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  1. This loophole needs to be closed. An adult of 27 should be applying for a visa in their own right.
  2. I don't know the in's and out's of what has been proposed but from having a quick read at what was written, it seems that they are going to take away a certain number of 143/parent visa's issued in the financial year and hand them over to the 405/410's. So example of there are 7500 parent visa's (143 and other visa numbers) currently issued, they may instead offer only 6,000 and then give the other 1500 visa's to the 405/410's that are in the system. I could be wrong though, may need to wait for Allan or another MA to give us their opinion.
  3. From what I understood, a dependent child was a child up until the age of 23 that was in full time education and financially dependent on their parents. Looking at the immigration website, it does clearly state that a child can be included in the application over the age of 23 but only in an instance of a physical or emotional impairment which would quite possibly result in a failure of the medical. Yes, culturally, things are different in India than in the UK for example however, would this would be influential in the immigration department? For eg case officer has 2 cases - 1 parent visa 143 application from the UK, 1 dependent child age 24. The same parent visa application 143 dependent child age 24 but from India. I doubt they would think oh well, in India they stay with their parents longer so will give them the visa but the UK has a benefits system so we will decline that visa.
  4. purpleal

    State Education?

    I have a friend (South African citizen) who has a tempestuous marriage to a British citizen. They relocated back to the UK about 2 years ago and have 2 children aged 14 and 16 - who can't get british passports as she (the wife) wasn't born in the UK herself but has received the passport by descent. He has been told by the wife that as the kids are not British citizens they are not entitled to state education - he is there fore spending thousands and thousands of pounds in private school fees. I just wanted to check if this is indeed the case or is he being taken for a ride by the wife (who is an extremely pampered and spoilt princess - but that is a story for another day!). Many Thanks
  5. As Raul Senise - migration agent stated on another thread: ''This loophole was closed in 2009. If you are granted a Contributory Parent visa you cannot sponsor your partner for five years from the date your Contributory Parent visa is granted.''
  6. I am my mother's sponsor (143 visa) , my husband is the assurer. We have 3 children - the calculator says the income requirement is $97,120.56
  7. I have done a hypothetical calculation on the centrelink website : 2 assurers , each with a partner, 3 children and 2 x adult assurees and I get a figure of $185,411.97. May I ask where you are getting your figures from please? Thank you.
  8. May I ask where you got these numbers from as they are substantially higher than what the calculator on the centrelink page states? https://www.centrelink.gov.au/custsite_aoscalc/aoscalc/financialCalPage.jsf?prg_id=b153c092ae714b4ebb1e078c663ff115&wec-appid=aoscalc&page=1C0EADC1A5804952B374580CFFB9BDFD&wec-locale=en_US#stay In AmmyS example, 2 adult assurers, (assuming no dependent children just for calculation sake), 2 adult assurees - income required is $117,721.88 - how did you calculate $176,582.82? I am only asking as I have to calculate our income requirement for my mother's visa and want to make sure I have the right information. Thanks
  9. We are not affected by this change, as my husband as the assurer earns in excess of the income required - however I have signed as I find it grossly unfair that they have kept people waiting for several years and quite happily taken visa application fees. The least they could do is make only new applications from the 1st April 2018 bound by new legislation.
  10. Many thanks Alan. For me sponsoring my mother with husband as the assurer (myself as spouse and 3 children under 18) the income required is $97,120.56
  11. Thanks Alan, I read through the links - makes sense. Where do I find out minimum income requirements for an assurer who has a spouse and 3 children - just assurer for one adult? Is there a calculator I can use. The examples on the links do not provide a scenario that fits our circumstances.
  12. Thanks - is this for one or two applicants on the 143? I am sponsoring my Mum - lodgement date 16 Sept 2016. My husband is to be the assurer. Currently, his earnings are well over the income threshold to be the assurer (even with a spouse and 3 kids). However in saying that, life is full of unexpected events. If something were to happen and he lost a substantial amount of his income - can there be another assurer as well to 'combine' the income amounts ? For eg, my brother in law is able to assist. If for eg, his parents wanted to also come out later from the UK, what would the implications of him being a co-assurer be?
  13. purpleal

    Recommended migration agents??

    All of the following are very well regarded agents on the forum Alan Collette from from www.gomatilda.com Westley Russell www.pinoyau.com Raul Senise www.ozimmigration.com
  14. Hi - I have searched for this on the border website but cannot find any reference to it. Can you point me in the right direction? Many Thanks