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  1. margaretka233

    189 visa timeframe

    Who can advice me howlong is waiting time to get granted PR? I did applied for 189 on 8.6.2013 , still waiting for police check, but all other documents are longed already....
  2. margaretka233

    Partner skills 5 points who help me?

    can somebody advise me what other supportive documents are req. for proof of partner points for immigratium? ivka
  3. margaretka233

    medical check number?

    Can somebody advice me what medical check number i need to do for student visa postgraduate and 189 lodged visa? Just not sure if they same. thank you...ivka
  4. margaretka233

    Medical Check - please advice

    How long is valid Medical check for PR? 189 visa? Is it 6 or 3 monts?
  5. margaretka233

    189 Invitations march

    Hi Guys, does anyone got invitation in March?
  6. margaretka233

    Advice with invitation 189- 60 points

    Woul like to ask if anyone knows, how long it takes to get invitation from reaching 60 points, how long after submitting documents to be checked and granted PR (category 5),,,, as per now? Jus saw last week Skill Select Invitations, and noticed that less than 1400 has been invited in last round as expected,,,,is that PR alocation will takes faster ? What if the amount of invitations will be declining compare to wanted (3000) a month,, will rules change? Anyone who can unswer me my mistery questions will be very thankfull.
  7. margaretka233

    How much is the time to get invitation since updating 60 points .

    so is that means if i get 1.3.2013 60 points i can get invitation in 2 weeks? Is this time differs for different occupations? or they giving anyone in order,,(account, medical ,engineer )etc. Thank you for your reply.
  8. margaretka233

    Student visa financial support- please help

    But would it afftect if i take money from credit card and put into savings account to get student visa?
  9. margaretka233

    Partner Skills

    hi,, i can help you as we claim too , she need to have positive skill assesment , occupation on list and eislt min. req. thats it.
  10. Hi guys, how long does it take to wait for Invitation for Accountants by reaching 60 points? Any experiencies? ivka233@yahoo.com
  11. I DONE my bachelor degree and paln to do master,, but need to extend visa. They told me that i need to provide my financial support worth of 30 000 per to get visa ( incl. course fee), could somebody advice me, if this money do immigration ask from everyone or just pick someones? Can i move my credit card money to debit card and show that? Would that be matther to not get visa? Have anyone experiencies where he paid uni on credit and got visa successfully? Please help. Thank you,
  12. Hi, i got one more question, who can help me i would really thank. I will soon finish my Professional year and update 5 points , which would equal me 60. HOW LONG FROM THIS MOMENT I CAN GET INVITATION?
  13. margaretka233

    Age Concern PR

    i will be at that time 32 and 6 months.... how many points can i claim 30 or 25?
  14. margaretka233

    Age Concern PR

    I got a question. I reach 32 years old, and as per immigration calculator it does gave me 30 points... but i do want to apply for PR in 6 months, is that means i do clarify as 32y and 6 months as 30 points or 25 points? Please who understand this,, please come back to me as it is for me a very important.
  15. margaretka233

    partner points for migratium

    Hi me and my partner has both positive skill assesment and 6 band each from Eislt,,, we are 2 y after uni both of us,but my partner never worked in accounting,, can we still claim 5 points for partner skill?