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  1. Counting down!

    Thank you for replies. Very interesting. We faced the same dilemma 50 odd years when we emigrated from uk to Aus so nothings changed! We landed in Sydney and my then husband was a mechanical engineer, couldn't find work in the uk but landed a job within two days the pay being twice what it had been previously. I had one child, hated it from the word go, people not particularly friendly, little or no culture, 6 o'clock closing was in force and it was soooooo hot! I had never been anywhere else in the world and really hardly knew my own country so it was a real shock. I was 25 and pregnant. Knew not a soul and couldn't really understand what the hell people were saying!!! lol Actually still can't at times. However, life goes on and you manage although I felt very lonely. We moved from Sydney to Melbourne and that's where we spent the rest of our time. My children have settled and Australia is their home and they love it. They are, of course, grown up now and my eldest is 56. I didn't miss my family, only my dad, but funnily enough what I did miss was the greenery. Oh how my soul longed for it. Now back in europe for 12 years we are once again at the crossroads and my husband in particular is finding it very hard to come to terms with the fact we should return. Not because we expect our children to fuss around us and if we land in Tas that won't be easy anyway plus it isn't fair to drop back in their lives and accept us as if we've never been away. Many reasons but time will tell. If you have a close family I would truly think very hard about making the move. Australia is different but there are opportunities if you are prepared to work hard and play hard too. Children thrive and love the outdoor life. They seem to make friends very easily. For mum and dad it's different. Be prepared to feel lonely and isolated but join in, something I chose not to do, participate in anything and everything until you find your niche. Give it time and if after a certain period you're still not content then it obviously hasn't been the utopia you'd dreamed of. In the meantime relax and enjoy what you have now. It's a changing world and nothing stands still.
  2. Counting down!

    I've probably come into this topic too late but as we're at the opposite end of returning I just wondered why so many want to return or has this already been covered?
  3. Counting down!

  4. The weather in Tasmania today

    I'm not surprised you have such a facility. Australia is very good about such information and necessarily so. I'll never forget the time when we first arrived in Aus 50 odd years ago and took our little daughter to a spot which we knew nothing about only to find out the next day when my husband went to work and mentioned where we'd been how lucky we were. Can't remember the place now but it was in NSW not far from Neutral Bay. Someone had recently had their leg bitten off by a big beastie! Needless to say we never went there again!
  5. Photos of Tasmania

    Gosh that's incredible. Will certainly have a read. Wouldn't have thought Tasmania would have had a similar temp to Provence. We live and learn. Thank you Skani. Very interesting.
  6. Photos of Tasmania

    Looks absolutely beautiful Reminds me of Provence where there are lavender fields aplenty. It must be a good temperature for it though in Tassie.
  7. The weather in Tasmania today

    Are the beaches in Tas generally safe to swim?
  8. Photos of Tasmania

    These pictures are truly magnificent. What an island! Can someone enlighten me as to where the fields of lavender are pls?
  9. Hi Tassie Devil Came across you post and read with interest. It's not often you see inquiries from 80 year olds which we will be in a few months time. At present we live in France and have been here for 13 years. Our little family live on the mainland, Melbourne and Cairns. We are originally from the uk but lived in Aus for over 50 years before leaving for europe. Now we want to come back. I'm sad to see your beloved wife suffers from dementia. A worry for you. Do you have family nearby? Did you find someone to play cards? It's a funny old world and many people are lonely. We find that in France and in the wintertime it is horrible. Everyone closes their shutters and hibernates I've recently invited a few people into our house to form a french conversation group which is proving most enjoyable and stimulating. Most important to keep the old grey matter intact! All the best
  10. The weather in Tasmania today

    where was the photo taken? looks very inviting especially to those of us who are just entering into winter. brrrrrrrrr
  11. cost of moving from europe to Tasmania

    thank you Toots. Where do I find her link pls?
  12. cost of moving from europe to Tasmania

    Thanks Pura Vida I don't know if I posted an identical thread but certainly have asked many questions! lol No-one answered anyway about the cost of shipping but I thought I'd ask again as a long shot. Nothing is cast in stone but it does help to have some idea of what we're going to be up for should we eventually sell here and make the move. A bit scary but there you go nothing ventured nothing gained. Shipping to Tas will also add to the cost I guess but certainly and by no means sure goods would be unloaded in Melbourne and then on to Tassie. Am I correct in my assumption?
  13. We live in France at the moment but feel we're better off coming back to Aus in our dotage. Has anyone moved lock stock and barrel from the uk as I doubt anyone would be coming from France and could give us recommendations for a shipping company and cost please.
  14. New Asian supermarket in Devonport!

    Wonderful to have a variety of foods. Makes cooking so much more interesting. Do they sell Asian fresh veg too?
  15. retirees from france moving to tassie

    Hobart probably would be good but too expensive for our limited budget unless we choose to rent. Thank you for the suggestion,