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  1. speck

    Selling uk house privately- advice pls!

    Thanks for your advice Gbye and Julie. Jeeeezzzzz Blossom- how stressful was your experience!! Thanks for sharing though! Glad it worked out in the end and you are safe and sound on the other side of the world! We will wait til we have the visa sorted (the lady is very understanding about this) - but it is always good to have a think about things in advance. She seems very reasonable and extremely keen to buy the house, so fingers crossed it will all work out. I like your idea of a backstop completion date Julie. I have a good solicitor so that will help- I will go and discuss it with them once visa is final. Thanks again!
  2. speck

    Selling uk house privately- advice pls!

    Fair point. It ultimately depends on if we can find a mutually agreed price. If not then we go through estate agent. If so then that's great and we can agree completion date. In an ideal world we would like to stay in the house until the shipping company takes our stuff a few days before our flight. The lady mentioned completing earlier and us renting from her. I am not a massive fan of this idea (don't really want the stress of someone turning up, having responsibility of the house etc while we are still in it. Also our mortgage is pretty minimal and she was asking for about twice that in rent). I would prefer to agree a sale and then, as you say Gbye, set a completion date later. The only risk is that she pulls out closer to the time. I wonder if we can get some sort of contract to help prevent that situation. I guess if that happens we just go to an estate agent. Thanks for your thoughts :-)
  3. speck

    Selling uk house privately- advice pls!

    Chortlepuss: Yes, it is unusual and there is a lack of housing in our village. I think we are the only ones who have been approached. She says she had always loved it and wanted to live in it and that's why she asked. It sounds reasonable and believable. It just so happened that we were planning our move to Aus and it fits in so nicely. Parleycross: Good to hear a positive story- thanks. How did you reach a mutually agreed price with your brother? Did you get estate agents to value the property to get a ball park figure?
  4. speck

    Selling uk house privately- advice pls!

    Interesting thoughts. Thanks for the replies. Gbye- she says she really likes our house and its situation (which is believable). She says she isn't in s rush to move in- and is currently renting herself so is happy to wait until we are ready to move. It was her that suggested we get 2 or 3 estate agent valuations to establish a selling figure. It just seems too good to be true...
  5. Hi there, We are planning to move to oz in next autumn (depending on partner's visa). A few months ago we had a lady knock on our door saying interested in buying our house should we be considering moving. She appears genuine and remains keen to buy at a mutually agreed price (and wants to discuss buying sooner rather than later and us perhaps renting the house until we fly out). This is obviously great news as we can avoid estate agents fees and makes it possible for us to stay in our home for as long as possible. Has anyone out there had any experience of private house sales? Any advice/tips? (I'm new to this site and not sure if this is the right place to put this - please advise if not!)
  6. I've heard there are plenty of ppl mowing, which is good- means there is the work. I'm also into hedges, planting, weeding etc. Not an expert at putting up colourbond but happy to give it a shot. Happy to try most things out really- not just mowing. Any any one got any advice on whether I should take my 2011 vw transporter over?
  7. That's reassuring to hear starlight. What sort of prices are gardener a charging do you know?
  8. I'm applying for a spouse visa- my wife is an Aussie. Thanks for your reply Ali. Did your husband find tools/machinery reasonably priced? I'm wondering if it's worth just saving the faff of cleaning it all and buying new out there.
  9. Hi all, we have finally made the decision to move to Perth and are after advice about being a self employed gardener in WA. What is the process for registering as self-employed? I read about getting an ABN, but is there anything else I need to do? Any advice on shipping tools (mowers, hedge cutter, chainsaw, strimmer, general hand tool- spades, rakes etc)? Is it is best to sell them here in the UK or ship them over- how easy is it to get them serviced and replacement parts? Any advice gratefully received!