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  1. Ours started school fairly quickly , we went to the school with visa , passports, proof of address and the principle signs the permission to enrol form. This was sent off to the education board along with the payment and they then send back the official 'permission to enrol ' form. You have to get this back to the school before they can start. They can't start school without it. It took about 2 weeks to come back. Only problem with arriving in November is that the schools break up for summer holidays and don't go back until beginning of February ?
  2. That's ok !! They have international teams so we had Robinsons Relocation guys this side too ! Each of out boxes were numbered and each box had a general description on for example .. Plates & cutlery or Xmas Decs etc then we had one long invoice where each box was itemised along with its contents so we could check nothing was missing. We had a couple of boxes opened by customs and they mark those boxes so you you know . Just make sure everything clean , Robinsons let us know when they were packing if there was anything that shouldn't go in . Anything that shouldn't be there will be confiscated at customs. Hope this helps !! Xx
  3. We had Robinsons pack and move for us , we used to live in Wiltshire honestly they were so good. Especially as it was only when they arrived to pack that it suddenly hit me as to what we were doing !!! They were lovely and just got on with everything, I made lots of tea and cleaned up rooms as they emptied them ! It took them 2 days to pack , wrap and put our things into the container, we had a 3 bed semi. I was a complete mess when the house had been emptied and they all gave me a massive hug before they drove away !! Not only were they great at their job they also understood the emotional impact of what they were doing which was a such a help !! Even the Australian guys this side were great , we told them we'd spent 10 weeks sleeping on inflatable mattresses , so they made sure that our beds were the 1st things they put back together !!! They unpacked as much as they could with us as they took all of the cardboard away to save us having to get rid of it xxxxx
  4. Lol !! We brought all clothes with us ( especially underwear ) !!!We only left winter clothes to be packed by the removal guys !!! We ended up with 8 suitcases of clothes & shoes with us when we flew out !!!!
  5. Ours were brilliant , we didn't need to do a thing !! They took everything apart and made an inventory of everything they packed which they checked off this end when our container arrived. They even put our furniture back together again , unpacked all boxes right down to putting books back on the bookshelf !!!!! All they will need is copious cups of tea !!! Ours wouldn't let us help as they make sure everything wrapped and packed to survive the trip !!! Just as everyone else has said keep anything you don't want packed well out of their way otherwise it will be months before you see it again !!!!!!!
  6. Oh, I understand why it is this way !! Bottom line is it was our choice to come here !! We never intended to go back to the UK , it's just been a long 2 years waiting for our chance to change to a PR visa !! Trying to find $16,000 a year for public school hasn't been easy but definitely worth it !!! On a positive schooling is far better here than in the UK so it's been money well spent
  7. We are in Sydney on a 457 , our children aren't classed as international students , according to the department of education they're Temorary residents , we pay $4500 a year for our youngest 2 ( 12 & 15 ) and our eldest (17) is $5500 a year , the fees go up along with the years !! This gets paid direct to the education board who will then grant a Permission to Enrol which the school needs before the children start .We also pay around $600 each for the individual school semester fees , ours go to public schools . We currently in the process of changing to a PR visa as we won't have to pay the education board fees which to be honest can't come soon enough !!! I've got lots of Australian friends who can't believe how much 457 visa holders are charged for sending our kids to school !!! Especially as we pay the same taxes etc as every other Australian resident !!!!!
  8. beckyjayne

    School Fees

    Thats right , we've been on a 457 for the last 2 years and live in Sydney. We have 3 children 17, 15 and 12 and because were on a 457 we have to pay $5500 for our eldest and $4500 each for our younger 2. This goes straight to the department for education. We also pay the individual school semester fees on top which at the moment is around $400 for each of our children . We're in the middle of applying for our PR as then we'll only have to pay the semester fees !!
  9. beckyjayne

    Cost of living in Sydney for family of 5

    Hi, It depends on exactly where you're living as schools gave strict boundaries and you have to live within the boundary for a school, they can however enrol if they've got spaces etc . We were living in west pennant hills when we 1st moved out here so my 12 year old is at West Pennant Hills public which is an amazing school. He starts high school in February next year and we've enrolled him at Castle Hill high which seems really good , Castle Hill public is really close and I've also heard good things about that . We didn't see the point in moving him so close to going to a High school which is why he's still in West Pennant Hills? Schools also depend on if your choosing public , private or Catholic ? Best to leave it until you get out here and go visit them all !
  10. beckyjayne

    Cost of living in Sydney for family of 5

    You're welcome !!! Feel free to ask anything else !! Its the best decision we've ever made and we've no regrets what so ever !! We miss family but that's all. Our children settled really quickly into school, we've done more as a family out here and spent more quality time together since we've moved out here than we ever did back in the UK !!!!
  11. beckyjayne

    Cost of living in Sydney for family of 5

    We love it here to the point that this is where we will buy as soon as our PR comes though. Castle Hill is beautiful , we've got lots of parks and castle towers is the best shopping centre I've been in since we've moved out here. There are lots of cafés & restaurants. The schools here are fantastic. Weve also found it to be a great base for everything. The buses run every 15 minutes into the city, were a 15 minute drive from the nearest train station , were 45 mins from the city, half an hour to the nearest beaches. We are on a easy direct drive to the Blue mountains and an easy hour drive up to the central coast, which is where we normally go to the beach. It's just a perfect central location :-) !!!
  12. beckyjayne

    Cost of living in Sydney for family of 5

    Hi !! We live in Castle Hill as a family of 5 Myself , my husband and our 3 children who are 12,15 & 17. As a family we earn around $135,000 a year. Rent here in Castle Hill is quite expensive , we pay $720 a week for our 4 bedroom apartment. Our biggest downfall is being on a 457 visa at the moment as It means we have to pay $14,000 a year to the government for the children to go to school on top of the normal school fees . On a PR visa you wouldn't have to pay that , which is why we're applying for PR in October as we'll have been here for 2 years then !!!! We don't struggle on that kind of income , we go out loads etc , so I'm sure we could save more if we needed too !! Also my children are older than yours so a lot more high maintenance !!!!
  13. beckyjayne

    rental costs

    We live in Castle Hill (30 mins from Sydney CBD) and we pay $690 a week for a 3 bed apartment , that seems to be mid range here , everything we looked at in a lower price bracket was awful or miles from anything !! Photos on Real Estate AU can be VERY deceptive , we looked around lots that looked fab but in reality you wouldn't take your shoes off inside !!!Estate agents out here are very creative with their photos !!!!
  14. beckyjayne

    anything wrong with Kellyville?

    We live in Castle Hill and love it . No more crime than anywhere else , the Hills are a great place to live !! We chose Castle Hill because of the transport here. We've got the bus interchange here so you can catch buses direct to pretty much everywhere. Otherwise it's a 15 min drive to Beecroft to catch the train which is great. Its also busier here which we like , i love being able to walk to The Towers with the shops, restaurants and cafes . I've got 3 children and I have no problems with them walking home at night ect !! Our kids all catch the school buses to school , and we've found schools out here much better than the UK. My husband works in Hornsby but we still prefer this area to live in :-) x
  15. Great !! I'm glad I'm not the only who feels like this !! Anyone who's interested in meeting up for a coffee & a chat drop me a message :-) !!!!!! Xxx