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    My stat dec forms exceeds limits on immi account????

    I was under the impression you need to attach form 8302aa, plus the B, section of form 2208, not forgetting to fill in the other form 6208, and add 5509 if you are married, and section 5 of 4210 if you have children..
  2. Echidna66

    Is it me

    Bahaaa..You deserve an extra a
  3. Echidna66

    Achievements of the Abott govt to date!

    yes made up terrorists..so they can strangle and control us..cant you see what is happening with Ebola..How did it get into the USA?
  4. Echidna66

    Is it me

    well that ok
  5. Echidna66

    Is it me

    As I have said before you are a Tonys dream citizen..Bahhaa, Bahhaa..
  6. Echidna66

    Is it me

    Just another Australian Govt rip off..Theybare talking about increasing the super age of entitlement for some..they are traitors, thieves just like any Govt..they are not your friend and cannot be trusted..
  7. Echidna66

    Visa labels

    God why does it have to be so complicated...Its not 3rd world is it?
  8. Echidna66

    Achievements of the Abott govt to date!

    Abbott and his lunatic Govt are dangerous to us all...they are now talking about increasing taxes to fund the lunatic war on imaginary terrorists..Which I would refuse to do..Hope you all would too?
  9. Echidna66

    Hong Kong

    I loathe all of it, made up asylum seekers, fabricated terrorists, its all lies..dont trust your Govt or the media..even though they have your best interests at heart..
  10. Echidna66

    Hong Kong

    I would say you and us should worry more about our lunatic Govt and what is to come from them..in Australia.
  11. Echidna66

    Electric bill

    Our bill for 3 months down here in Tasmania, a cold place is $ 400 approx.. We have 3 phase heating..and a huge house with no underfloor insulation..have friends that have a tiny unit and pay double what we pay..Crazy..
  12. Echidna66

    What is WRONG with Australian tradies?!?!?!?!

    I would say the "tradesmen" in the UK are 100 times better and not such a blatant rip off as the Aussie "tradies"..stupid name..
  13. Echidna66

    What is WRONG with Australian tradies?!?!?!?!

    Australian "tradies" are a total rip off..They have had it far to good for to long...I do everything myself now or I bring my relative over from the Philippines to do any work that needs doing..He does a good job, works hard,doesnt whinge and whine and I pay him a fraction of what the rip off "tradies" charge..
  14. Echidna66

    Is the 'Pacific Solution' unravelling?

    With all the other chaos going on in the world now, who really gives a damn about asylum seekers..Most people now in any country are struggling to survive, not only the bloody freeloaders..
  15. Echidna66

    How much are you guys paying for flights?

    Its always worth paying a bit extra to fly on Quantas, Emirates or Singapore airlines...Some of the others are horrific.