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Found 12 results

  1. This is my very first topic and I hope to receive some info that can put my mind at ease. We are a family of 3(1kids) and are working on a migration plan to Adelaide, SA under the sub class via 489 which does not give similar benefits of a 189 or 190 visa category, i.e. education and health benefits. My question's and concerns are: - How expensive would schooling and health cover be? - Can I enroll my children in a public school or does it only have to be a private school? - What would the health coverage or insurance take care of, only doctors consultations and or medications? Any additional info that you feel can be of help would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. lillmissb

    Starting Out in Sydney?

    Hi Everyone I have been lurking around the forum over the last couple of weeks and thought I would reach out and say Hi to see if anyone can direct me to the information I've not stumbled upon yet! My hubby applied for a work secondment to Sydney (without telling me -as you do!) and has been offered a position, from what I understand so far they are offering him a 482 visa with us on dependants visas that would mean we have unrestricted work and education for me and our children (10 + 13 school years primary 5 and secondary ). I have found a lot of information on the schooling which is a mine field in itself given that we would be supposed to be heading back to the UK when our son was starting in year 11 One thing I haven't so far made sense of is if we would be eligible for school fees from what I can see and have assumed is that we would - if anyone could confirm that would be great! The other thing I keep coming up with mixed opinions on is the cost of living in Sydney itself we have estimated to live within an hour commute to CBD (for hubby) if we estimate around $700 a week for somewhere while not easy it may be a doable figure? Another concern for now although I have a million in my head is health care and health of my little one, perhaps naively I have always assumed in Oz the air would be fresher than in the UK my little one has allergy induced asthma his allergens are dust mite and tree pollen. From what I can see we would buy medications as they would not be covered on any health insurance policies we take out, although I have to confess i'm still researching how healthcare works over there. Thank you if you have read my somewhat disjointed and thought dump post, any advice, posts worth reading for info, or general reassurance that its an opportunity worth taking would be welcome. This site is amazing and has been all i have read for days although I think i'm scrambling info in my head now there is so much to learn xx
  3. dogsill

    Sydney vs Melbourne on 457

    Anybody would like to weigh in on my pro/con list? Coming over from NY on husband's secondment. He works in risk/banking. I work as a private chef. We have 2 kids and would have to pay 11k year in school fees on the 457 for NSW Planning on downsizing tremendously so Ok with a small apt. Are the Sydney beaches/lifestyle/weather worth the school fees or should we just plan on Melbourne and save ourselves 11K year. I'm sure I could easily make those school fees up by freelancing myself - My daughter is worried about not nice beaches in Melbourne and overcrowded beaches in Sydney. Perth is unfortunately not an option right now. Husband would probably have more growth and interest in Sydney... He's Scottish and I'm from California if that makes a difference - he also currently has over an hour train commute now and would like an easier commute.. thanks!
  4. Hi All I would be grateful for your advice. I have been offered a job in Syndey (96K inc. Super). They are offering a 457 visa (it is their policy and won;t change to a PR), but I;m concerned about a couple of things: 1) I;m not sure what the current exemption threshold is for school fees. I have 3 primary aged children and I worry that up to $15k of my salary will go on school fees. I can;t find any info on the threshold for exemption in NSW....only a form to complete which goes to an assessment board when you're ready to apply. 2) what is your opionion on my salary for living in Sydney (working in CBD) for a family of 5 (especially if I have to pay for school fees!) My sincere thanks for your time
  5. Hello, This is my very first topic and I hope to receive some info that can put my mind at ease. We are a family of 4 (2 kids) and are working on a migration plan to Adelaide, SA under the sub class via 489 which does not give similar benefits of a 189 or 190 visa category, i.e. education and health benefits. My question's and concerns are: - How expensive would schooling and health cover be? - Can I enroll my children in a public school or does it only have to be a private school? - What would the health coverage or insurance take care of, only doctors consultations and or medications? Any additional info that you feel can be of help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Do we have to pay school fees? Now this is a subject that confuses a number of people. Firstly it depends on what fees you are discussing. If it's tuition fees then if you are on a temporary visa yes you will pay fees, however, the rules are different for each state so please see below. Australian citizens and Permanent residents still pay fees even when they are at a state school. These are voluntary fees and range between $100 - $1000. Even though they say they are voluntary and you can refuse to pay them there have been numerous parents who complain that their child has been treated differently, refused school excursions etc. Don't forget you also have to purchase: Uniform - 99% of schools insist you purchase the uniform from their supplier, most are branded. School uniform fees vary. For the school my son is at the fees are as follows: Shirt formal $33 Tie $21 Shorts Formal $30 Trousers Formal $40 Belt $14 Sports Top $29 Sports Shorts $24 House Top $35 Socks $6.50 Socks Formal $5 Jumper $58 Jacket $85 Hat $14 Bag $70 Obviously you are going to need a couple of each so it's quite expensive. Just make sure you get a large size. Books These are study books, in Australia they aren't included like the UK. The price for the books can either be included in school fees, loan the books and pay a smaller fee, or buy the books outright. Stationary Every child needs to provide their own writing books, pens and pencils, calculator, glue, etc at the end of every year you will receive a book list. You may not need everything on the list especially if you already have them. 457 Visas A few years ago there were a couple of states who didn't charge school fees for families on 457 Visas, unfortunately in 2016 South Australia became the latest state to now charge. South Australia South Australia work on a means test if you earn a joint income of under $57,00 you will not pay any fees. If you are earning over $77,000 the fees will be approximately $5,100 for primary aged children and $6,100 for secondary. Any subsequent child will receive a 10% discount. WA In WA the school fees are only payable if you earn over $75,000 and then the fee is $4,000 per family (not student) if you earn under $75,000 joint income you can apply for financial hardship - https://aumigforu.ms/2sceeTC NSW In NSW the school fees are between $5,000 - $6,000 depending on what year your child is starting. You can apply for an exemption like the other states, details can be found here https://schoolsequella.det.nsw.edu.au/file/af2345bd-f02a-4700-9fbb-55338904d1c9/1/fee-exemption.pdf ACT This is one of the most expensive states for schooling. For 457 Visas, only the occupations listed on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) are eligible for fee exemption. School fees are as follows: Pre School $3,900 Kindy to Yr 6 $10,400 Yr 7 - 10 $13,600 Yr 11 - 12 $15,200 Victoria and Queensland - Neither of these states currently charge school fees for 457 Visa holders. QLD - http://education.qld.gov.au/schools/school-operations/fee-exemptions.html
  7. Myself and partner will be migrating from the UK to ACT hopefully by the end of 2016. We will have, by then, a two year old who we will need to start introducing to kindi/education. I have no idea about how schooling works in Australia and want to be fully prepared for our daughter's future: kindergarten fees, school fees, subsidies, starting age, location catchment etc... Any advice and information would be greatly appreciated.
  8. A quick query I hope someone can help me with..? We'll be moving to Sydney in August 2014, on 457 visas, for a period of not less than 3 years. For tax/super purposes I understand I'll be classed as a 'resident'. Will my 9yr-old daughter be classed as a 'resident' for school fees purposes? (For example, I have seen a least one independent school website list different fees, residents at ca. $18k pa and overseas students at $39k pa. Yes, I'm looking at the higher end - but not that high!) Thanks in advance - Steven.
  9. Hi there. Me, my wife and 3 children arrive in Perth on 1st November 2013. We are aware that school fees of $4000 per child are coming into effect in Jan 2014 for each child of a parent on a 457 visa attending a public school. Does anyone know how the payment will work? Can you pay in monthly instalments or do you have to pay it all up front? We have 3 kids at school age so finding $12000 at the start of the year will be a challenge. Thanks, Philip
  10. Rachel Kelley

    Reunite with my identical twin

    Hi all, My name is Rachel, Myself and My family currently live in Jersey C.I. My twin sister lives in NSW with her family, We really hope to move over within the next two years and are thinking about QLD as I have four year old twins and I'm under the understanding you don't need to pay school fees there? My Fiancé is a kitchen fitter he's been in the trade for 18 years now and I am training to be a Facilitator for a local family charity. Firstly I would like some advice as to how we can look for someone to sponsor my partner on the 457 visa with the outlook to move to permanent residences after two years. We understand that his job title is the same as a cabinetmaker so were hoping to go down this route. I am also doing a level 3 work with parents diploma and a level 3 cache children and young people's workforce diploma and was hoping to get work as a family support worker. I'm so desperate to move over, I miss my ID twin do much it breaks my heart we both had such a hard time in life and were never separated until her move. Please can someone give me done advice as to the best way to go about looking for a sponsor. My Fiancé has really good references and a portfolio of his work. He's very hardworking and only wants the best for his family. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Bec84hb

    Help with fees

    Hello all. I have a relative who has just moved to aus late last year. She is on a study visa. Before she came over we looked into schooling for her 3 children while shes here. We were misled into how much it would cost. Does anyone know of any help she may be entitled to for the children's school fees? (shes obvioulsy from the uk). Thanks in advance
  12. Parents that have status of temporary residents (457 visa holders) are currently forced to pay school fees for having their children attending public primary school education. In NSW this amount to $4500 pr. year/child. On top of that come application & administration fees. It turns out that requiring temporary resident students to pay the school fee probably is a breach of an UN treaty. Back in 1990 Australia signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (also abbreviated CROC). The convention sets out an agreed set of non-negotiable standards and obligations to protect the rights of children. As a signatory to the Convention, Australia is bound by its obligations by international law. Why it this interesting in regards to school fees in Australia? Well, the Convention also states in article 28 section (a) that : "..primary education is compulsory and available free to all". This is in complete contradiction to the current practice by the NSW & ACT governments. The convention does not state any exemptions to the term "free to all". In my opinion, "Free to all" also include temporary resident students that attend public primary school thought-out AU. However, I have also read one comment on The Australian website stating "that the UN convention on the rights of the child only bound the commonwealth, not the state governments, and it would be a matter for the federal government to negotiate with the states." I initially started looking into this matter after having read an article on the Irish Echo website some months ago. There are few articles available on the net about this matter but none of them come to a final conclusion whether the current practice is unlawful. I would like to hear other users on their opinion and if anyone actually filled any complained about the NSW and ACT government acting against the convention. There are approximately 2,600 children of 457 visa holders enrolled in NSW public schools. If we all question the current practice it might be that we would be heard. You can find the complete text of the convention by searching for United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The earlychildhoodaustralia website also has a detailed description about the convention.