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  1. Dusting off my membership just to say, EW, that as your partner I think there is only one reason to get citizenship. It's not for all those sensible reasons already stated. Even though they make a lot of sense. It's simply so that I can frame it, hang it on the wall and have something that really makes me laugh every day. Snorting, eyes streaming, loss of bladder control laughter. Go on, do it just for that
  2. Surf N Turf

    How is Tones going for you?

    I'd pay good money for a transcript of that conversation.
  3. Surf N Turf

    Australian Post, now that's a joke!

    I agree that it's a completely crap service. They don't bother to knock around here but they used to. I've a friend who works for Australia Post. I asked him about this and he said that complaints soared when they privatised the parcel delivery service. So they hired someone to follow the delivery people around and film them. Much to no-one's amazement they discovered that they were sitting in the vans writing out the 'you weren't home' slips before even leaving the depot!!! That's what you get with privatisation. I think the profit margin on delivery must be pretty small. Not that this is a good excuse for such a poor service.
  4. Surf N Turf

    Aussie man with very, very homesick UK wife. HELP!!!!

    Hi Stuart, there are quite a few regular posters on PIO who are struggling with the 'mixed marriage' scenario so I hope you get lots of useful input. I'm Australian and my partner is a very homesick Brit. We moved to Australia in 2008 and then headed back to the UK in 2010 as his homesickness was so great neither of us could cope. It was a reluctant move on my part but, as you know, it's horrible seeing your partner so unwell and knowing that it's due to your desire to live in your own country. Guilt! Our move back to the UK proved to be a disaster, due to lots of reasons I won't bore you with, and so five months later we arrived back here. This time to Melbourne, a new city for us both. It's so easy to type out those words but impossible to describe the emotional cost of the whole experience. What I do know is that we'll fight to the death of our relationship. But I also know that being together brings one of us, whoever isn't 'home', a lot of pain. Damned either way. For now, we're here. And that's what I've learned. You can only ever talk of 'for now'. Because to make long-term plans for either country makes one of us feel miserable and trapped. My partner, who will hopefully be along later to give you his perspective, is currently 'taking one for the team' because life in Melbourne is good. But at some point I'll need to do the same. Our main hope is that we protect our daughter from any fallout from too many international moves. I also know that this issue will never not be 'live' for us. Don't imagine that a two year stint in the UK will be a fix. If you're very very lucky your wife will decide that Oz is where she wants to be. But you may also find that this turns into a life-long negotiation for you both. It's not easy but a good relationship is worth it. Particularly when there are kids.
  5. Surf N Turf

    Australia's 2014 Federal Budget

    I've always thought voting Labour better protected society as a whole, including my own family. Each to their own.
  6. Surf N Turf

    Things you love about Australia!

    Dunno about this one. Have you seen all the Ned Kelly beards around at the mo? :nah:
  7. Surf N Turf

    going back to uk and can't wait

    When you read enough of these threads where the criticism of Australia is so unbalanced, you can't help but sit back and wait for the follow-on post outlining the almost inevitable crushing disapointment of life back in the UK. (That's assuming that this poster is genuine). If you can't look around you now and find some redeeming features to life in Oz, I reckon you're far more likely to find yourself in the same position in the UK. So jb, my two cents worth: being less negative and disparaging now will help you not only be happier in yourself but you'll be setting yourself up for better times ahead. Because as people have already pointed out, you'll be seeing lots of these problems again.
  8. Rupert, you're smarter than this. I've been using plain English and in a pretty straightforward way. And I've explained twice. I'll go round again but in return how about you ask yourself why you're so determined to take offence. To begrudge means to 'be reluctant to give, support or allow'. I was expressing surprise that many people are not supporting the rescuing of these girls. Particularly if they have children which makes a far away situation seem more personal. Easier to empathise with. I didn't hazard a guess at why people have chosen not to support it. I didn't cast aspersions about their character. I expressed surprise at their position. I'm still surprised. You've added the insulting/character assassination part all by yourselves. I'm more than happy to agree to disagree. There's no need to feel attacked. It's just a difference of opinion. I'm weary of this now.
  9. Not so much divided by a common language than a determination to be insulted! You guys are hyper-defensive. Not usually in indicator of someone feeling like they're on solid ground.....
  10. I'd be so happy if people took a moment to read the actual words written and think about their meaning. Again, I said 'begrudge the effort'. That means to not support it. There can be many reasons to not support an action and at no point did I state it was because you or any other poster didn't care. You and Paul are adding that interpretation. If the cap fits it's because you both put it on. Not me. Not nasty, not insulting. Read it again if you're unclear.
  11. Ok, I've not read the whole thread but I'm guessing there's been lots of jumping at shadows going on. I didn't 'accuse you of not caring'. I don't know if you care and it's not pertinent to my argument. I said I was surprised by any parent begrudging the effort. As in, not supporting it. I've got no interest in 'stars' either. I mentioned Michele Obama who has influence and reach. Different animal. If we choose to only support humanitarian efforts in places where there is no corruption and a stable democratic government without any prior warning of a problem we'll be like a wallflower at a party. Forever waiting to be asked to dance. Lots of people would like that but that's not how I want my government to make decisions and my tax money spent, no matter what country I'm living in. And yes, I think the effort to find the aircraft is pertinent here. So are the oil fields in Iraq. Unless the problem has relevance to the first world - fuel prices, potential larger terrorist threat, white victims - lots of people are content to look the other way. Lastly, are you suggesting that to post your opinion on PIO you need some sort real world credentials? That'll be a lot of threads dying on their arse then. Just opinions, just a discussion. It's no more than that.
  12. No Paul. This single event on this scale, aimed at innocent girls trying to get an education, has not been 'going on all over the world all of the time'. Lots if other bad stuff has of course. And I agree that we can't fight all of the battles. But if we can coordinate countries, vessels, intelligence agencies and crazy amounts of money on a missing plane carrying less people, we can find these girls. And let the extreme whacko Islamic terrorists know that we won't turn our backs so they can crawl back under their rocks. It's astonishing to me that parents of any child anywhere begrudge this effort.
  13. Surf N Turf


    A lot of good can come out of a crisis - midlife or otherwise. Sometimes you have to burn something to the ground, or have it burn down around you, in order to create something new and better. Something that works better for your age and stage. You've had the courage to make some big changes and so I don't doubt that you can create a new version of your life that's more enjoyable and satisfying than what's come before. I think life rewards courage. The main thing that'll stop Life v.2 (or 3 or 4!) from being great is dragging around regret for v.1. You did what seemed right then (prioritising security?) and now you're doing what seems right now (prioritising experiences?). There's so much research showing that people are generally happier as they age (50+) so choose to be one of them and let the past go. Good luck Belinda. Trust your gut and keep being courageous. Sounds like there may be good times ahead
  14. Nice to see Michelle Obama's speech. It's great that assistance is being given to find the girls. There's so much harm coming to women and children all round the world that little can be done to stop. IMO these abductions are on a scale and we have to respond. Let this go and what the hell happens next?
  15. Surf N Turf

    Things you love about Australia!

    No worries. I was being a bit thin-skinned. Carry on