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  1. Please let us know if anyone can help with this Thanks
  2. No, not leaving the employer, staying with the same employer, he will be sponsoring us for the PR 186.
  3. Hi Guys, We need your help! Facts: We have a 2-year 457 visa. our 457 Visa expires on 7 Oct 2013. 7 Oct 2013 we will reach the 2 year work experience with the same employer, meaning we can apply for permanent residency (ENS 186). We are not sure whether we need to apply on, after or before the expiry of the 457 visa. We need 2 year work experience with the same employer, this means we can only apply on 7 Oct, same day the visa expires... we are a bit confused Due to the fact that there is a hairs breathe between our two year requirement for PR and our 457 expiring can anyone tell us when would be the absolute latest we could apply? (e.g. the day of expiry, a week before it expires, ...). Any information is much appreciated Many thanks for your help
  4. handh

    Bridging Visa help..

    Hi, I know this post is very old, from 2010. We are actually in the same situation now as you were in back in 2010. our 2 year 457 visa will expire 7th of October, and we are not sure when exactly we would need to apply for the PR. same day, or a few days earlier. it'd be great if you could share your experience. when did you apply? did you automatically get a bridging visa? what type of bridging visa? how long did it take? how much did it cost? any info is much appreciated! Thank you so much for your help