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  1. Sapphire


    It rained for weeks after we arrived home,and it was just wonderful,fresh,clean rain,,,,,,,,,even our dogs liked going out in it and they never would go out of the door in the Aussie rain,,,,very strange Yes the summer evenings are going to be lovely,cant wait
  2. Sapphire

    Removals back to the UK

    We boxed up all our own stuff, removals said we were more likely to be checked by customs,but I think that was rubbish.I dont know if it made much difference to price,I doubt it,but I wouldent of wanted packers, packing my personal belongings. I think going out to Oz,you have to have the removal company pack now,but it certainly is not the case coming into the UK. Just make sure you number each box and write contents on box,along with a detailed packing list and you will be just fine Customs let our container straight through,without even opening it
  3. Sapphire


  4. Sapphire


    I havent posted on here for ages,but I just wanted to give you a quick update We arrived home in December after a very long 8 years of not enjoying life in Aus for lots of reasons It was a real struggle to get home,selling property,and just everything seemed to be against us,but we got there in the end. We used Grace removals,who were excellent,packers were wonderful,however our container took 12 weeks,which was a nightmare.Melbourne to Tilbury. When our container was delivered to our house,the unpackers this end,saw a cobweb,,,,,threw thier hands up in the air,and then told us,that the container was going tohave to be taken away and fumigated,would take 3 weeks and be in excess of 5000 pounds.I checked the cobweb,and there was no sign of life,could of so easily of been there,when it was loaded.After a very heated discussion, the guys obviously realised I was not going to accept what they were saying,and promptly unloaded,,,,,we were very lucky,,,,,so anyone heading home,be on your guard,as this may be a bit of a money maker for companies this end. Other than that,we have settled well.A few wobbles,especially trying to get credit card and car insurance. Finding a reasonably priced decent car for a runaround caused a few headaches,but we got lucky. I have had a few panicky moments,trying to sort things out and did for a whole 24 hours feel like running back to Aus,as we came up against a few hurdles,and I think I was so tired ,Aus seemed like an easier option,but when I put my sensible head back on,I was fine. We love being home,it just feels like we have never been away now.We are loving the weather,the rain just feels so clean,the air so fresh,and to see all the spring flowers,is just fantastic. People are just so nice,no nosiness,no hidden adgendas,just pleasantly passing the time of day We are a little bit shocked at the amount of Eastern Europeans,everywhere,but they dont seem to bother anyone too much. I cant think of anything I really dislike. Prices are variable,some things do seem more expensive,but not much.Im still converting into dollars,,,lol....and I went to write a pound sign the other day and realised I had written a dollar sign,,,I dont think my brain knows where i am All in all,we have no regrets.I dont miss Australia one bit, It all seems like a bad dream now,We are so happy to be home. Good Luck to anyone returning home,its a wonderful feeling
  5. Sapphire

    Advice on breaking lease WA

    Good Luck with everything I really would not worry about what anyone else thinks or says, its your life and you have to do what is right for you all. People can look at you very weirdly when they think you do not like Aus, or are planning to head back to the UK, for whatever reason. There is this myth in Australia that it is the best country in the world and anyone who does not plan to stay here, or who fails to gush praises about Australia, must be very odd indeed Why on earth would anyone possibly want to live anywhere else, they must be mad!!!!! Hope all of your plans to get home go well, and please let us know how you get on with everything x
  6. Sapphire

    Advice on breaking lease WA

    You could always try advertising the 'lease break" yourself, on Gumtree .There seems to be a few ads on our Gumtree for that That way the new tenant would give you the bond back,and just take over the tenancy Obviously the agent would have to ok, it and vet them etc, but you would then not be liable for advertising costs, as you have found the prospective tenant yourself.I think the agents can sting you for a fair whack for advertising , and finding a new tenant, and some of them dont really bother, as they are getting the rent from you, so they are in no hurry! I would put an ad on Gumtree, see how you go,it will cost you nothing, and you have nothing to loose by trying.You can put that its available from, whenever suits you,and you could save yourself a lot of money.
  7. Sapphire

    Shipping costs

    We have been quoted $12000 by Grace, for a 40ft Thats from Tassie though,,,,,,through to London
  8. Sapphire

    Going back with no jobs(s)

    I have been offered jobs already, just been emailing places that I would like to work and telling them about myself.I mostly have a sales background(no qualifications to speak, just lots of past experience) I really do not think I am going to have any probelm, walking straight into a job,from the amount of really positive responses I have had. I do not think British employers "frown" on Aussie waork experience, I think they are happy,,,,,unlike coming to Aus, whereas I have had nothing but negative responses from Aussie employers, due to my lack of Aussie experience.That always makes me so cross, how negative so many employers in Aus, are towards Brits BTW!I think maybe if I had gone to Sydney or Melbourne, it may not of been such a problem, but here in Tassie,they will just not employ outsiders,,they would rather not fill the vacancy!!!!!! I looked on the Direct Gov site the other night and put in a 3 mile radius of where we will be living, and there must of been 40 jobs, that I could apply for.Albeit some were "not all that", but they were jobs and they would tide me over, no problem, until something better came along.Some were auctually pretty good as well,I was pleasantly surprised at how many there were. I dont think you will have any problems, I really dont
  9. Sapphire

    Going back - how did you do it?

    If I get home, before you, you can be my lodger,as long as you do my ironing:biggrin:
  10. Sapphire

    moving back and maybe to Tasmania

    My cabbie in Sydney was raging about the welfare state and how the mainland supports the 'WELFARE STATE" I couldent really disagree Yes this is a pretty island, but there are huge social, ecomonic,problems here The cost of living has blown out of all proportion now,housing is only really cheap in areas that are very isolated or not nice places to live. Some who live here do seem to ignore the problems,or simply live in total denial of the issues Maybe if the "deniers" faced the issues, and stopped pretending all was wonderful, this place would not be in the mess it is today.
  11. Sapphire

    moving back and maybe to Tasmania

    Well I do live here in Tassie FOC, and I fully agree with everything you have said,especially with regards to medical facilities. I must live in a very different Tassie:biggrin:
  12. Sapphire

    rental property

    You would be better booking into a motel/hotel for a few weeks, which will give you time to look around Im in Launceston, and there are areas, which a complete no-go and some pretty grotty rentals You really need to be here, and look around first, and ask around as well, once you get here, and find the areas to really avoid The majority of agents will not be very honest, if you ask them about areas, and if theres somewhere they are really struggling to rent, they will tell you allsorts to get the place rented out to you.I can tell you that from first hand experience. I noticed the other day, that Bushbys are now doing furnished short term lets and theres a few places on thier website.They seem to rent very quickly,as there is a high turnaround of Drs/hospital staff who rent out short term, so the competition will be fierce, but once you are here, you are in a far better position to be in the running. There are a few motels that are going to be OK, short term.Dont expect anything flash, but just a basic bed, which will at least be a base for you, while you look for somewhere else.
  13. Sapphire

    Citizenship before you go

    We havent bothered, as we know we will NEVER return to Aus:biggrin:
  14. Sapphire

    Cost of living

    We have found eating out in Aus, very expensive.Tassie is crazy for eating out prices and we do not have a great deal of Indian or Chinese food here, and what there is is absolutey evil Sydney was better, but still far more expensive than what we used to eat out for in the UK I find eating out in the UK, really cheap There are so many places to choose from We dont go for "a la carte" resturants, we dont really like them TBH,but would prefer a nice Indian meal or a Harvester,or just a really nice cosy pub, and have always found prices alot less than here in Aus
  15. Sapphire

    Surely the UK isn't all that bad...?

    We met a couple from Yorkshire a few weeks back, who were here on a "reccie" They honestly thought it was "utopia" Mind, the more I got talking to them, the more I realised that they had absolutely no idea whatsoever They had no idea about visas,what it entailed,no idea about much really, just "living the dream" They did nothing but slate the UK, and TBH, I really did just think in the end, that they have got a major shock coming, if they can ever get a visa We told them, we couldent wait to get out of here and get home, and they looked horrified We did tell them a few negatives about it here, but I think we were wasting our breath, and I think they were simply prime candidates for disaster, if they ever get here. All of our friends and family are doing really well, in the UK.Yes, they moan about certain things, but it certainly does not affect thier standard of living or lifestyle.They all seem very happy and have good jobs, and nice homes. I know none of them would swop places with me, and come to Aus