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  1. Best suburbs in Perth

    Thank you for your responses. Don't think we'll be returning after all. Too big a move at our tender age! Would have been nice but we've had a good run and the thought of starting all over again wears me out thinking about it. Enjoy your lives and make the most of every moment. xxx
  2. The weather in Tasmania today

    Well you can't say you don't get bored! Incredible. We've still got rain and more rain with the occasional sunny day. Will be so pleased when spring arrives and my daughter from Aus.
  3. The weather in Tasmania today

    Sounds and looks splendid. So nice to be able to buy local produce and fresh. I remember buying superb bread in Aus. Sour dough was very popular
  4. The weather in Tasmania today

    Buying direct from producer even better and it's good to know you can. I do enjoy the atmosphere of a market though but of course France survives on it's markets so a different culture. Some of them are wonderful and I enjoy the buzz. Sitting in a nice square having a coffee and people watching is another enjoyable pastime. However, if we do manage to come to Tas will accept what it has to offer and be happy. After all we've spent the last 13 years enjoying France and a new scene will be interesting in our dotage.
  5. The weather in Tasmania today

    Do you have lovely farmers markets up north?l
  6. What did you do in Tassie today?

    I love this thread. Pics are super and give a wonderful aspect of Tasmania. Great the weather is so good you can all enjoy such fantastic places.
  7. The weather in Tasmania today

    looks as if you need some rain. South of France is also tinder dry. Scary.
  8. Shortage of fruit pickers in Tassie

    The new tax is a bit rough isn't it? they don't earn that much do they? The farmers in the uk are worried about brexit too because the pickers they've had coming year after year are concerned and backing off. What a world we live in! The conditions provided are excellent and they're more like family.
  9. Shortage of fruit pickers in Tassie

    why not advertise for students who are travelling around Aus. They would appreciate earning some money providing the accommodation was reasonable. In France pickers are treated very well and from what I can see a lovely lunch is provided, even a glass of wine. If you want people to work hard look after them and don't abuse. The word soon gets out.
  10. The weather in Tasmania today

    absolutely perfect
  11. The weather in Tasmania today

    very interesting. not bad is it.
  12. The weather in Tasmania today

    23-26 would be ideal for me. Do you get extreme changes in one day like Melbourne?
  13. buying in Victoria/Tasmania

    We would be paying cash if we get enough from the house in France to transfer to Aus. No more than $300000 for sure. Houses go for next to nothing here,
  14. buying in Victoria/Tasmania

    bloody hell and I thought it was expensive here. how things have changed over the years. Tasmania certainly seems more realistic and properties are about a third of the price to Melbourne although in Ballarat they a re more reasonable by the look of it. C'est la vie! It pays to know these things and I do appreciate your replies.
  15. buying in Victoria/Tasmania

    I've tried googling for information but as usual totally confused by the different headings. What is the stamp duty on a house i.e. $300000. Victoria or Tasmania Are there any other expenses involved? It would be a cash sale and we're pensioners and no we wouldn't be first time buyers even though we've been away for 13 years.