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    Secondary schools for Mentone

    Thanks for the replies:biggrin:
  2. Ruth1972

    Secondary schools for Mentone

    Hi Howe are hoping to move to Melbourne and I have been trying to research ares based on decent state / public high schools. Berwick seems to be my favourite so far, so any opinions on that will be greatly received. PI have also been looking closer to the coast and Mentone sounds nice but as I have daughter (10) and a son (7) I seem to be struggling to find a mixed state school. Does anyone know of one accessible to those living in Mentone? Thanks
  3. Ruth1972

    May be heading for Victoria...

    Hi, hope you don't mind me asking but we are hoping to move to Melbourne within the next 6-12 months and we just told the kids last night, they were in tears and are adamant we are not moving, they are a little older than yours at 8 and 10 but I wondered how your (and other people's) kid had taken it and how did you mange that?