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  1. Fowler Family

    Electricians In Australia

    Hi all My OH is about to sit the telecomms exam. I'm looking for past papers on the net but can't find anything. Anyone know where I might find one? TIA
  2. Fowler Family

    Anyone in sanctuary lakes/point cook?

    we're loving it!! The autum weather is beautiful, loving the outdoor life, the fresh fruit and veg is divine. It isn't perfect, traffic is a mare and education system doesn't live up to that of UK but overall we feel like we've done the right thing ​looking forward to buying our own home to make it feel more like home. You'll love it!
  3. Fowler Family

    Anyone in sanctuary lakes/point cook?

    Hi there. You could look at The Quest Apartments at Sactuary Lakes which is a lovely area of Point Cook We lived in Leicester for a few years btw - Oadby/South Wigston areas!
  4. Fowler Family

    Construction Unions - Any tips?

    Thanks sooo much - my hubby is really pleased with this and can't believe he's not found it hisself - this will be very useful to him, we appreciate your help :-)
  5. Fowler Family

    Anyone in sanctuary lakes/point cook?

    Thanks for your reply - sounds like you are in a far more fortuitous position financially than we are, hence why we can't afford $540 a week house in Williamstown and instead have a $410 a week 4 bed house in point cook! We went to Jan Juc the other week, its lovely down there. Have you used the cycle route from Williamstown beach that brings you right into Sanctuary lakes? If not you must, its a beautiful ride with beautiful scenery and those of us roughing it in Point Cook have the benefit of that same as you in Williamstown!!! I've only been to Williamstown beach but I've heard its a great place with plenty of nice eateries etc so its on our list of place to visit - only been here 12 weeks!
  6. Hi Andy. Remember u kindly gave my hubby the ielts books? well we've been here 3 mths now. Short term accomm is hard to to find and therefore very expensive. I think the only way round it is to to sign up on a normal 12 mth lease. It's not easy from home and I'm susure you'd rather look round them yourself but we paid $780 a week for our short term let. I have since seen people advertising their hohomes whilst ththey go hohome for a month or so but prob not during Ozzie summer. We rented ours for 4 weeks only and got the kids into school and signed up for a house within that time. Could be done in 3 if u get straight onto it! Good luck!
  7. Fowler Family

    Construction Unions - Any tips?

    My husband is a sparky do either of you know of any electrical contracting firms that are used on major construction sites? seems to be a big secret and only way to get a list is to join the union for $600! Any advice greatfully received. 12 weeks and still no work for him despite being sponsored for his skills!!
  8. Fowler Family

    Anyone in sanctuary lakes/point cook?

    Where do u live surf dirt just out of interest? You are right in that the traffic in point cook is a ninightmare at peak times and does drive me insane. However we live at the back of sanctuary lakes and are blessed with the most amazing views in all directions. We have a cycle way out onto the wetlands and can be on the beach within 10 mins. We have free use of a swimming pool, tennis courts, gym, golf course and a lovely big house with spacious garden that we quite simply couldn't afford elsewhere. So whilst you are correct about the traffic, they are in the process of building a team system and hopefully ththe infrastructure will catch up eventually. The reason it's currently cheap to buy here is that it's a new area and as with all new arareas are trying to to attract people to live in an area that isn't established. I think most of us in the area know this and personally we would rather live here and suffer a bit of traffic (ok a lot!) than live in a not so pleasant area because we couldn't afford an equal house in a so called 'better' area. We haven't bought yet, would u recommend where you live surfndirt?
  9. Fowler Family

    Anyone in sanctuary lakes/point cook?

    Think if you go into settings, general settings you can switch on the facility to allow pms. seems this is new!
  10. Fowler Family

    Anyone in sanctuary lakes/point cook?

    Hi all, just tried to pm you but says we haven't allowed each other to pm! They have changed this since I last used it! was going to suggest we all meet up at weekend for a coffee and chat? Speak to u all soon hopefully, technology permitting!!!
  11. Fowler Family

    Anyone in sanctuary lakes/point cook?

    Hi guys, I'm more than happy to meet up with u to share what I know about the local area. I totally love sanctuary lakes but as with everywhere it has its bad points too. Pm me if u fancy a chat
  12. Fowler Family

    Electrician moving aus

    The electrical licensing system varies from state to state. Best thing is to speak to energy safe in state you're moving and find out directly from them what the procedure is. It gets confusing when there's conflicting advice on here when they're All prob right but diff for each state and diff routes ie TRA or Vetassess. One thing I do know is that it's extremely difficult to get a company to take you on just with the restricted license in Victoria and I believe WA too. Once u have the golden 'A license' there are plenty of jobs but need a company to take u on with the restricted license in order to attain the A license in vic. Be warned sparkies, make sure either your wives can get a good job or that u come with plenty of money to get by on. It's tough!!
  13. Fowler Family

    Anyone in sanctuary lakes/point cook?

    Hi Ali, have PM'd you back thanks, look forward to seeing you :smile:
  14. Fowler Family

    Anyone in sanctuary lakes/point cook?

    Hi all Been here in Sanctuary Lakes for 6 weeks now but struggling to meet people locally. Where is everyone?? Hardly seen our neighbours at all. We have 2 kids aged 7 & 10 and would love a family game of tennis or drink by the lake with some other friendly families!! :smile:
  15. Fowler Family

    Cleaning bikes. Jeyes fluid?

    Our shipping company recommended we use Zoflora the citric one - apparently they love the smell of that when they inspect your things!!