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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, new here! Looking to move to Cairns Northern Beaches next Jan for the beginning of the new academic year. My husband will be taking a job as a primary teacher (he has a position and visa is good to go). He is currently a primary teacher in SW London and is in school for 6.30am and leaves at 5.30pm. He never gets to eat lunch and is generally rushed off his feet from the moment he gets in to the moment he leaves. What I'm wondering is, what does a day in the life of a primary teacher in FNQ (QLD will do ) look like? Is it similar to his current day? Any insight would be great, we need to manage our expectations!! Thanks.
  2. StaceyL530

    Teaching qualifications

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone is or has been in the same boat as me that could offer advice. I am a primary school teacher in the UK. Worked in education for over 10 years and in my 5th year of teaching full time. Have a 1st class primary Ed (BA honours) degree with Qts. I know qts isn't valid in oz, so I have been looking into doing a pgce top up course. However, I am aware that my UK qualifications must be equivalent to 4 years. This top up degree will be another year but part time. Designed to work alongside my current work. Would this be sufficient? I grew up in Sydney as a child and gained citizenship via my parents but would love to go back but would love to continue my profession. I'm aiming for Jan 2023. So I will need to start the course this year ideally. I don't want to do it and find out afterwards it isn't enough. I would really struggle going back to uni full time without the wage etc but keeping my options open. If anyone could point me in the right direction of who to ask that would be great. Smart teachers advised that my qualifications be 'equivalent to 4 years' my degree was 3 years plus the part time 1 year top up? Would that work? Thank you xx
  3. Hi All, My wife is a teacher with lots of experience, she has a BaHons teaching degree (includes PGCE), at the time this was a 3 year course specialising in Resistant materials (now migrated into the heading Design & Technology), she currently teaches food (home Economics) and has been head of Dept. Does anyone know if this is valid as some literature says you must have a 3 year degree PLUS PGCE or a 4 year course including PGCE. Any feedback welcome. Many Thanks
  4. Hi there - I am a primary school teacher looking to emigrate to WA and was wondering if anyone knew anything about the DETs sponsorship scheme for teachers. I understand that secondary teachers are only being sought after at the mo, but that primary teachers will be for 2009 and 2010!! Yipeeeeee! The only thing is I have 3 children 4, 6 and 8 and a hubby who obviously will be coming with me and my worry is that 'apparently' through this sponsorship scheme you have no real say in 'where' you end up teaching. I don't mind working in a rural school - I did this 10 years ago in a fab school in mid NSW and had a great time, but I was single then with only myself to consider. My main worry is that I may end up in a 'bad' area - if there are such areas -!! Obviously I'd want my girls to go to a good school - the choice may be out of my control!! Am I taking a massive risk here? Has anyone had any experience on this scheme ! I'd LOVE to hear from you!!!! Warmest Regards The Dobbs Family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:chatterbox:
  5. Hi everyone. Myself and my wife are desperate to emigrate to Oz from the UK. She is a Mental Health Nursing Assistant and I am a secondary school teacher. As far as we're aware, my wife's profession doesn't come up on the skilled profession list, but mine does. I did a pre-visa points check which came up ok to get a 3 year state-sponsored working visa. "Great" we thought, until the AITSL- who decide what qualifications you need to make it possible for you to teach in Oz - have decided that my Teacher Training Quals aren't acceptable for me for migration purposes to teach there..... GUTTED I've been emailing everyone I can think of - State Depts of Education / British Council etc, but as yet not making much progress. So... was wondering, what other options do you think we have got? - Do you think I could use my (old) Architecture qualifications as a way in? (trouble is, although I gained a degree, a postgrad and a Masters in architecture, I didn't qualify as a fully-fledged architect and went into DJing straight after uni , so dont have any experience in an architect's practice) - Or how does it work if I get a job before I go out? Do I still need to satisfy the immigration/ AITSL to get in as a teacher if I already have been offered a job? Any thoughts gratefully appreciated. Thanks so much, Simon & Nicola ====================================================
  6. Guest

    UK teachers who now teach in OZ

    Hi there, I'm looking for a visa agent that has helped teachers from the UK through any visa issues to come to Oz. I'm have the Graduate Teacher Programme which I know is not valid here. I am coming to Australia to retrain as a student for one year maybe two- but I need an agent who can help me with visa problems that are specific to teaching issues. I'm finding many issues- and Immigation phone lines are pretty unhelpful. Be grateful for any suggestions of an agent who has helped UK teachers get set up in Oz! Thank you!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm living in Tahiti, got a french teaching diploma. I'm a pre-primary and primary school teacher for 5 years now. I would like to move to Oz with my family and need to have some info...Can someone give me some info about getting a teaching assessment? How can you be state-sponsorised? Thanks everyone for the infos!!! Cheers
  8. Hi all, I am a teacher in Nz. I am worried that my qualifications will not be recognised in au. I have a B A majoring in education, and then did a 2 year graduate course at teachers college. I have worked and relieved for 15 years. What do I need to do to get my qualifications recognised? What is involved. Please HELLLLPPPP!!!! Thanks Jenny
  9. Hi We are hopefully going to get our visa in the next month or so, so I decided it's about time I updated my CV and got together any other paperwork I will need for teaching in Oz. We are not getting our visa on my job and I haven't worked in teaching since 2003 when I had my first child. Therefore, I haven't needed a CV since then so it'll need a lot of updating. If there are any teachers out in Oz who could tell me what I will need to register to teach in Australia. Are the CVs written in a similar way or do I need to change it? Also, when you register what else do you need to obtain to do this. We are thinking of moving to Adelaide if that makes a difference. I just think that if I get sorted out as soon as we get there then if hubbie doesn't manage to get a job at least I will be able to bring some money in instead maybe. Thanks in advance for anyone's help Julia
  10. hello i'm looking for any one who teach me driving in newcastle or any school for that............... hope it will be closer to jesmond.... can you help me... thanks
  11. Hi to everyone, this is my 1st visit here so please be gentle with me :err: My family and I are very seriously looking at taking the massive step of moving to Brisbane from the UK, but my biggest question is, I'm a Driving Instructor over here, but, are my qualifications in any way valid in Aus? My wifey is a senior Nurse so I'm hoping that employment shouldn't be a problem for her (any info on this would be great though) to find, it's just little old me that's the worry! If anyone could point me in the right direction, or even knows a Driving Instructor over there that I could chat to, I would be sooo grateful. ps. when I think about the move, I get the same feeling that my 9yr old son probably had on the build up to Chrimbo!!!! simott@sky.com
  12. Push to teach apprenticeships in school - The West Australian The above link is to an article regarding a drop in apprenticeship in trades and due to a high number of apprentices being laid off, they are looking at alternatives to meet their training requirements. They are going to provide training in a classroom environment but charge for this! Here in Ireland you have a combination of college and on the job training, they get paid while on the job an apprentice wage, and they dont have to pay to go to FAS which is the training college. Hmmmm think they will have a shortage of trades if that goes ahead. No substitute for on the job training if you ask me. cheers caz
  13. I am not freaking out about the wildlife in Australia. I am quite level headed about it. BUT I am aware that Australians are familiar with their wildlife and I and my family are not. I have heard that children learn wildlife safety (and I think, something about what to do in emergency) at school. My son is 11 now, will be at least 12 by the time we get over there, so he won't have had that teaching. So I would like to make sure that he knows as much as his peers. For instance I know that here in UK he still quite enjoys catching spiders and bugs. I guess that most of what they are taught it along the lines of "don't touch" etc, but can you help me with some other specific info please?
  14. Hi I got a HND 10 yrs ago as a graphic designer, but Photoshop was minimal then as PC's not used much. I am really eager to re-learn the fundamentals of Photoshop, and other progs like Indesign, Flash, Dreamweaver etc, and need to learn Html, PHP, CSS etc. I have a copy of CS3 and looking to get a standalone desktop just to do my design work as a hobby. I have lots of tutorials etc, just need someone who I can ask for advice or who can teach me what to do and where. I have been working in IT Helpdesk for a few yrs and pick things up pretty quick. Can anyone help? I am in Brisbane, cant afford to pay as not working at the moment, but could prob stretch to a slab of beer here and there or something. thanks
  15. Guest

    Can I teach in Oz? Help!

    Hi is there anyone who can give me some advice about teaching in Oz. I seem to be struggling to get anywhere. I am a sixth form teacher in the UK, and specialise in psychology and sociology (social science). I know that these subjects are not taught in schools, but there seems to be some social science cources in TAFE colleges and I am hpoing that I could gain employment there. I think I can only do supply teaching with a work visa too. Is this right? Also, does anyone know how to go about getting a police check as I can't get one done on myself in the UK, it has to be by the person who wishes to employ me! IT'S ALL VERY CONFUSING!!!! Cheers, emma
  16. Hi I am a primary school teacher leaving my current job at Oct half term to fly out in November to Briz. I have been applying for jobs in the private sector (got QLD reg) and came across a Lutheran College. The current position I hold is within a Church of England School. Just wondered if its worth while applying, and how 'heavy' is the Lutheran faith? I must have applied for zillions of jobs with no luck, but I'm still holding on to the disillusioned fact that 'this might be the one' !!:goofy: Thanks for any help Dugong:wubclub:
  17. hi my daughter hates the thought of us taking her to the other side of the world, leaving her mates and school. therefore inorder to help her a little i am trying to find any schools around gold coast or south brisbane where they have a performing arts and dance cirriculum. please help yours tracy and john
  18. Guest

    Wanting to teach!!

    I am a 21 year old male holding a sports science degree with over 5 years sports teaching and coaching experience at several secondary and primry schools combined with professional football clubs in England. I have not however gained my P.G.C.E (teaching certificate) in the U.K but wish to teach P.E (primary or secondary) in Australia when i arrive next month. Does anybody know if this is possible and if there is a possibility to attend an Australian university to complete a teaching certificate so I would not have to return home to the U.K?? Any help would be great!! Stu
  19. Guest

    Teach in Australia

    Any advice? I've been teaching for 9 years but been at home for last 12 months with baby which affects visa application. Husband a HGV driver (not needed enough skills wise). What are the chances of me speeding up emmigration and finding a school or edcuation authority to sponsor me? Any comments appreciated.