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  1. fourcandles

    Where Did You Stay When You First Arrived

    We stayed in Marcoola on the Sunshine Coast which was fab but we wanted to live in North Lakes (which is also fab) and wish we had stayed in Scarborough or Redcliffe as it would have been much easier for us. I don't know which hotel would be best in Scarborough but it is a lovely spot.
  2. fourcandles

    Sydney city trip

    Many thanks to all for taking the time to reply with all your tip and suggestions....much appreciated. Looking forward to the trip even more now!!
  3. fourcandles

    Sydney city trip

    Hi all, we live in Brisbane and are contemplating a short city break soon to Sydney.....because we havn't been yet. There will be 2 adults and 2 boys aged 7 and 11. Can anyone recommend or advise on any reasonably priced hotels or apartments not too far from the CBD? Also any where we should visit in our 3/4day stay. We have looked on websites etc, however, lots of them don't have twin singles for the lads. They could top and tail a double however, from experience I get very wary refereeing the bed wars when its light out! lol. Thanks in advance, Gary
  4. fourcandles

    Ideas for retraining?

    Hi, if you do decide to retrain in any particular field prior to landing in Oz make sure that the training is recognised in Australia before you fork out any cash. Alternatively take a course in Aus and then try for work. Don't know if that is feasible for you or not. They are also big on relevant local experience over here too. How you get any local experience without anyone giving you an initial go is the problem...even with relevant and recognised skills and quals! I speak from experience. Keep an eye on the WApol and SApol websites re Intl recruitment. They change the goalposts all the time. Good luck...
  5. fourcandles

    Going back - how did you do it?

    I hope you don't mind me asking who did you get your mortgage with? Likewise, our salary is greater in Oz than back home but didn't think that sort of thing was possible. Cheers.
  6. fourcandles

    I just don't get it

    You are not alone mate... will send you a pm:policeman:
  7. fourcandles

    Is Australian Super taxed in the UK

    Jean, that's sound interesting. Is there definitely no UK tax implications doing what you have done? If not its definitely something else to consider. Hope the move back has gone well!
  8. fourcandles

    ping pong poms

    Quoll makes a good point. We are Ping Pongers, went back to the UK and liked being home. However after a few years wanderlust took effect again and with the luxury of a career break decided to come back to Oz but to a different state which has been good. As Quoll says, nothing is forever, and we will return back home after we have done the Oz thing again for a couple more years at least. However, might be sooner if I don't find another job as the one I've got now is doing my head in!:arghh:
  9. I moved my uk pension to a QROPS back in 2009. My preservation age is 60, now 47, so still a few years before I can or even want to draw on it so no problems with any unauthorised payment. I have been reading through this thread with some interest and a little worried as I may, for family reasons, be returning to the UK. It may well transpire that I will be in the UK when I reach my preservation age. Even though I would have reached the required age and will not be receiving any unauthorised payment as far as the QROPS and HMRC is concerned, does anybody know if I will be hit by HMRC for any tax, and if so how much, when I access my fund, as I will then resident in the Uk? Thanks for any advice or info. Gary
  10. fourcandles

    Part time work wanted!!!!!!!

    My Mrs is in the same boat!!! However, unable to do every weekend because I work shifts and we have 2 young kids. Willing to travel too within reason. Likewise, did not think a person with her experience etc would find it so hard to find part time work. all the best!
  11. fourcandles

    Redcliffe meetup

    Hi all, recently moved to mango Hill along with my OH and 2 boys aged 10 and 6 so feel free to PM if anybody would like to catch up, cheers, gary
  12. fourcandles

    Anyone in Kallangur

    Meant to say 2 boys aged 10 and 6!!!
  13. fourcandles

    Anyone in Kallangur

    Hi all...we have recently moved to Mango Hill. Not a million miles away from Kallangur/North lakes. No probs with our internet! Diane and I have 2 boys aged 10 just started at North lakes state college. If anyone would like to catch up drop me a line best wishes, Gary