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  1. libbye

    The weather in Tasmania today

    may I ask where your house is then please
  2. libbye

    The weather in Tasmania today

    Looks beautiful but how easy/difficult is it to access these places if you don't drive?
  3. libbye

    Moving from France to Tasmania/Melbourne

    Thank you for your informative reply Mariewright. I am an Australian citizen so no problems there. I wish it was as simple as just arriving but when shipping goods from another country I can assure you the paperwork involved especially from France, not sure about other countries other than uk, is long and complicated. However, if I can find company that will handle everything the whole move will be made easier for me. We did it from the uk 14 years ago but from here in France I suspect it will be complicated. The french love pieces of paper!
  4. A long shot as I know the majority of posters will be moving from the uk to Aus but I'm in France and as soon as my house is sold will be returning to Australia. Not decided yet whether it will be Tassie or Melbourne but the info I'm after applies to either. I'm hoping someone could recommend a reliable company familiar with the horrendous paperwork involved both here and in Aus. Yes I can google but there's nothing like a personal recommendation. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. libbye

    Mt Eliza _ Melbourne Suburbs

    I have recently lost my beloved husband after 40 years of marriage and to say the least I am devastated. I love it here in France for many reasons but have no family and would not expect friends to take on responsibility for me in my old age. I have a daughter who is moving to Ballarat which I know very well having lived in the bush there for many years. She wants me to return so once I get myself together that's where I think I will be heading. I think crime is rife in a lot of these country towns and I am a little afraid but what will be will be. Mt Eliza is a lovely place to live but as has been pointed out very expensive , ridiculously expensive but it's desirable. So close to beautiful beaches and they've updated the supermarket there beautifully since we left. Traffic has become a problem as elsewhere. Too many cars but hat's life nowadays isn't it. A good standard of living if you can afford it. I can't so Ballarat here I come.
  6. libbye

    The weather in Tasmania today

    In the morbihan we've had very high temperatures and luckily now some rain. Elsewhere in France not so fortunate and gardens beginning to suffer. In the uk I believe the farmers are in trouble with their animals due to harsh winter and now a dry summer. The poor creatures it is so sad and this morning I heard from my daughter in Melbourne farmers are committing suicide which is terrible. What have we done to this planet.
  7. libbye

    The weather in Tasmania today

    I wish we had some of that rain here. No rain for weeks and the gardens are suffering. Never satisfied are we!
  8. libbye

    Counting down!

    Have been catching up with all your news. How exciting for those of you who are happy to return. Your family will embrace you and it will probably feel like putting on an old slipper after a few days and life will start again. Good luck to you each and everyone and have a safe journey.
  9. libbye

    What did you do in Tassie today?

  10. libbye

    What did you do in Tassie today?

    It's nice to go away but it's always lovely to get back home.
  11. libbye

    What did you do in Tassie today?

    Absolutely beautiful.
  12. libbye

    The weather in Tasmania today

    -sounds perfect. We are at last getting some sunshine but not in time for my daughter's visit. such a shame. she's in Paris now enjoying some hot weather.
  13. libbye

    The weather in Tasmania today

    Oh what a glorioous photo. So lush and green. Never knock rain ins Aus it's a precious commodity. Can just imagine how beautiful it will all look when the rain stops. We've had rain for weeks now and everyone is saying enough is enough. Just hope the sun comes out in the next 3 weeks when my daughter arrives from Melbourne. not only the weather are people complaining about but we're about to enter into a period of strikes. Good old France!
  14. libbye

    Dentist - crown's

  15. libbye

    Dentist - crown's

    same here. seems dentists are the same anywhere in the world!