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    ENS 186 Visa Timelines Post July and E-Visa

    Hi Jill, Thanks for the reply. It sounds as though Melbourne is taking about 6 months to get a CO so hopefully we are not too far behind. My worry is that we only managed to put on about 1/2 of the documents we need before I ran out of space. My fault, I should have read the maximum number of files was 60 and stupidly added individual pages. We were originally from the South Coast. Notice you are really close to us if you are still in Sandringham as we are in Hampton ! Regards, Paul and Ilda
  2. paul and ilda

    ENS 186 Visa Timelines Post July and E-Visa

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. Called today and informed that the CO will ascertain what information was missing. Interestingly when I said I hadn't managed to add the Decision Ready form the reply today was it only mattered if using an agent but that all applications are being processed in chronological order due to the influx since October. I wonder what happened in October???? Answers on a postcard. Anyhow it transpires its now running at about 9 months to get a CO for PR visas.
  3. Ok, So I realise now I should have read the small print before commencing but is anyone else having similar issues with the new online portal. 186 ENS application made on 31/01/13 and paid on 31/01/13. Got a long list of of documents to supply as online attachments most of which have to be certified. A big thanks to the local police in Sandringham who diligently certified over 100 pages !! So....started to load the documents online and arrrrgggggghhhh reached the limit of 60 files as adding them as individual files. Havent even managed to add the Decision Ready file. Now, with any normal online service you would expect to be able to rectify mistakes by deleting files added and starting again.....but NO thats asking a bit too much. Reading the help file it says once a case officer is assigned they will ask for additional information. Well they are missing over half of ours. Question. What is the experience of anyone else on here in the time it is taking to get a Case Officer assigned in Melbourne post July. Reading the threads there are some horror stories. It looks as though I shall now be in the call queue for a couple of hours tomorrow - I hope to get through on the phone. Wish me luck. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions gratefully received. Paul