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  1. Hi we live in the "Logan area" and we live it. I have a 2 sons 18 & 20 and a 14 year old girl. My boys play soccer and help coach at Loganholme. Please pm me if you want to meet up.
  2. googoo

    Air Cargo jobs-Brisbane Airport

    Hi my son is looking to kick start his career, he is 17, hard working and reliable. Would you be happy for me to send his cv to you?
  3. Hi ausborn, are you looking for apprentice or young labourer? My boy is looking, he is hard working reliable and has his own transport...pm if you have anything to offer...thank you
  4. googoo

    Logan, what is it like?

    Logan is a city, the area is wide spread and there are good areas and bad as with most places. We have been living in cornubia for the las 2 years since we came to Australia with 3 kids, we have all really settled, no problems at all with all kids going to a great school, they have lots of friends and play sport locally. We are 25 mins to the city and 30 to the Gold Coast by car. I also work in a different part of Logan and wouldn't choose to live there. I suppose it really depends on what you are looking for but there are some great places to live in Logan and some I wouldn't choose to live in.....IMO shailer park, daisy hill, cornubia,carbrook and springwood are worth looking at.
  5. googoo

    Views on Shailer Park

    Hi, we have lived I cornubia (next suburb up from shailer park) since arriving 2 years ago, it's great for the kids ( 12, 16,19)half way between Brisbane & the Gold Coast....it has everything we need. It's really quiet and have had no problem at all.. We like that every where is accessible like transport to the city, shops, sport clubs etc. The road is busy from springwood to tanah merah most mornings heading to the city but not the worst road. I suppose it depends on what your looking for but we won't be going anywhere else for a long time.
  6. googoo

    scottish family seeking a bit advice

    Hi tonyboy, I came over from Scotland 2 years ago with my OH and 3 kids, I had spend all my 44 years in the west of Scotland. And as much as my heart will always be there, I can say it is very different here in Queensland and in my opinion a much better way of life compared to Scotland. Yes it still has the same social issues, just not in the same scale, yes the weather is better and that makes 1 hell of a difference, our kids have all played sport since the could walk, they have much more time outdoors time here, and they have different options. Some things are more expensive but it balances (in my opinion)... What I find is if you want something bad enough you have to work hard to get it, in Scotland it was never there(in my opinion). I don't think people release how hard it can be in Scotland for some people. Good luck, I do understand why you want to come over.
  7. googoo

    Advice on TAFE/high school enrolment please!

    We arrived in nov 2012 with kids (10,14,17) I had a look at schools online before I came out, contact 1 school. When we got here I called 3 local high schools and took the kids the following week for interviews. They were accepted for the next term. 17 year old didn't know what to do but decided to go to school and meet friends ( I wasn't focusing on the learning straight away, just wanted him to settle) he attended for 6 months then was offered full time employment and left, however he is doing really well, happy And is still friends with the school kids he met. My 14 year old now 16, goes to tafe as part of the skills programme this might be worth looking at for your son if he decides to go to school to combine school and tafe. I hope this helps.
  8. googoo

    Things to do in Brisbane, please help.

    The park tickets are $80 which will get you into the 3 parks h and you can use them over the your time here, you can take your food in so 3 parks are wet n wild, movie world and sea world. Also have a look at groupon vouchers you might find something there and it's paid before hand. I hope this helps
  9. googoo

    Edens Landing/Waterford Area QLD

    I live in Logan and like everywhere else there is good areas and bad, you could look at spring wood, Daisy hill, shailer park, cornubia areas. These are lovely areas near where your thinking... We have been here 2 years and love it, it's half way between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, great schools, sports clubs, shopping.
  10. googoo

    Plumbing in Queensland???

    hi Harley, my hubby was gas fitter/ plumber in the uk for 25 years, we came out to brissy in nov 2012. He has just qualified for his gas licence now, he has been to college, attended courses, had most of his quals through the RPL and still has plumbing to complete. He has been working as a gas fitter for the last year under a interim licence. This has taken lots of time and money, but we were well prepared before we came out. There is no way round it, you have to do what is needed and can be frustrating at times, however it's been worth it ( well I think haha). Feel free to pm me if you need specific help ..... Oh says it's very different work here. the key to this is preparation and know what's needed before you come.
  11. Hi, is it still for sale? If so can you send me some pictures please. Thanks sj
  12. Hi we are currently looking for a home in this area, how long have you left on the lease and when will you be leaving it? Thanks
  13. Hi, we have just arrived south of Brizzy, we are looking for a car, can you send me info on the holden, price, age, miles etc and maybe a picture. Thanks
  14. googoo

    2 Cars for sale in Ormeau Qld

    Hi we are moving to south coast o17th November, can you send me pictures of the cars for sale please. Thanks