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Found 31 results

  1. Chopped Pork

    extensions to current visa

    My enquiry is regarding the current COVID situation. Are there any extensions to current visa's, I'm assuming the expiry date of our visa's can't be pushed out all because of this limbo situation? For info, I'm still in the UK, we've not made the move yet, we have until 21st June 2023 to make the move, our visa are Skilled - Nominated (subclass 190). Another question is are we able make the move during the pandemic? Any help on this subject is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi all I would like to clearify my timeframe for finalizing AHPRA reg. ICHC issued date is: 29/06/2018 (Singapore) 04/07/2018 (Korea) COGS issued date is 16/07/2018 According to the in-priciple approval letter, i need to provide statutory declaration if i present in person within 6month of the COGS issue date. In addition, if I will be presenting for ID check over 6 month from date of issue of my ICHC, I need to arrange a new ICHC which to be sent directly office. so if I visit the office on 21st December, do I still need to arrange new ICHC? many thank in advance
  3. Wanderer Returns

    Renewing Australian Passport before expiry date

    Dear forum members, my Australian passport expires in September and I'm trying to find out the earliest that I can apply to renew it? Also, will my 'unused months' be added to the life of the renewed passport, or do you just get 10 years starting from the date of renewal? (meaning it would be better to wait as long as possible before renewing). Has anyone renewed their passport recently? I was just wondering what the length of time for the process was too? I believe that I will need to travel to London to complete the renewal process and that's not very convenient from where I live, which is why I wish to plan ahead a little. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Hi PIO: I'm a new PIO member and do apologise if I'm in the wrong forum with my very first post. As you'll see, my story is a bit complicated, but I'll try to keep it as brief as possible. I would really appreciate any feedback you might be able to give after reading my story: -My husband and I (both English) were both 17 (although not known to each other at the time) when we first migrated to Oz in 1957. (My husband went to Sydney under the Big Brother Movement sponsorship scheme operating back then). -We met and married in Sydney in 1960, and our daughter was born there in 1961, soon after which we returned to England. -13 years later, with two young children (our son aged 11 was born in Manchester in 1963) we returned to Oz (South Australia) where we happily lived and worked full-time for most of the next 19 years. For personal family reasons (too sad to tell here) my husband and I returned to England in 1993. Still only having Permanent Residential status at the time (yes, we know it was a foolish oversight on our part not to have become Citizens after nearly 24 years living there by then, and we now regret it very much!), we were issued with 5-yr re-entry visas on leaving Australia. Just before these visas expired, 5 years later, for reasons that prevented us from returning to live there permanently at that time, we were granted a second 5-yr re-entry visa, for which we were very grateful. Another five years later, and still not being in a position to return to live in Oz, our second RRV expired about 8 years ago, and because we were told it wasn't possible to be granted a third, accepted that we'd lost our chance to return to live in the country we looked on as 'our second home', and regret to this day that we allowed it to happen. (Another story). Today, our (Australian) daughter (now 50!), and our two grown Australian grandchildren, still live in S. Australia (as well as our two sisters and their families, and all the many friends we made during the 24 (mostly) happy years of living there, and although we have all enjoyed occasional visits with each other over the years since our departure, we miss them so much and very much wish to return there to live, although, from research I've done lately about Aged Parent Sponsorship for migration to Australia, it seems unlikely, given the excessive costs and up-to-20-year wait for completion of application processes, we will ever be able to achieve that now, and feel very dispirited and extremely sad indeed about it. However, it has just come to my notice that it might just be possible for us to apply for permanent residency under a different category than the Aged Parent Sponsorship Scheme if we are able to provide evidence of compelling reasons for our long absence and of our close personal ties to Australia, which is my main reason for posting this thread to PomsInOz now, in the hope someone might just be able to advise us further and perhaps give us renewed hope that all is not lost. Any help and advice would be extremely welcome and we thank you in advance for taking the trouble to read my story. With grateful thanks. barbaitch
  5. ausHWC

    UK Passport EXPIRY

    G'day, Does anyone know if there is a restriction on the expiry date you must have on your UK passport before emigrating to Oz? For example, we are coming over on a 457 visa, with my passport expiring in 3 years (2017)and my wife's in 4 years (2018). I'm worried that when we land in Melbourne the customs people stops us and turns us around back to the UK because our passport expiry is too short!? Sorry if this topic has been covered, thanks for any input. Cheers all,
  6. Hi Guys, We need your help! Facts: We have a 2-year 457 visa. our 457 Visa expires on 7 Oct 2013. 7 Oct 2013 we will reach the 2 year work experience with the same employer, meaning we can apply for permanent residency (ENS 186). We are not sure whether we need to apply on, after or before the expiry of the 457 visa. We need 2 year work experience with the same employer, this means we can only apply on 7 Oct, same day the visa expires... we are a bit confused Due to the fact that there is a hairs breathe between our two year requirement for PR and our 457 expiring can anyone tell us when would be the absolute latest we could apply? (e.g. the day of expiry, a week before it expires, ...). Any information is much appreciated Many thanks for your help
  7. Guest

    Passport Expiry

    Hi I lodged my GSM application on 25th august 2011. However, my passport will expire in another 5 months. How am I supposed to go about this? I understand that the passport number will change when I renew it. I hope I just need to inform DIAC and fill up the "Change in Circumstances" form to update the passport details, right? Hopefully the IELTS and ACS assessments still will be valid, even though the passport number changes. Please clarify ind175
  8. How long do our passports need to have left on them? In the back of my head I'm thinking it shoul dhave 6 months remaining from the date we land in Oz - But is that the case?
  9. Karl Lynsey and Kids

    Passport expiry

    Hi my daughters passport expires in june 2012 and we are travelling to brisbane in december 2011, will i be able to travel on this passport with the visa in it if i carry her new passport with me or do i have to get a visa in the new passport?
  10. Hi, I am planning on entering australia on a working visa and all being well having this be extended for a further 12 months... My question is what are my options after the 2nd year? I am ultimately looking to live in aus permanently but I currently dont have any specific skills such as a trade... I have worked in banking since I left school but dont have any recognised qualifications. Would I need to find an employer who would be willing to sponsor me? And could this be in a role such as working for a bank in aus? Or would I need to seek qualifications such as learning a trade? Many thanks in advance!!!
  11. Hi, I have a sub class BN 136 visa, which was issued/granted on the 20 April 2005. I have made my initial entry already. Given that the visa runs out on the 20 April 2010, is my Visa is still valid for Pr status and for entry to Australia?. As it would then expire when i was living in australia, i could not leave Australia, at least for the first 2 years, of which i would then require a Residents Return visa otherwise i would forfeit my PR status. i think im all good on this, but always pays to check. Smile. thanks for any replies!
  12. Guest

    Expiry of a 175. Help.

    Hi All, Just reposting in this forum hoping for help... I wonder if anyone could help or has been in a similar situation. We are very worried about our position and hope someone could shed some light on it. I would be ever so grateful if you could offer your knowledge and experience. We were granted our permanent residence visas on 23rd Feb 07. This was a subclass 136 which is now known as a subclass 175. We made our initial visit on 12th December 2008 and returned back to the UK on 4th Jan 2009. We had every intention of coming back in the January 2010 and settling for good. Unfortunately, just as we returned from our first visit, my mother became seriously ill and has since fought a losing battle with Parkinson’s disease. Her health is still declining but she is now able to be looked after by carers rather than me and other family. She urges us to go and live our lives but we love her dearly and I worry about her health and the eventual outcome. Our visas expire on 21 February 2012 and I understand that we have to get a residents return visa, subclass 155. What are my options? From what I understand it’s the following: We can get to Australia before the expiry date and never leave the country. We can get to Australia, stay two years out of a five year window and then apply for an RRV for a further five years in Australia while living in Australia. What are the rules here? Do you have to stay for the full two years, would they let you leave for two weeks in those initial two years on compassionate grounds, i.e. a death in the family? Or is it super strict, ie you have to get an RRV before you leave. My concern would be an emergency call about my Mum, a fast trip back to the UK with no time to apply for an RRV and then not being allowed back in. How long can you be away for after you have spent the two years, returned to the UK. Or I can apply for an extension here in the UK. How hard is this to do? The DMIA website on eligibility states the following: If your last departure from Australia was as a permanent resident or Australian citizen (which it was as we left on 4th Jan 2009) You must provide evidence of substantial business, cultural, employment or personal ties of benefit to Australia ( I will have a permanent job offer) and If you have been absent for more than five continuous years since your last departure from Australia as an Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen, you must provide evidence of compelling reasons for your absence over five years. (Does this mean from the date of your last day in Australia, in our case 4th Jan 2009? Its more than likely we will not be away for longer than 5 years so this rule should not apply, but if it does, Im hoping the compelling reason is my Mum) Also, what is the point of a 3 month RRV, it seems that the requirements for this RRV are not as strict and this is taken from the DMIA website: You must have spent at least one day in the last five years in Australia as a permanent resident or an Australian citizen and you must provide evidence of compelling and compassionate reasons for your departure. So, looking after my Mum, would that be compelling and compassionate grounds? Thank you all in advance, any help would really be appreciated.
  13. Guest

    Passport due in expiry in July

    More questions. Both myself and OH and passports are due to expiry in July. Do you think we should renew now before we actually apply for 176 SS or submit the ones we have now for our SS and then for 176. does it make much of a difference?
  14. Hi, As I was a student in Aus and extended my student visa in March 2010, I had my medical check done late much last year (I have done the body check eligible for PR, e.g. had the blood test and everything as well). When I did the application online, I said I have done a medical check for this application (as I was hoping to use this medical check for both extending the student visa and PR). I have received an email from the immigration today saying that they anticipate that my visa will be allocated to a CO within 3 months, so I can start preparing for a medical check now. Also, as I will be away working in a rural town in Aus where there won't be a Medibank Health Solutions, so I am hoping to get it done so that I don't need to fly back to the city just to get my medical check done. I am wondering if anyone knows how the immigration take the validity of the health check and if I should undergo another health check before I go to work in the rural town. When I lodged in my application, my health check was less than 12 months old (it will be 12 months old by 26th March). I am wondering if they calculate the 12 months from the date of lodgment or when I will have a CO? According to the email, Health and character clearances have a limited validity period, in most cases 12 months from their date of issue. All clearances must be valid for the grant of a visa. There is some discretion to extend the validity of a clearance in certain circumstances. This discretion has been applied in the guidance given below. If your health assessment is more than 15 months old you should now undertake a new health clearance. So to me, it seems like the medical check from last year can still be use for this application. Please advise!!! Thank you soooooooooo much!!! Wastrel
  15. Guest

    Passport expiry

    Ok I'm in the UK for Xmas and about to go back to Sydney to complete my second year for PR on a subclass 309. I arrive in Sydney on the 4th Jan however my passport expires on June 11th! 6 months and 1 week. Now they say I should have 6 months but will I have complications at Sydney airport due to cutting it fine? If so what can I do at such short notice! It's only just occurred to me. Cheers.
  16. Guest

    Passport Expiry

    I am planning to apply for Skilled Migration (176) - Eligible Relative Sponsored , My passport is about to expire in the first half of 2012, that there is one year for expiry. The below link is giving me aches, General Skilled Migration It says - The passport you use should be the one you intend to use to travel to Australia if a visa is granted. This passport should be valid for at least two years. Would I need to get a fresh passport before I apply ?
  17. Guest

    Passport expiry

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could advise as to the best course of action with regards to our daughters passport situation, which is as follows - We have received our visas (175) and validated back in May 10, we have now sold our house and will be hopefully flying out to our new life in February 11. Our daughters UK passport has an expiry date of July 11 and we are unsure whether to renew now and if so what do we have to do about the visa?, or what until we are in Oz and renew from there? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  18. Hi all Just got off the phone from my uncle In WA who is a Hairdresser. My OH is WA SS for this trade and we are effected by the new processing order. This Bill if passed will make current rules that Hairdressers In Wa need to be registered obsolete. One Interesting exert is listed below. I have highlighted a strange point. !! Why deregulate the hairdressing industry? Since the Hairdressers Registration Act 1946 was introduced, a range of consumer protection, education and training and occupational health and safety laws have been put in place that provide a sufficient regulatory framework for the hairdressing industry. The current regime in Western Australia is inequitable because it does not apply to all areas of the State. Western Australia is the only State or Territory that has a registration scheme for hairdressers and a statutory board to administer that scheme. The proposal would reduce red tape by removing barriers to entering the hairdressing industry, reduce costs to small business and assist in addressing skills shortages. So a Bill might be introduced to help with Skills Shortages in WA . Surely dealing with experienced applicants in the pipeline is a quicker way to address this skill shortage. This is telling DIAC what everybody knows and that is that WA need hairdressers. My uncle feels that this Bill would make skilled workers leave the Industry as wages would be driven down as a result of people with little knowledge getting a job in a salon. Maybe this is positive and proves the shortage in WA and therefore allowing the Trade on the SMP or is it a negative as Evasn will be thinking anyone can be a Hairdressers. Any advice from ALan Gill George et al would be welcome. This is the link www.parliament.wa.gov.au/web/newwebparl.nsf/iframewebpages/Bills+-+All You have to type in the above Named Bill. Fingers crossed Shane
  19. clanstewarts

    Wa ssv expiry

    Hi all, can any one help me? I am tied to the UK until 2012 but have applied for my TRA assessment, but wish to get my SSV from WA, but do not want to apply too early in case there is an expiry date.i want to apply for my 176 next spring to ensure if it is granted early i am still within my year to activate it after june 2012. Is there an expiry date for WA SSV?
  20. I just wonder if anyone in here has tried to get their skills assessed, yet not using that skills assessment before 1 or 2 years later? I ask because I expect to have my asco-code around August/September, yet if SS is not an option and I still do not have enough points, I will of course delay my application for a year or longer - untill the times are better, which I hope they will be - but will DIAC still accept a, say - 2 year old assessment? IEA, where I am getting my skills assessed, say their assessmentletter only is usefull for immigration 1 year ahead, but that one (me:) can get an original new assessment letter after a year, only one has to pay 75 AUD and send them the original assessment letter, which I would then do. But DIAC, how would they respond to an assessment being two years old? Cheers, Matt
  21. Hi there! Short question: Does anyone know whether there's a limit to the certification of documents? What I mean is; if I get certain documents certified now with the date of for instance March 2010, will DIAC still accept these certifications if I do not apply before, say, December 2010 or even March 2011? I ask because in Denmark certain documents can only be three months old if they are to be certified, therefore one has to get a lot of new documents, birthcertificate etc. I just got these docs, thus I have to get them certified within three months, even though I don't expect to apply for quite some time. Cheers, Matt Ps! Certifications cost 30 AUD pr document, and I have alot, therefore I do not want to get certifications twice:no:
  22. Guest

    Passport Expiry Date

    Hi all I'm just pulling together all the info for our 176 Visa Application and I notice that the DIAC website suggests passports should have at least 2 years left on them - Does anyone know how strictly they adhere to this? My 6 year old son's passport runs out in April 2011 but we hope to be in Oz well before then .... Should I use this one to submit the application or get a new one first??? Thanks !!
  23. We have just received our passports back from London and it states we have until 22nd April for our initial entry. We are looking to move in March permanently but I am sure I have read somewhere that you have to have police checks and meds redone if they are over a year old when we go. I can't find anything from DIAC to confirm this. We had police checks in January and meds in February. Can anyone advise please. Thanks Val
  24. bensdad

    State Sponsorship Expiry???

    Hi, Last July we got state sponsorship for WA, due to the current economic climate etc, our plans have been delayed, does any one know if there is an expiry on these as we have looked at the letter you get and canot find anything at all about expiry etc. Look forward to any replies. Thanks Chris
  25. mandymark

    Do IELTS results have an expiry?

    Hi I am looking into booking an IELTS test in April for my husband. We then plan to apply for our 175/176 visa, hoping to move around June 2010. Someone has mentioned to me that the IELTS test is valid for 1 year, although I cannot see this written down anywhere and see that lots of people apply for a visa which has taken a lot longer to process. Is this correct that the IELTS result would only be valid for a year? I am wondering whether this person is confusing this information with the meds. Thanks, Mandy