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Found 21 results

  1. Hi all, we have finally made the decision to move to Perth and are after advice about being a self employed gardener in WA. What is the process for registering as self-employed? I read about getting an ABN, but is there anything else I need to do? Any advice on shipping tools (mowers, hedge cutter, chainsaw, strimmer, general hand tool- spades, rakes etc)? Is it is best to sell them here in the UK or ship them over- how easy is it to get them serviced and replacement parts? Any advice gratefully received!
  2. Hello all, I want to secure work before I fly down, I will be using a WHV and want to get regional work to allow me to stay an extra year. I want to work in my trade which is gardening and landscaping instead of having to pick fruit like all the backpackers do. So my question is, what towns/cities are classed as regional areas? I understand the whole of south Australia is but don't really know much else im finding it hard to find out what areas are classed as regional, like Cairns, is that regional? Anyway my second question is when should I start looking for work? ive spoke to a couple firms one in Darwin and one in Townsville, who said to call them when I get down but im heading down August 2014 so I dunno whether I should have emailed so early. My desired state is QLD but if I had to do regional elsewhere that wouldnt bother me.
  3. Dear Sirs: Can you help and tell me how to assess 362211 Gardener by TRA , since it is sponsored by ACT , but couldn`t find it in TRADESET offshore skills assessement program . Regards:confused:
  4. Dear sirs : I am a Bachelor degree holder Agricultural Engineer and my work experience for more than 5 years is to take care of the landscape and every living green plant or tree in the University Campus ( irrigation , planting , replacement , treatment , fumigation , pesticides , pruning .....) heading a staff of workers. Please , I want to know the name of my occupation in the Australia's Skilled Occupation List (SOL) , because I applied as Agricultural scientist to the VETASSESS , but was rejected since my work didn`t correspond to that title. Agriculture Eng is in SOL 233912 Schedule 3 and 4. But the problem is that in Lebanon the description of Agr Eng is different than that in Australia.It is not about building agricultural facilities or machines.It is about using them and planning for farms or irrigation or plant treatment and .... That is why i chose Agr Scientist that seems best to fit my degree and experience. Now i am thinking of applying as gardener 36221 which is sponsored in ACT.(Although I Know that it is lower than my level.)and when i asked the Vetassess about the rejection of my assessment under Agr Scientist they replied: "it seems that your employment better matches that of a “Horticulturalist” which is not assessed by VETASSESS and perhaps is not on the SOL. You would be advised to contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (ww.immi.gov.au) for information on other options that may be available to you." 1 Do you think Gardener is a good Idea 2 can DIAC help me in this dilemna ? and if yes , what`s the link? Please Advise:arghh: Regards
  5. Hello Everyone, Back in May I gave up hope of gaining a visa as my occupation -general gardener- was removed with all the changes from the list of in demand occupations. (I actually sat down on May 9th two days after this decision was made to submit my application, credit card at the ready, only to find I couldn't even access my application....what a sickener!). Now my occupation looks to be on the SA State Sponsored Migration List it could all be back on again for me. However, I've kind of lost touch with everything having decided to get on with my life so without trawling all through the DIAC and SA websites wonder if anyone can give me a few answers to some questions before I get all excited again. Here goes. 1. I had a positive skill assessment back in April 2010 (hence not quite getting my application in) from the TRA. Is this still valid? 2. Will I have enough points..not sure what the current point threshold stands at but I will be 45 in August. 3. Do I only need to fill in the SA online application if above ok or are there others on the DIAC website also. I had some serious help from people on here prior to all the changes so thanks to those and anyone who can help now. I'm wary of dipping my toe in the water again but somehow if I don't see it through to the end think I'll regret it one day. On the other hand it could finish me off! Any help would be much appreciated, Cheers, Al
  6. Looking forward a Landscaping or gardening job with a company that is willing to offer employment sponsorship. I have recently completed my Cert 3 in Horticulture in Queensland and have 3 years experience. My last Australian job was working for a local council as a Parks and gardens assistant. Highly motivated, hardworking and good team member. Willing to move anywhere Please get in touch.ameliabannon[at]gmail[dot]com Regards Andrew
  7. My OH is halfway through the AQFIII process to obtain an Australian qualification in Landscape Gardening, we are fully paid up! Landscape Gardener is on the April 2010 State Sponsorship List for South Australia which is where we plan to go. Have the state lists been approved yet? If not does anyone know when they will be; I believe that if an occupation isn't on the New SOL but is on a State List you can still apply via that state, is this correct?
  8. Guest

    457 general gardener

    just wondering where i would find industry award (with pay rates etc) to go with job code "general gardener" for a 457 visa?
  9. JoRed4

    AQF III Landscape Gardener

    After seeing that Landscape Gardener is still on the SS List for SA & breathing a massive sigh of relief, can anyone tell me whether or not they have been through the process for an AQF III qualification for Landscape Gardener.... What is involved, what do we expect? My OH has just sent off his initial application & we are waiting to hear whether or not he will be accepted onto the next stage... Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Xx
  10. Hello all, myself (Kimi) and my patner (Ads) are U.K citizens and we are looking to migrate to Oz on a permanent basis, we have researched to great depths and spoken with various agents and we getting completely mixed advice! We hope to move there on a permanent basis, my partner used to work as an aircraft engineer and is 35 years old this year. Myself I am studying Landscape gardening and will complete this course and become fully qualified in sept 2011. My age is 26. (Both of these skills are on the occupation demand list for Oz) We have been advised to apply for a permanent visa from the U.K, as Ads has no option to go on any other visa due to his age restricting him from visiting on a Working holiday visa. I, on the other hand would be able to do this as I am still within the age bracket. Once there I would be able to apply for a permanent visa and 'apparently' this would be much easier to obtain then applying for a permanent visa from the U.K?? Does anyone have any advice for us on this matter as we are very unsure which is the best route for us to take. If we apply for a permanent visa from the UK, Ads will have to find work again within aircraft engineering for 12 months before he can even begin to apply for any visa. This means waiting for another 12 -18 months before we can find out if our application is successful or not. We was also wondering about the difference being married would make to either scenario, as our families will be still here and unable to travel due to illness we was considering a wedding before leaving the UK. We hope you can offer your help with this one! :laugh::cool:
  11. Hi, does anyone here have a gardener, or know a gardener that they can recommend? I am looking for someone to do regular garden maintenance and would prefer a recommendation, rather than just picking a name from the phone book. Thank you Love Rudi x
  12. Hi I'm looking for a local gardener to do some tidying up for me-hedges trimmed, whipper-snippering & mowing. Just a one off job to tidy up the garden in our rental ready for us moving out. I don't have any equipment to do it myself-i'm not being lazy :wink: Can anyone recommend someone local? I'm in Murrumba Downs Cheers
  13. Hello, I have some friends who are looking to come over to oz and are looking for sponsorship. I have been sending Jon's Resume to companies but nothing has come back with good news unfortunately. Jon has 12+ years experience as a gardener and an NVQ2 qualification in Horticulture and Amenity. He also has 10 years experience working for a grounds maintenance council and worked in a large town park. He now works as a Head Gardener at a private estate in the UK. He has sole responsibility for the large country estate and is responsible for all gardening, maintenance and security at the estate. Although his occupation is on the needs skills list (sol) for Australia, processing times without job sponsorship can be anything up to 3 years. Can anyone give me some guidance to help him get sponsored so he and his family can come across ? Any help with be appreciated thank you !
  14. One of our lads is up the mines at Murin Murin; he is after recruiting a Sous Chef whatever one of them is?.................and also a Gardener. Sous chef would start at around $70,000 per annum 2 weeks on 1 week off fly in fly out. Gardener starts at $54,000 or thereabouts per annum; also does a 2 week on 1 week off roster. All flights, food and accommodation are all paid for so it's a chance to save some money despite the wages not being too flash............. but at least it's a start and a chance to get a foot in the door. My lad went up there just over a year ago as a labourer. His duties entailed driving the dustbin truck, driving the bus to and from the airport, slopping out in the kitchen, cleaning toilets etc. Apparently they picked up on the potential he showed and he is now a manager running the catering/accommodation side of things. If there are any takers for either position PM me your details and I will forward them on to him. He does the inductions every fortnight. Johnno
  15. We are looking to apply for visa's for Oz. My husband is a self-employed Gardener and has had a very successful business for 5 years. After contacting an agent, apparently my husband has to gain a qualification in Gardening along with his experience. They suggested an NVQ level 2. But after contacting colleges, Learn Direct, even the Australian Embassy, no-one seems to know of a 'general gardening' qualification and cannot help us. The nearest thing I can find is an NVQ 2 in Horticulture, which isn't really his field. Can anyone help with if he needs qualifications/exactly what qualifications or point me in the right direction, please? Thanks.
  16. alofbrighton

    Melbourne - General Gardener

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know of a reason why I wouldn't be able to apply (once skill assessed) for a visa to migrate to the Melbourne area under the trade of General Gardener (asco 4623-11). I have had a brief e-mail from a migration agent to say this would not be an option for me under this trade in this area . I will shortly have 4yrs with my current employer and have gone through the process of aquiring a workplace assessement for AQF III certificate in Horticulture to enable me to apply under pathway E. I am 42 so need my relatives there to sponsor to enable me to reach the points target. I know I can't get state sponsorship under this trade. I would ask the agent but they are asking $100 to enter the consultation process! Any help much appreciated. Al.
  17. Guest

    landscape gardener

    :smile:hi aim a landscape gardener looking to move to bribane is there mutch call for this type of work any info would be great thanks bluenose:jiggy:
  18. Hello, My OH and I have just moved up to the Sunshine Coast (Mudjimba nr Maroochydore) as I start work Jan 21st at Peregian Beach. My OH is a gardener/landscaper and we would be grateful if anyone has any contacts for employent. Thanks Dugong:hug:
  19. Hi, new to the site, want to emigrate under 175visa (skilled migration) does anyone know how i get my skills assessed for my trade? (cant see anything on it on the VETASSES site) I have a level 3 certificate and about 4 yrs experience but no apprenticeship - not sure what this entails? confused!!:idea:
  20. Hi All, My name is Simon (36), I have a wife Carolyn and 2 Son's We are just starting our journey of applying for resedency in Australia. Little concerened (:unsure:) My wife and I are partners in a Landscaping business which has been trading now for 4.5 years. I am looking at applying for a skilled sponsored migrant visa (SOL Landscape Gardener), we could get sponsored by my wifes brother who is soon to become an ozy citizen. Any advice on the TRA application from any one who has applied who is in the same situation or trade would be gratefully recieved. Eagerly await any help. Kind regards and good fortune to all for 2008 Simon & Cam
  21. G'day Because I'm lazy and don't like gardening I've been trying for a while to employ a part time gardener. I've spent quite a few hours on the phone lately phoning all the pppl who advertise in the local paper. 50% don't answer the phone, 25% answer and say phone again in February, 15% say they'll call back but never do. Out of the 25 calls or so I've made, I've had one guy say he can come on 17th Dec @ $360 for the day or $200 for a half day. The other bloke couldn't name a time but if I left him a key he'd make sure he came for 2 hours per fortnight at a time when he was free and charge only $55/hr. Still, the franchises, charge more. Weeding Women are $62 per hour and Jim's quoted $65/hr. Plastic astro turf anyone?