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  1. Dear all, please note that these positions are no longer available.
  2. Hi Paul, I have received your email at the Colonial Recruitment email address. I will reply directly.
  3. We are recruiting for heavy diesel mechanics for Perth-based positions within the mining industry. Several positions are available and need to be filled urgently. These roles involve the maintenance and mechanical repair of heavy duty diesel vehicles at our client’s Perth-based workshop. Outstanding packages are on offer, including excellent rates of pay plus superannuation. In order to apply you must have the following: Approved qualification as a diesel mechanic and experience with heavy duty earthmoving equipment A good understanding of hydraulics and diesel engine fundamentals The ability to troubleshoot engine and hydraulic faults Sound written and verbal communication skills The ability to work well in a team A commitment to workplace safety Preferred (not essential): Permanent residency, permanent visa or other evidence of the right to work in Australia Experience with Caterpillar equipment Current truck driver’s licence Other advantageous traits (not essential): Safety qualifications Supervisory experience Open-cut mining experience Welding experience Although we prefer applicants who already have the right to work permanently in Australia, other applicants will also be considered. Sponsorship (457 visa) under the General Skilled Migration programme will be considered for the right applicants. Applicants on working holiday visas will also be considered. You don't have to be currently living in Australia to apply - if you are still in the UK it is no problem. We have a London office and will potentially be arranging interviews in the UK. To apply for this position please forward your CV without delay. We are recruiting urgently for these positions so if you believe your CV is not “up to scratch”, don’t let this delay you – as long as it shows the necessary skills and experience we will help you to polish it up.
  4. Thank you for this Jez, but if you haven't already booked I would urge you to be VERY CAREFUL with this approach. Make sure you check the costs of the Australian side in advance. I have been looking into this and it turns out that by far the most expensive part of the whole operation is the Australian side. In addition to the port charges & terminal handling charges at the port (approx $540-620), and the AQIS charges that everyone knows about (a few hundred $ depending on how well the inspection goes), there are a number of other VERY EXPENSIVE charges involved before you can receive your goods. Your goods have to be cleared through customs - critically, this entails moving the container from the wharf to a bonded customs warehouse (these warehouses are all privately owned, as are the trucks which are hired to move the container to the warehouse). The container must be unloaded at the bonded warehouse, and the container must be returned by lorry to the port. The costs for this seem to be included in removal companies' quotes, but they are not included in "self-service" container shipping quotes, where the container shipping company's quote ends at the port. Therefore you will be expected to pay for all of this. I thought this would be a few hundred dollars... no, we are talking about $1600 to $2000 just for the container movement from the port to the bonded warehouse, the unloading into the warehouse, and returning the container to the port. Then you still have to pay the fees for customs clearance (usually the bonded warehouse is also a customs clearing agent) - it seems these fees are approximately $400 including $102.00 of document charges (CMR and ICS). After all of this your goods are still at the bonded warehouse, so you need to either hire a truck yourself and collect them, or pay a removal company to do this. It is NOT POSSIBLE to have the container delivered directly to your door in Australia (unless you literally hire another container and have the unloaded goods re-loaded into this container just for the purpose of delivering to your house, which no one would do). Containers must be unloaded at bonded customs warehouses. So ignoring the costs of collecting your goods from the bonded warehouse, the total costs of the Australian side of the operation are $2840 to $3320 (including an allowance of $300 for AQIS). And that is assuming there are no delays, so you don't have to pay for storage at either the port or the bonded warehouse, since usually only a few days' storage is included in these rates. I haven't gotten quotes yet for the movement of the goods from the bonded warehouse to the residence, because it already looks like this approach will be an expensive waste of time. My costings come from Australia Trade & Shipping, who were very helpful: http://www.australiatrade.com.au/Shipping/WhatHappensOnArrival.htm. There are other local freight forwarding and customs clearing companies too, but from my research their charges are similar or in some cases higher. They manage the process in various ways, some of them hiring a removal company for the two sections of transport (port to warehouse and warehouse to home), and including this with customs clearance etc all as one price, but the total cost of this was >$5000. In summary, do your research on the Australian side of things before going down the do-it-yourself route.