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    Moving to Australia and interruption of studies

    Hello Jac2011, thanks for for your reply. It is really great to hear that I wouldn't be requested to have post-registration work experience. I also sent an email to AHPRA just to get a written confirmation. I think it is best if I stay and finish my degree. Will keep you guys posted. :-)
  2. Geoffroy Alessi

    Moving to Australia and interruption of studies

    Thanks Cal :-)
  3. Hello All, My partner might be transferred from the UK to Australia by his company next year. I think it's a great opportunity for both of us and let's put it that way I don't think that refusing is really an option. However I am still doing my nursing programme and I have another year to go... So I'm not really happy with the timing... I know that life throws things like that and you have to embrace it but it's quite hard to think that I'll have made all those sacrifices for nothing. Has or is anybody else facing the same challenges on this forum... if you are, I'd like to hear from you. I was also wondering if anybody else had already faced this issue and was able to re-apply to a nursing programme in Australia with the transfer of their academic credits from their UK college ? Is it also true that once qualified and registered with the NMC a nurse needs to have at least 3 months of post-registration experience before registering with the AHPRA ? If anybody has some answers, I'd love to hear from them :-) Thx Geoff