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  1. sioban

    Newmarket (QLD) primary school

    My two kids have been at Newmarket for the past few years, lovely little school with a great sense of community.
  2. I have a full unopened tin of SMA First Infant Milk (1 from birth) if anyone would like it expiry date 16/08/2016.
  3. sioban

    Albany Creek to train station times

    If you look at google directions https://maps.google.com/maps?hq=http://maps.google.com/help/maps/directions/driving/mapleft.kml&f=d&dirflg=d at 7am you should get an idea - have found it pretty accurate when I've used it as it takes into account roadworks etc
  4. sioban

    Albany Creek to train station times

    Queensland Translink Website has a journey planner where you type in details and it gives all public transport options.http://jp.translink.com.au/
  5. sioban

    Good hairdresser in north brisbane ?

    I have just had my hair done by a lovely Scottish girl who has recently moved here, best cut I've had since I arrived and colour was great too - none of the counting foils nonsense which they do here! A few of my friends have also had her do their hair and all have been delighted. You can either go to her place which is close to Southbank Station or she will come to you (although she doesn't have a car at the moment). If you call or text she can give you a price - Sarah 0403 531 512 I want her to get her loads of customers so she won't want to leave here - I'll be seriously gutted if she does!
  6. Brand new white leather Freedom Furniture Signature corner suite for sale, selling in store for 2299 dollars looking for 1500.
  7. Hi Dianne I'm selling a brand new white leather modular suite for 1750 dollars, it's a Freedom Furniture Signature modular suite which sells in store for 2,299. It's still on order just now and due to arrive at the end of July - will still be in packaging. Send me a message if you are interested and I'll give you more info.
  8. My friend has just returned from Scotland and is devastated as she has forgotten to lift her hand luggage from her Dad's house in all the upset of saying goodbye. He lives 3 hours away from the airport so by the time she realised it was too late, it contains all her jewellery and other high value items which she wanted to carry on in case her luggage went missing. I've had a quick look at courier websites but they seem only to insure based on weight which would not cover the value, can anyone recommended someone? Think this could be an expensive exercise!
  9. sioban

    Reality Check

    I tend to think that we all have to go at some point and tragically sometimes it's younger family members who pass away before the older generation. I sometimes even have a bit of a panic about my kids going in cars with other people in case they are in an accident - and then my mind goes into overdrive about what ifs... I always thought that if a family member took ill I would jump straight on a flight to be with them but reality of work/kids at school etc means that leaving at short notice really is not an option. I guess that staying in regular touch is the best option - I actually speak to my family on skype more often than I probably saw them when we were at home. Thinking about you and your family at this hard time.
  10. The only good thing about this is that at least you've found out what a lowlife he is before he got PR or citizenship - you could have wasted even more of your life on him. You have evidence to prove that he didn't want to marry and hopefully that should be enough to send him home. Take care x
  11. sioban

    So it might be happening again...

    Good luck with the interview - I'm a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason, wasn't for you then but what's for you won't go by you! With regards to websites I've found this site amazing everyone is really helpful and I've been able to get any info I needed here.
  12. sioban

    Feeling fed up. 8 months in..

    Or working on a roof in howling wind and rain...
  13. Been looking at flights with Emirates for a friend and cheapest flights I can see when she wants to travel are $2152 - return flights from Glasgow to Brisbane return at same time are £882 which roughly equates to $1311. Anyone have any ideas how to get flights any cheaper?
  14. sioban

    flying with a serious allergy

    I used to work for an airline and when we were advised of someone having a nut allergy the aircraft would be thoroughly cleaned after previous flight to ensure that empty nut packets hadn't been left in seat pockets and we would make announcements to advise passengers not to eat nuts on board the flight. I cannot believe that you were advised by a flight attendant to take any risks - the last thing you would want on a flight is someone with an allergic reaction, it takes at least 30 mins to land a flight if you are close to land - if not it could be a lot longer. I would say advise airline and then remind them at check in.
  15. sioban

    Bringing my Soulmate to Australia

    Love a happy ending.