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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, My partner and I started our application last year, a few months in we fell pregnant with our second child. Long story short we had to put our application on hold until baby was born and had birth certificate and passport etc etc so visas were finally approved end of March, however we need to leave the UK by mid August 2015!! we have two children who will be aged 7 and 8months in August and are planning on moving to Brisbane, we are looking to ship our furniture and belongings over too. we also have a large dog (weimaranar) who will be coming too........ where do we start! I seem to spend time on forums searching for info then become so overwhelmed by the helpful advice and a little panicky about how little time we have that I am getting nowhere! We are keeping our house in the UK and have someone lined up to rent it when we move, we are just waiting for the remortgage to go through also (which will enable us to pay for everything). What should we book and organise first? Is this even possible in this time frame? (it has to be we've no other option)!! Thank you all so much for reading/commenting, your help will be very much appreciated! (Failing that a good slap to snap out of the panick and get things moving)!
  2. Hi, Sometimes life is really strange, 2 years ago a girl asked me to come down to aussie but it didn't work out and here I'm today with a job offer to Australia and about to move to Australia with my new girlfriend I found out yesterday that I was selected for a job as project manager for a huge project so me and my girlfriend from Sweden got sponsored Visa to Australia. We are getting apartment payed for 3 months, they are paying for the shipping of our stuff from here, health insurance and a lot of other benefits to move. The job is located in Brisbane. This project needs to be completed within 14 months so the contract is only 14 months but I have the possibility to get my job extended. This is a dream come true for many people I guess, get awesome well paid job, Australia etc.. and for me, but, im nervous. I'm swetting all the time, thinking of my family and relatives, because I'm very attached to my family, what if something happens to me, can I handle the job, because I will be responsible for a project with is veeeeeeeery expensive, my head is spinning faster then the earth It self... For those who have migrated, have you been in same thoughts or for those who need to do same trip as I? Have you been nervous, what were your biggest fears. Please share your stories and thoughts.
  3. Stacy Cooper

    Where to begin

    Where do you start if you are doing the visa yourself? What website do you go on? Thanks
  4. Hello guys! I am new to the forum and just wanted some advice! I am planning on moving to Australia for a year once I have finished my final year at Uni here in the UK. I am studying a Hispanic Studies Degree (BA Hons) and me and my Spanish partner are interested in coming over in Sep/Oct 2015 on the working holiday visa. I just need some more info on how things work. Are there many translating jobs in Sydney? Is it relatively easy to set up jobs/interviews before-hand? Would looking for a job be my priority rather than looking for an apartment, as I would love to be able to work in Sydney but live around 20/30 mins away so things aren't too expensive. Advice would be much appreciated as we are now beginning to research into everything! Thank you!! :smile:
  5. Hello! I am new to the forum although I have been eyeing the threads on here for years! This is my plan: Go to Sunshine Coast on a WHV (age 29) and try to secure a 457 visa as a fibrous plasterer (10 yrs of exp). I'm hoping this won't take longer then 6 months to secure so that I can send for my wife and son to join me on the 457 visa. I would appreciate any advice on this matter, any folks been in the same boat before where they transitioned from WHV to 457, how did it go? If I am able to secure a 457 visa what are my options for PR? Visa suggestions please! After being on the 457 visa for two yrs can I apply for residency regardless if my current employer will sponsor me for PR? Does this seem like a feasible plan? Open to suggestion and all help is welcomed!
  6. Emmie2010

    Migrant agents/ Visas

    Hello, i'm new here so please bear with me. My family and i are looking to move to Australia from the UK within the next year or so. My husband is a Australian Citizen and our 2 children have both been granted Australian Citizenship by decent. Now its just me that's left to sort, so we can start getting things moving along. Now i'm in need of a spouse visa, a lot of people have said we should be using a migration agent to help with forms and to move application along quicker. Has anyone had any experience with them? We have had a quote from one and the charge is almost the same as the visa charge :err: Also is there a company that you would recommend? Thanks in advance Emma
  7. hey, im 20 and ive been talking to this Australian guy online and he wants me to move there and be with him which i want to do but i have no idea how to go about it like what visa and stuff i need. any info is helpful thanks shaunagh
  8. [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/kangaroo1.jpg[/WRAP]Australia remains the top destination for would be British Expats looking for a new life abroad. A survey by Post Office International Payments showed that 27% of respondents have considered a move overseas, with a further 20% saying they remain open to the idea. Australia is the most tempting destination – a fifth of people (21%) say they would most like to live or work there, followed by the United States of America (18%) and Canada (14%). Spain came in fourth place with 10%. Sarah Munro from Post Office International Payments said: "Living and working overseas is a tempting thought, with many people considering a move abroad at some point. However, taking the plunge is a big emotional and financial upheaval, and it isn't surprising that the worry of leaving family and friends is the main barrier. "For those looking to live or work overseas, the average amount of time people expect to stay is about seven years, giving them plenty of time to immerse themselves fully in the culture and enjoy a different way of living." Interestingly, for retirees the language barrier does not seem such an issue, with Spain being voted the most appealing place to retire for British expats, closely followed by Australia, the USA, France and Ireland. Research by the Post Office also found 27% of 18-34 year olds would move overseas if it would improve their career prospects. Meanwhile, one in five have already lived or worked outside of the UK and 39% listed better job opportunities as their main motivation for doing so. Sarah Munro from the Post Office said: "The combination of financial constraints and a difficult job market is making a move overseas look more and more attractive for young people from the UK." Working abroad was deemed one way to ride out the effects of the current economic climate by 12 per cent of respondents, with those willing to relocate saying they would stay away for at least five years. For nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of young people, moving overseas is seen as a way of combining their desire to go travelling with working and getting paid. Elsewhere, opportunities for promotion were listed by 19 per cent of those eager to relocate. An improved quality of living was the top reason for wanting to escape the UK job and housing market with 63 per cent, while the prospect of a higher salary came second with 43 per cent of the votes. The results of the survey come after the Money Advice Trust revealed research has found nearly one million 16-24 year olds are currently unemployed in the UK.