application. I need to do RPL and a trades skills assessment. I am looking for a registered agent and one with experience in filing for this visa and a bonus would be an agent who deals with lots of tradie cases like myself. Any suggestions? Looking to start asap the process and hoping to move to the Sunshine Coast Cheers
  5. adrian85

    moving to Oz on a WHV and looking to move permanently

    Hi Adam sorry for late reply.. been real busy with the selling and moving of our home.. No formal qualification just the experience. I am interested in the 189 since it is what was suggested to me here on PIO even though i was told years ago when EOI came out that it was meant for really skilled/ stand out individuals, doctors i was told, not trades.. i reckon thats incorrect info given to me.. I would need a level 8 Ielts haven't tried a test yet to know where I stand. I would need a skills assessment (don't see a body that does one for Fibrous plasterer or a place in Canada to do the testing for that matter) I am on the SOL but when i look at TRA only carpenter (more closely associated to my trade) is listed not Fibrous plasterer. My sister lives in Perth and would obviously love to get the 489 visa instead but is that realistic? seems like only a few invites given out twice a month for the entire country?? or by state?? either way seems like I could be waiting forever for that.. Could still lodge the EOI, no harm in that but the likelihood of being invited is what? Ps. I won't have a canadian passport so therefore the WHV option is no more... huge backlog here with Canadian citizenship and we just don't care to stick around and wait here anymore, we want to get the ball rolling on the move to australia. My sister keeps telling me to come over on a student visa like she did just to be able to work legally and then get sponsored by an employer whether in Perth or Sunshine coast.. It's risky but it worked for her, that would get us over there by the end of this year. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. adrian85

    moving to Oz on a WHV and looking to move permanently

    Hi Blossom 79, Thanks for your reply, I think about my son a lot when it comes to the WHV and I am glad you mentioned that because i was told that, my son cannot accompany me at anytime while i am on WHV. However, he can accompany my wife who will be responsible for him on a visitor visa. OH works for an airline and can come down and visit me with our son if like you said after 6 months nothing has been secured for 457 visa and i'm missing them badly by then... That does not mean i don't worry that DIBP might cause implications with this upon their arrival for a mini holiday...Thoughts?
  7. adrian85

    moving to Oz on a WHV and looking to move permanently

    CORRECTION: QLD BUILDER LICENCE***** not renovator/contractor
  8. adrian85

    moving to Oz on a WHV and looking to move permanently

    hi guys, thanks for your feedback much appreciated! it's good to hear from various people and get a feel for how the whole migration process may unfold. In our particular situation our son is 8 yrs old and would be in school freeing up some time for OH to work and help ease the lack of FTB. I am not formally qualified, no schooling completed for the skill just loads of eperience. We would be coming down with a decent amount of $ to put down for a home EVENTUALLY however that simply means that that money is to be kept aside and not to be burnt through.. only to be used in the event of an emergency.. i.e loss of job. I can see the risk involved with the 457 and that is exactly why I wanted to pick at everyones brains I know everyone is coming forward with the best of intention in trying to help us make a sound decision with the least amount of impact everyone makes a valid point! To confirm if on 457 visa your employer can only sponsor you for PR two yrs after working for them? After 2 yrs on a 457 visa is there any other visa I can apply for for PR independently from my 457 employer?? I was looking into doing online through SEEK their diploma of Building and Construction to add education to my CV and perhaps make me a more appealing candidate in general for a 457 visa or for work in site management (better pay ?) Would this help in securing a better paying job? I'm wondering if there is more demand in the trades or in the PM aspect. I.e should I complete this online diploma before moving to Oz or can do it and not in a hurry one day when we are down there living and all settled and I am looking to have my QLD renovator/contractor licence and a pay increase. I was told that for 189 the EOI / skillselect is hard to get and is only for more sophisticated professional i.e. doctors, engineers.. I do have 10 yrs of exp. I am great at what I do and love doing it. I would have to do RPL ( would have to look into how to go about it ) and as for the English I have a Canadian passport so I think I might even be exempt of IELTs. The processing time for this visa seems to be 3 months? That seems way to quick? Would the diploma i mention above be of any help in securing the 189? Also since I have your attention any chance anyone would know if work is going well ATM in sunshine Coast? I hear residential and commercial building has picked up and of course that is exactly what I would need to help secure a job/ sponsor. Also what salary could be expected? I've heard mixed answers about this one as well. I would need to know if you can make a decent living off of tradie work as I do now in Toronto. Cheers!
  9. Hello! I am new to the forum although I have been eyeing the threads on here for years! This is my plan: Go to Sunshine Coast on a WHV (age 29) and try to secure a 457 visa as a fibrous plasterer (10 yrs of exp). I'm hoping this won't take longer then 6 months to secure so that I can send for my wife and son to join me on the 457 visa. I would appreciate any advice on this matter, any folks been in the same boat before where they transitioned from WHV to 457, how did it go? If I am able to secure a 457 visa what are my options for PR? Visa suggestions please! After being on the 457 visa for two yrs can I apply for residency regardless if my current employer will sponsor me for PR? Does this seem like a feasible plan? Open to suggestion and all help is welcomed!