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  1. Hello , I am Looking for a job as an ICT Business analyst in Canberra. I got two degrees, BS in Computer Science & Master of IT. I worked in a leading IT company as an Intern Business Analyst for 4+ months, that is the only Industry experience I have in Australia. I also worked in a 4 star hotel as a Auditor and also in various Front office roles. I strongly can Say that, I am a very quick learner and willing to work in any position, even junior or entry level. I am not an Australian citizen but a permanent resident and a matured aged family man. To be honest, I am very desperately looking for a job & want to step in any ICT job. If anyone is interested, then please PM me, I'll forward my CV for consideration. Your help will be highly appreciated.
  2. Somudra

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    Get yourself prepared for the OZ adventure mate. don't worry about the security check, its just a routine check.
  3. Somudra

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    Good, Better then NSW, VIC & QLD
  4. Somudra

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    I can give you some tips how you can improve speaking skills. 1) Practice & Practice. 1.1) Speak ( even from a Mag or news paper) and record while you talk & listen carefully and try to find where you made mistakes and correct that. 1.2) Read Daily star news paper regularly & LOUDLY, mostly currant affairs i.e, environment, weather, history etc articles 2) Speak English with your friends , colleagues & with your wife without fearing that you are making mistakes. 2.1) Can make a speaking partner. Why not your wife ? you will make mistakes, she will correct that, correct yourself & keep going. 3) During Tests: 3.1) Introduction part is same everywhere, Practice the format ( Its not carry too much score actually ) 3.2) Cue card: Read daily star, topics I have mentioned above. You need to speak slow & steadily, never RUSH, just SLOW & STEADY. never memorize any text, Need to use correct grammar, punctuation should be correct, ACCENT IS NOT IMPORTANT AT ALL, proper use of vocabulary , good use of complex & compound sentences & some uses of related examples/data. 3.3) post cue card Q & A part: again speak slow & steadily, not too slow of course. I don't have any idea about vetasees
  5. Somudra

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    Theres nothing to be worried about mate. There are many COs who really bother to change the status actually, many people in this forum including me got the PR even the status was shown required ! If the CO needs any doc then he/she will ask from you, then just send a mail with the required doc attached.
  6. Somudra

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    they never do
  7. Somudra

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    1) I think ACS skill assessment comes as a PDF soft copy sent by the ACS through email now days. isn't it ? in that case, just upload that. Just the Ref number isn't enough. 2) IELTS result needs to to scanned and needs to be uploaded, no need to certify.
  8. Somudra

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    1) Please have a look at this link < http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/visas/subclass-489/#other-factors & http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/designated-areas.htm > you will have clear idea who will be able to sponsor you. 2) I don't have any idea about Internal auditor at all. Some profession, i.e. Doctors/Dentists need to pass AMC/ADC exams prior to get the skill assessment. Once they pass the exams they get registration from http://www.ahpra.gov.au/ which enable them to practice in Australia. Its better to send them a mail and ask about the registration procedure.
  9. Somudra

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    No need to scan & notarize the ACS skill assessment & IELTS TRF as they are in colored, you must notarize the B&H docs.
  10. Somudra

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    Age: 30 IELTS: 0 Skilled Employment: 10 Educational Qualification: 15 ------------------------------- Total : 55 Its better to get Sponsorship from any state, rather than relatives as the processing for SN 190 is faster than 489 && Family sponsored 489 has a quota. If you get either of the sponsorship you will get 10/5 points which will make the total point either 65 ( 489 Family Sponsored ) or 60 for State sponsorship. For state sponsorship, each state has IELTS requirements. Most of the cases it is 7 in all band. Improvement of IELTS is being suggested, then you will be in safe side & will be very easy to get sponsorship of applying for the 189. From you score, I believe You definitely can get 7 in each band. For 189, If you get 7 in each band, 10 extra will be awarded & you will get 65 points which is good enough to get invitation. To get partners point, your partner needs to have same level of edu qualification, positive skills assessment, job experience. If she/he has then you will get extra 5 points. Have you done your assessment ? as I can see your BBA major was Finance which may create any issue with getting Positive assessment from the CPA or IPA, unless you had 12/9 ( I'm not sure ) core subjects heavily related to accounting. Please have a look at their assessment guideline and apply where you can fulfil the requirements.
  11. Somudra

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    he will get 10 Points for Job experience., not 5 ( [TABLE=width: 2] [TR] [TD=bgcolor: #FFF8F8]At least five but less than eight years (of past 10 years)[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #FFF8F8]10[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  12. Somudra

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    Congratulations Mate don't forget to bring your Driving licence when you will be here. If you don't know how to drive then start learning it will save you life in the long run.
  13. Somudra

    New CSOL??

    After July 1 No one knows except insider about any change
  14. Somudra

    485 visa health insurance

    I was with BUPA when I had 485 visa. It was Basic Visitor Coverage, the cheapest one I found after doing some market research. It used to cover same as Medicare with Ambulance added, cost was appx $178+/month for a family of 2 adult + 2 kids.
  15. Somudra

    Medicals delayedbut not our fault

    Assuming your medical is not referred, as all the necessary docs are submitted; i hope it won't take too much time if you applied through the new system (EOI). Once the CO checks all the Docs and the all the requirements are fulfilled, your visa will be granted very soon. You can ask you agent to send a mail to the CO. In my case, it worked.