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  1. Hi Have you got a contact number or email address, my housemate is an electrical engineer. Thanks
  2. Yeah i am still on a working holiday visa 417. You dont have to join the union but it will be 90% more expensive! Haha too rude to say on here.. Google it haha:cute:
  3. Make sure you claim for as much as he can, ie..clothing and laundary $300 without reciepts, tools upto $300, all courses/union fees, parking tickets which where work related, travelling deductions - 74cent per km (depends on the litre of car if he has 1). Good luck
  4. Yeah.. dont!!! Go to local H&R, They ensure you get the maximum amout of money back, they ask all about deductions he wants to claim for; travel expenses, clothing and tools ect, im on working holiday visa + got back 5k
  5. Hello I Have replied to a few realted topics on here, and i have had alot of private messages from people, and have tried my hardest to reply to everyone (sorry if i havent!) I Thought it would be a good idea to make a thread offering all the infomation i have given all in one. Let me introduce myself, Im Dave and been out here for 7 months!! Not long atall, my background in the UK was a shopfitter for 6 years, then owned my own shopfitting firm for 2 years. Enough said, I was over the Living to work feeling that I Felt in the UK and felt Fu*k it.. Time for a change! Came out here, laboured for 3 months, then done some odd jobs on the mines and now i have gained full time work in karratha as a TA for a sand blaster/spray painter - Grinding and sanding all day (No experience!) ANYONE WHO WANTS A MINING JOB.... READ BELOW - BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW HOW YOU GET ON Step 1... Book your tickets and get the hell out here. None of this 'Should I... Shouldnt I' GET OUT ERE! Step 2... Join the CFMEU, and ring the CSTC College on radium street in welshpool (Google it) and start booking on to your courses; Senior First Aid 2 days - Free White Card and Working at Heights - COMPLETE ONLINE Bluedogtraining (google) - Around $150 Forklift 2 days - (Rrp $290) - $29 Dogging 5 days - (Rrp $790) - $79 Basic Rigging and EWP - 5 Days - (Rrp $1030) - $103 HR Licence - People reccomend this - I Dont have but people opinions vary Step 3...Get your CV upto date, then get on www.seek.com.au and start applying for jobs, register with 'Skillhire' 'Hays Recruitment' 'ATS' Informing them, that you are seeking FIFO work. Step 4... Do some labouring work in the mean time to keep you in the working mode + waiting to hear back (may take a month or 2) Dont lose heart if you dont hear nothing back, keep tryin, be persistent!!! I understand different people have different outlooks on this. This is how i got on to the mines within a few months of arriving in the UK. Ask all questions and i will answer GOOD LUCK Dave
  6. daylpool10

    FIFO- what's it like?

    I Do 10.5hr days, on a 13 day fortnight. I would Contact them and find out
  7. daylpool10

    Mining Jobs - No experience

    Hi Your UK tickets are not valid in oz. I would research alot in to it mate, living in karratha - which is a mining town, you can get a bed for 350 a week in a shared house, perth on the other hand around 150+ a week. If you PM me i will send you some info. Ps. Your Spelling suxs
  8. daylpool10

    Unskilled mining/jobs

    Go for it mate. You are still young and come out here on a 417 working holiday visa. You dont necessaraly have to go on the mines to come over here, the city work is rather well paid aswell. Manual labour work from $20-$25+ per hour depending. I cannot give you advice on any other types of work other than manual labour/mining. If you check out www.seek.com.au they have lots of jobs on there and may give you a better idea. Tip - Book your working holiday visa, book your flights THEN get excited!! Otherwise you will think yourself out of it. I was in the exact same situation, i actually took voluntary redundancy mind you, then just booked to come out of here! Good Luck Send me a PM if you require more help
  9. daylpool10

    FIFO- what's it like?

    I work 10hr days on a 4:1 and you kind of adapt to it. There is a saying people use alot its something like 'if your going the gym you havent worked hard enough'
  10. daylpool10

    Courses good for mining for the inexperienced

    Qualifications are all gained through construction colleges. Being in a union as you know gives you a subsidy and get a 90% Reduction of the cost. If that alone is not worth joining the union to gain the relevant tickets, can you please enlighten Playghirl and people viewing this post about the negative sides of a union and why not to join one for this purpose?
  11. daylpool10

    Unqualified welder

    Hi If your husband is a good welder (and he will have to prove it!) There is a place in Bilbra lake (In perth), If you give them a call, tell them your situation and ask to have an interview with Danny. Tell him Scouse Dave sent you. They seem really good in there, they will send him next door and prove he can weld and give him different types of welds to do, and will more than likely offer him a Cert II in engineering course (which makes him a qualified TA for a boilermaker), If he can do up to Cert III or IV i think it is, he might know someone who will sponsor him. Go over on a WHV visa and then get sponsored whislt out there. Choice Training[TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD=width: 100]Address: [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] 3 Morse Road [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Bibra Lake WA 6163 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD=width: 100] Telephone: [/TD] [TD] (08) 9434 9272 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 100]Mobile: [/TD] [TD]0433 822 222 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  12. Haha yeah, i just pressumed you where in Perth! My bad
  13. There is a recruitment agency who specialise in engineering (mainly welders though) They have helped me out + are very helpful. If you call up and ask for a guy called Danny - he will get you in for an interview and go from there. [TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD=width: 100] [/TD] [TD] (08) 9434 9272 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  14. daylpool10

    Courses good for mining for the inexperienced

    PS. I dont intent to sound like a 'know it all' - its just how i got on the mines
  15. daylpool10

    Courses good for mining for the inexperienced

    My advice is to do the courses as stated above and apply for trade assistant roles, and you will be more favourable than most people as you hold all additional tickets. They dont retrain you, they do a VOC, which makes you sit an exam for each course completed to make sure you are competent in the course. Yeah i agree it is an advantage, however i think companies will favour people will more experience than others Join the CFMEU 'Solely' for completing the courses. It pays for itself for the first course! I totally agree, you very may well be ticking that box that says unemployable. They dont seem to ask about unions when applying for jobs