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    forming a plastering gang

    Hey Steve we are living in Redcliffe which is half an hour from Brisbane so work anywhere either way from my house within half an hour, yes you need a white card and to get the white card do it online with Bluedog training, that is who I did mine with and it was straight forward, tape and joint on site is $900 for a house and I can do one in 2 hard days so 2 men could do it in the day, it's all done using boxes over here, but as I've said before I want to board and they glue boards on over here with screws at the top and bottom of a board and that's it, they also board side ways over here not upright like in the UK.
  2. gaz&family

    forming a plastering gang

    If it's not your husband applying then I wouldn't bother as I have never been asked to show certificates, it's a case of ring up someone, they give you a chance if your works good they'll pay you' if not they wont and you wont get any more work off them. Over here you need a white/blue card, I did mine online with Bluedog training, it wasn't very much and takes about an hour and half. I know in QLD you need a licence for jobs worth more than $3300 if your proper self employed not subbying and for that you do need the AQF, city and guilds/NVQ means nothing here and then apply for your licence. If he is the main applicant then yes he will need certificates.
  3. gaz&family

    forming a plastering gang

    Hi Steve What I am after is someone to work with me on site as 2 men together is a damn site easier when boarding ceilings, I am not after employing anyone I just want someone to work with and split money 50/50, have you got an ABN, thanks.
  4. Hi my name is Gareth I'm a plasterer with 18 yrs experience, I live in Redcliffe just north of Brisbane, anyway are there any plasterers who fancy teaming up plasterboarding (Gyprocking) on site, thanks
  5. gaz&family

    friends please

    hi everyone we arrived in brisbane on oct 8th with are suitcases and money but no jobs had booked a holiday unit for 4 weeks but thats all. we have finally settled into a 6 month contract in redcliffe on margate/suttons beach its lovely here everything a lagoon, parks bbq areas activities on the beach the RSL which do entertainment and have a kids club shops. we did go to a poms bbq and met some great people but need some locals as well to call Friends Our girls have started humpybong state school and i do think it has brought them on loads i have spoke to a few parents but none to call friends just yet so it would be good if anyone in or around redcliffe would like to meet up for a drink r a bbq anything There is myself who is 27 my husband who is a plasterer hes 34 he is really into rugby league my daughter alyssa 8 and shannon 6
  6. gaz&family

    Buy plug adaptors or replace with UK plugs

    hi was just wondering where you got your oz plugs from as we cant find any anywhere bought a travel adapter but only one as they are 10 dollars each here and they are £1 in england from pound shops (could kick myself lol) hubby wants to change all the plugs over to oz ones
  7. gaz&family

    Redcliffe meetup

    Hello we have just moved to Redcliffe (Margate) last Tuesday arrival, we are just looking for families with children who would be interested in a meet up ta:wink:
  8. gaz&family

    Who's moving where in QLD and when?

    me my hubby Gareth and our 2 daughters 6 and 7 arrive on 8th October 2013 redcliffe
  9. gaz&family

    Almost one year in and ..........

    hi just wondering where abouts in Brisbane did you more to, and how old are your children, we move out to brisbane in october im glad everything has worked out for you :biggrin:
  10. gaz&family

    what can we ship

    thanks everyone it is fleece blankets, so are we ok bringing woolly blankets thats been hand knitted, you are a helpful lot
  11. gaz&family

    what can we ship

    hi everyone was just wondering if any of you had shipped childrens fleeces over when you moved over, where in the middle of packing container comes on 31st and want everything ready we fly on the 7th October thanks:biggrin:
  12. gaz&family

    Check in times

    we fly at 07.20 on 7/10/13 with Malaysia airlines from Manchester to Heathrow (this part of the journey is on B.A) then on to Kuala Lumpur and then Brisbane, what I cant find an answer to is how long do we need to check in at Manchester before we fly because the first leg is a domestic flight but it's also the first leg on a international flight do we check in 1 hour before departure as domestic flight or 3 hours before departure as international flight. Ta.
  13. hi just to let you know we are moving to Brisbane in October and decided to stay in a unit http://palepacificholidayunits.com.au/ hope this helps they dont say on the site but they do you a deal stay 7 nights for prize of 5 ​
  14. gaz&family


    hi we had pickfords out other day and they said we could take are bikes just make sure wheels r very clean and no rust hope this helps ​
  15. gaz&family

    Help......Pickfords or ********??

    hi we had pickfords out yesterday but they have not come back with a price yet prob be monday now but the lady who came was very nice, we have also had word from a firm called john mason they quoted us 650 for 3 cubic meters we dont hav a lot to move over. we are going to look into this firm a bit more they are coming out on tue so ill let you know how we got on hope this help when are you going and were to :biggrin: