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  1. tfarrell

    back home - 4 months in

    Just a quick update.. We left for Oz in Aug with 3 young children... a week after arriving I realised I had made a massive mistake. Only lasted 6 months. So back home since mid January and I know I made the right decision to come home. I see where I live in a whole new light and look at it as a lesson learned - a very bloody expensive lesson at that! My husband who is a chippie had got a job as a site manager which is what he was doing before he left. We have been lucky in that regard. Altho work wise things are starting to get better here for sure. Long way to go yet but things are deffo picking up. We are back living with my Mam as we sold up hook line and sinker. So next step is to buy a house. Havent seen anything we like just yet and of course we come one of the most expensive places in Dublin to live. But Im positive that it will all happen in time. Kids are loving life since we got home. My eldest who is 7 is back in her old school and couldnt be happier. She loves it there. My little boy who is 4 is in playschool and will start in the same big school as his sis in September. They are in so much after school activities I dont get a minute. With them and playdates we are kept very busy! I love seeing kids playing out together.. something I couldnt quite grasp in Oz. I see everything in a whole new light and I love Dublin. The people the place. You just cannot beat it. I am making the most of everything now since I get back. We find things to do every weekend. Hail rain or snow! I appreciate my life and the people that are in it and I wouldnt change it for the world. I love that Im going out with my friends twice a month good Irish pubs and that my kids have their grannys and grandad around them along with Aunites and Uncles and some of my old friends that are my family. I love that I get to see their kids grow up too. My Mam is so happy to have us home and I know I can be there for her whenever she needs me. Same goes for my nephew who I missed alot. People thought I was crazy to come back home but I think you just know when something isnt for you and no amount of time will change that. I got sucked into the dream of Oz and how fantastic it would be with the beaches and sunshine etc. But it wasnt for me. Not at all and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to be home. Life is good. I can understand why some people love Oz dont get me wrong but its a completely different culture and way of life and in my opinion I like our way of life here in Ireland and Im glad my kids will grow up here. No question about it. Fingers crossed we come across a house soon! Will try update this as we go. If anyone has any questions I will try answer as honest as I can!
  2. tfarrell

    Only been here 3 months and want to go back to the UK

    your post sounds like many of mine... after just a few days in Oz it didnt feel right.. when our stuff arrived I had a bit of meltdown (not crazy meltdown but just really feeling sorry we came) all the memories from our old house etc etc. So everyone told me it was perfectly normal.. I threw myself into things.. but each day I just felt the same.. that oz just wasnt for me... I met lots of new friends all of which told me they had some bad days here and there but that was normal too... But everyday was like that for me... just didnt like it here at all. I missed my family (mainly my mam & nephew) I missed my mates.. even though we wouldnt live in each others pockets it was always the same every time we met up... just having craic... no pretence.... I missed Ireland... the buildings the weather the people. 3 months in and me and my hubbie sat down and talked... it was hard as we had to deal with what it took us to get here... but we said right if we want to go home we will just go home but lets see it out till xmas.... that made things easier... we were off every weekend touring the whole place and doing everything we could possibly do.. but all the time knowing it wasnt for me. We sold up everything back home (including our lovely family home) so going home would be basically starting all over again... we have lost quite alot of money coming here but I look at it like a 6 month working holiday... and I know if I didnt come here I would always thing the grass is greener. We are flying home on Wednesday to go live with my mam till my hubbie or myself get a job so we can get a small mortgage to buy a house. We made a good profit from the sale of our house back in Ireland so while it cost us alot making this move we are going home and are in a good position so I cant be too sad about things. We only lasted 6 months but in my case I just knew its not for me. Everyone says we didnt give it long enough but only time will tell. I know how you are feeling but my advice is to do what we did... think of it as a working holiday... try and pack in as much as you possibly can and keep yourself busy. Re-evaluate things every say 2 months... and go from there... but just remember you can always go home.. its not a prision sentence... and things are never as bad as you think they will be. We didnt have finance on our cars, we bought them outright... and while we lost money selling them on it wasnt too bad. The resale on cars is good so Im sure you can pay the finance off. Regarding mobiles.. we signed up for a 2 year contract... when I booked our flights I contacted the phone company saying we were getting no coverage... i had a bit of battle but finally we get to hand our phones back and are out of the contract... you can contact the TIO and complain to them... just keep hassling them bout coverage... you will get out of it eventually. As for rental lease if you put ads up on the likes of gumtree you will be able to get someone to take on your lease.. I done this and got loads of replies and applications... was very easy. Basically what I am trying to say is things are not as bad as you think. There are ways around things if you really want to come home. But please try and give it as long as you possibly can so you can come home and say you tried your best. Facebook is great for meeting people. Im from Ireland and theres lots of irish mums groups.. brisbane meet ups on there.. you just need to put yourself out there and make friends... it does help alot. I know its hard with kids... my eldest was in school and I had two smallies with me then aswell. So that was hard. My eldest hates it here. I thought she would love it but she misses family and friends from home. Its funny cos she keeps going around wearing little ireland tshirts... her favourite colour is now green and I swear if she draws another Irish flag I will kill her hahah. Best of luck... and try to enjoy it.. see the sights... and re-evaluate things every so often. Will let you know how I get on at home! Take care!
  3. tfarrell

    Shipping back to the UK

    I agree if you can sell stuff that you dont really like to lighten the load then do it in Oz... Ive sold stuff over Christmas and have made some money back... deffo more than it would cost to ship and store. I used OSS worldwide movers.. they handled our stuff from here... best quote I got... but I did bargain with 3 companies so dont be afraid to do that.
  4. No bought in Harvey Norman in Ireland :-O
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  9. tfarrell

    2 weeks till we return to Ireland

    WOW kangeroo bruce has alot of time on his hands... but appreciate the replies... thanks everyone :-))
  10. tfarrell

    2 weeks till we return to Ireland

    I haven't forgotten the reasons why I left at all.
  11. tfarrell

    2 weeks till we return to Ireland

    Only arrived in Oz on the 6th of August and returning home to Dublin on the 16th of Jan. I am so happy and excited to get back home to see all my family and friends and to start life again. My eldest who is 6 is really looking forward to going back to her little school and see all her school friends and my 3 year old will be going into playschool soon as we are back. My husband has now got a few contacts for work so fingers crossed he gets something but I have also been offered some work in my old job so Im hoping things are going to go well for us once we return. Just a few things left to sell here and then we are off. We have a lump sum of savings from when we sold our house so we just need a small mortgage when we get home. Hopefully the right house comes up for us as I know it will be tricky staying in my Mams till we are on our feet. But we will get through it. I know some may say we havent given it enough time but the fact is I dont like it here in Australia. I prefare Ireland. It has some great things about it but its not home for me. Im glad I came as I know I would have also wondered if the grass is greener. So roll on Jan 16th.
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  13. tfarrell

    Am I crazy??

    Im not much help but just lettting you know I felt the same as you. And still do nearly 5 months on. I had a good life at home packed it all in thinking the grass is always greener. Its not for us tho! I was nearly on a flight home back in Oct after 2 months here but everyone told me to give it more time. Which Im glad I did but I still feel the same and Im looking to return in January. I miss things I never thought I would. And things I took for granted. Silly things but all adds up. I feel like Ive gone back 10 years living here. Feels so souless and backwards. But I would try give it more time tho just so you can say to yourself it is deffo the right choice. After speaking to lots of people bout homesickness and wanting to return everyone said they had off days here and there. But I dont just get days here and there... its like everyday I wake up feeling 'nah this isnt for me' Can you set a date after Christmas to say right give it a good go and if you still feel the same by that stage you can just return? I done that back in Oct. Made my life easier but Im still 100% certain I want to go home. I think everyone will agree that 2 months is a very short amount of time. And they will prob think Im mad going home after 6 months. But like you I have made friends... we are kept very busy.. my kids have made friends so we have put ourselves out there. But basically its not home. Took us to come all this way to realise we had a good aul life back in Ireland. Good luck in whatever you decide x
  14. tfarrell

    What made you return to the UK?

    I miss my Mammy! I miss my family. I also miss my friends even tho I would prob only see them maybe twice/three times a month, you just pick up where you left off. My friends are from primary school so we know each other inside and out. I miss the fresh cool air. I miss the buildings / surroundings of Dublin. I miss the diversity of Ireland. I miss being only 10 mins drive into the city (or 25 mins walk) with all the great shops / cafes / restaurants / proper pubs. I miss being 5 mins walk to the beach, even in the cold rainy days. I miss walking to school each morning with the kids and seeing all the neighbours and other kids on their scooters and bikes. I miss good spuds. I miss Irish tv. I miss my Indian takeaway. I miss the local butchers for good value deals (im a veggie but the rest of the clan are complete carnivores! The list goes on and on. Apart from family and friends I will agree the rest seems so petty.. but put them all together its our day to day life. We came here thinking the grass would be greener. And I completely underestimated the homesickness. While I do love the sunshine and the beaches unfortunately its not enough for me. I do not see what we will gain from being here compared to what we gave up. My husbands wages are much higher here but the cost of living I feel is more expensive so it evens out. My kids desparately miss having family surrounding them and being part of a community. My eldest misses both her Nannas, her best friend, her lovely small school, her drama club. (my other to are too small to understand or miss anything) They had a good quality of life back home, we werent forced to leave Ireland cos of the recession we just thought there was something better out there for us. Took us to come here to realise what we had back home. So we hope to head back in January and start again. Its tough when I think bout how much it has cost us to get here but I keep reminding myself that money is not everything. Being happy and healthy is. I could say all the things I dislike about Australia but theres good and bad everywhere so whats the point. Its just not for us.
  15. tfarrell

    Is work slowing in Australia that much.

    When we arrived it took my husband 6 weeks to find a carpenter job... then once he got a start he got 3 phone calls offering jobs.. sods law... but the team he is with will be laying off staff in Jan so reckon he will be first to go as he was last in. He is earning more than he would in Ireland but we still cant make ends meet as I find the cost of living is high. Thats without putting my 3 year old in playschool here. We are dipping into our savings here and there. So thats another thing to bare in mind when you are coming. I didnt think we would be raking it in but I didnt think things would be as expensive over here.