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  1. Playghirl

    New to town -Port Macquarie

    An old thread but I’m arriving next month in Port with two kids!
  2. Playghirl

    Port Macquarie - New South Wales

    I’m moving over Xmas with my primary school daughters. Can’t wait!!
  3. Playghirl

    Post a random picture of your day

    Mud pie making at 39c.
  4. Playghirl

    Investing100k in UK

    I want to invest 100k in U.K. For a year where I can't touch it. Any suggestions?
  5. Good Luck, and let us know here how you guys settle. Find the commute, community living etc.
  6. Playghirl

    Teaching in Qld

    Thanks for replying Croft!
  7. Playghirl


    Calling out for casual teachers in Tamworth for anyone interested.
  8. Playghirl

    Teaching in Qld

    Hands up if you are teaching in Queensland/ Im teaching in NSW and the dept doesn't recognise my years teaching in the UK. I WAS STEP 13. They put me on step 1. Aghh. I get work as a casual teacher in Sydney most days. I'm special ed experience. Thinking of moving to Brissy, cheaper houses etc etc. When I phoned the QTC to enquire they didn't know but thought that my overseas would probably be recognised.So Im looking for recent experience of teachers teaching in QLD who may have done something similar.
  9. I'm really wanting to lose k into this move too!
  10. Playghirl


  11. Playghirl


    Good luck mate. Sometimes you just have to dive in!
  12. Playghirl

    Hi All. I am a newbie.