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  1. many thanks for your reply's, you have all been most helpful. I was thinking the same, but wanted reassurance i was doing the right thing and the communities opinion. I'd either go Airbnb or hostels whilst I found work then hopefully find rental accommodation once I have. Budget would be as low as possible, max $50 a night, prob even less. In terms of location for renting, any suggestions?
  2. I work in IT as a systems analyst and am on a skilled independent visa
  3. Hi Everyone, I will be arriving in Sydney soon, i'm nervous and excited. I would prefer renting after I arrive, however I don't have a job lined up and will also be searching once I get there. I was thinking of staying in hostel whilst I found a job or found rented accommodation. Am i doing the right thing? any other ideas? Are there any websites or advice you could give me to obtain suitable rent (I know of domain and realestate), bearing in mind I don't have a job and will also be looking. As i will be new to the city, will also be looking to make new friends, any recommendations? Many thanks