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  1. Hi! My husband and I have recently moved to Mandurah! We have been here 3 months and are looking to meet up with anyone in the Mandurah region and I would love to have a girls get together too. I'm 27, so if anyone is in a similar situation it would be great to meet up!
  2. Funkmaster

    457 for Dentists

    I am a UK qualified dentist and have just been granted my 457 visa and registered with AHPRA a couple months ago. Will be flying out in a week! :jiggy: 1. AHPRA takes 3-6 weeks to register depending on how efficient the GDC are with sending forms and if APHRA do things right their end (AHPRA had copied the wrong email address from the forms I sent and so I didn't have any contact for a long time!) 2. 457 visa takes 1 month from submitting your forms to acceptance. You will need medicals after submitting your forms (your case officer will contact you). Results from medicals take 7 days then a further 2 weeks to granting the visa. I assume you have been sponsored for your visa and have a TRN number etc. Funk
  3. Thank you both for your replies. I will wait for my 457 visa to be granted before booking flights. Much appreciated :notworthy:
  4. Need some advice please...... I am currently waiting for my 457 visa to be approved. DIAC received my medical results (passed them) on 26th July. They had all my other documents on 10th July. I am supposed to start my job in Perth on Sept 3rd and I was planning on booking flights for 18th August. Without receiving my 457 visa: 1. could I enter Australia on a tourist visa and then wait for my 457 visa to be approved before I start work. Or 2. Should I just sit and wait for my 457 to be approved before booking flights? 3. Does anyone know how long the 457 visa takes to process? Thank you, Funk :unsure:
  5. Hi Iron Chef, I am moving to Perth in September and considering importing my car but not sure if its worth it. I have about £4000 outstanding finance left to pay. Car details: 2006 BMW 335i SE E92 coupe 3.0 Petrol twin turbo Automatic transmission, RWD 67000 miles Added options - i drive professional navigation, bluetooth, front and rear parking sensors, heated leather seats, sunroof UK value £11000 Redbook value $42000 Carsales.com $47000 Thank you, Funk