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  1. ukchris

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    4 words I’ve learned from my new home and country, “she’ll be right mate”
  2. My daughter back in rhe Uk has just turned 18 and she is now able to come and live with me and my wife, does anyone have experice of getting a child put onto. PR visa? We have been here 6 years now and are in the process of applying for citizenship Thanks in advance Chris
  3. ukchris

    Citizenship approved!!

    Well done
  4. ukchris

    what are you doing right now?

    Sat watching it pour it down in Perth. Where is the sun. Oh here it is. Now its gone again.
  5. ukchris

    Asylum seekers being sent to PNG

    Doh! I should have unsubscribed from this thread, !!
  6. ukchris

    Asylum seekers being sent to PNG

    All in all, if you think the mass emigration that has happened to England and Europe over the past 20 years is a good thing then you are floolish and if you get your way your children deserve all that you have made for them. If you wish the same for Australia being, able to see what has happened to the mother land then more fool you and Im sure you will fail. I will now leave this thread to talk about fishing somewhere.
  7. ukchris

    Asylum seekers being sent to PNG

    Have you been there recently? you would be lucky to travel the out skirts and not get robbed, raped, groomed etc., and I don't mean just to the tourist places, when was the last time you saw a cockney? you dont see them no more gone and wiped out or shipped out. The immigrants dont speak English and they don't work; as far as the benefits Que shows or they do work and they skrew the system for all they can get. Its 1 place I will never miss is London, its only good for immigrants (illegal or not, gun toting robbers and super rich oil shieks who can afford to avoid the working class)
  8. ukchris

    Asylum seekers being sent to PNG

    Sorry Im not yet in Australia I was talking from a UK point of view, the insight he has about Britain is not hard to see you just have to have visited the place 20 odd years ago then visit it again today. So I think the Doctor was very insightful.
  9. ukchris

    Asylum seekers being sent to PNG

    The problem with most illegal immigrants and asylum seekers is, they come to a country and have absolutely no intention of assimilating into that countries ways and customs or contributing. They forget that they have fled a sh*t hole and they try to create that same sh*t hole in their new country. Before the marxist left jump on me I know not all asylum/illegals are like this but a very high percentage are and they all seam to be from the same culture. I was talking to a doctor of Indian decent over a few beers the other night in Melaka and he had been around the word a bit in his time, used to love England but he could tell how the country has been effected for the worse by the amount of immigration from the 3rd world, he was also worried about all the immigration Malaysia is receiving from China and its neighbours.
  10. I think most airlines will increase your baggage to 40kg just for emigrating, SP air did it for us in December. You need to call them 1st and ask about it.
  11. ukchris

    Asylum seekers being sent to PNG

    Why is it in the UK Labour flooded the country with immigrants just to bolster their political position, whilst in Oz Labour doesn't do the same?.
  12. ukchris

    4 days to go.

    Well we got off great on the 11th from heathrow, a day before the plane on fire:). Arrived in Malaysia the on to KL. KL is an amazing place and the food is cheep and can't be beaten that's if you like Chinese food which we do. The hawkers street has been our 2nd home. We were advised while here to visit Melaka and that's where I'm writing this from, for us this is prob the worst place ever, except now sat outside the blues bar owned by a Kiwi. The food seams to be substandard and there in not a lot to do and see, never again. We arrive in Perth on the 23rd and ill keep you posted how we go.
  13. ukchris

    The 'what is your car' thread.

    We have a 06 Volvo C70 convertible in the container with our worldly goods.
  14. ukchris

    4 days to go.

    Thank you, we will keep you all updated on our progress and if anyone is up for a meet up and a few drinks that would be great.
  15. ukchris

    Your bed?

    We bought one of those mattress that is firmer on 1 side and soft on the other, me and the other half are a bit like little and large so I have the firm side and she has the other. Cost us about £1k for just the mattress but was well worth it and its in the container coming with us.