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  1. Jin77

    Average Shipping Time

    3months for us and sounds like the norm. Quicker to get stuff oz to UK though! We paid for insurance and it was worth it.
  2. We saw an opportunity. Learnt a lot about oz and ourselves and what we want from life. We have come back and we are different people and a trying not to fall into same rut we were in before. These changes I don't think would have happened if we hadn't moved out there. So it was definitely life changing.
  3. Jin77

    UK Job Offer!!!!!!

    Is your flight booked? Can't imagine having done this move with kids too. Good luck.
  4. Jin77

    Teaching job interview in UK via Skype

    My parents address is near the school so I put their address as a postal address. Gave them my email address and Skype id. Then on my letter of application I explained I was in oz and when I was intending to be back for.
  5. Jin77

    UK Job Offer!!!!!!

    Yes very quick, once my OH puts his mind to it he made sure we got a booking with the movers. The weather here has been so much warmer than melbs. While I have been cooking three meals a day, OH transferred my pay as you go sim back onto contract , the sims arrived yesterday and now I can call people. Yay. Got a car on Monday night , our private plates which were on retention have been registered to the car. A friend has also leant us his car and got OH insured so we can use that too. Our car has a couple of scratches so we have already got it booked for the painter.so I will be free and mobile next week , yay. Nearly finished my preparation for the my lesson observation on Monday. Off to shops today to buy makeup! All in less than week.
  6. Jin77

    Container left today

    We have flown and we have arrived. Got back for Thursday lunch. its all very surreal but my OH did nearly kiss the ground at the airport. Except for being exhausted from all the running around and the jet lag he actually is looking more like himself like when we first met. Before Australia idea was up put on the table. I'm glad we had a go at our adventure. No regrets.
  7. Jin77

    UK Job Offer!!!!!!

    Glad to be back but missing having my own car. Staying with in laws. So feel a bit stranded away from my parents although we have visited. Just wish they were a bit closer. Mind you at least we not in another country. . Waiting for our new phone contract to start next week then i can start making calls. Missing the few friends I made in melbs.
  8. Jin77

    Container left today

    Packers coming tomorrow or should I say today.
  9. Jin77

    UK Job Offer!!!!!!

  10. Jin77

    Teaching job interview in UK via Skype

    Hope the interview went well Geordee. The Skype kept freezing during the interview cos they used an iPad instead of a laptop /pc with webcam. It really does make a difference to the quality. Facetime is much better.
  11. Jin77

    Will the economic news make a difference?

    I fancy a veggie burger. Mmmmm will have to wait until we get to Dubai airport.
  12. Hi, we are moving back to the UK after six months. Got a couple of things we would like to sell by this saturday. Feel free to pm for queries. We are in Doncaster east and you Would have to pick it up. A phone with three handsets $150 with box Two mobile broadband devices $25 dollars each T-box $50 more details below: UNIDEN XDECT 6135BTU+2 1.8GHZ BLUETOOTH CORDLESS PHONE USB CHARGING PORT IPHONE NOT INCLUDED No Landline... No Worries with the XDECT® 6135BTU+2 Series. Sporting Bluetooth® connectivity with USB Charging Port, this new series from Uniden now enables you to dial and receive mobile calls on the cordless handset for convenience and versatility as well as charging your Mobile Phone simultaneously. It's a case of Smartphone Meets "Smart" Phone. Introducing a stylish new era in sophisticated communications, the new Uniden XDECT® Bluetooth® / USB Cordless Phone Series combines the intelligence of Integrated Bluetooth® combined with a USB Charging Port feature. Stylish, Slim Design, the XDECT® 61xx range is the perfect marriage between "Smartphone" & "Homephone". The XDECT® 6135BTU+2 even allows you to pair up to 4 Mobile Phones to the XDECT® 6135BTU+2 series making it ideal in a large household and small business where the one phone is used. The XDECT® 61xx series also gives you the ability to download your phonebook from the mobile phones to the cordless phone book with a massive 6000 Phonebook Capacity. The USB Charging Port allows you to charge your USB devices at your convenience - no more looking for that spare power point. Featuring HD Sound∞ the XDECT® 6135BTU+2 now has Improved Voice Clarity when making and receiving calls. What makes this phone so special is it allows you to call conference both your mobile call and landline call on the one phonIdeal for modern high-density urban living, the XDECT® Bluetooth® / USB design is derived from cutting edge American DECT 6.0 Technology to deliver excellent call clarity. The phones are also Wireless (WiFi) Network Friendly so they will not interfere with other wireless networks around the home or office – essential for the connected household. The XDECT® 61xx Series multi-handset capable, allowing connection of up to ten (10) handsets from the one phone line to suit larger households - making life easier. Key Features Designed and Engineered in Japan XDECT® Digital Technology Phone System Integrated Bluetooth® Technology – MobileLink USB Charging Port – Charge Your Mobile Pair up to 4 Mobile Phones Stylish, Slim Design Multi Handset Capabilities Up to 10 Handsets using the One Phone Socket - Intercom/Announce Call Transfer - Handset Conferencing DND – Do Not Disturb Function Integrated Digital Answering Machine with Remote Access 4 Line Backlit Full Dot Matrix LCD Display White Backlit LCD Display Wireless (WiFi) Network Friendly Polyphonic Ring Tones Time & Date Display Visual Message Waiting Call Indicator Advanced Phonebook with 6000 Entry Capacity Download Phonebook from the Mobile Phone to the Cordless Phone Address Book Caller ID (Type 1 and Type 2) Maxi Sound – Extra Loud Handset Volume Control Eco Friendly Mode Digital Duplex Speakerphone on Handset Download Phonebook Between Handsets 16 Minutes Answering Machine Recording Time Up to 7 Hours Talk Time Up to 10 Days Standby Time Hearing Aid Compatible (T-Coil) Keypad Lock Belt Clip Headset Compatible Optional Additional Handset: XDECT® 6105BTU Additional Features: Talk Time: 7 Hours Standby Time: 10 Days Dimensions XDECT® 6135BTU: 190mm (H) X 175mm (W) X 90mm (D) XDECT® 6135BTU Weight: 320 grams Dimensions XDECT® 6105BTU: 185mm (H) X 75mm (W) X 85mm (D) XDECT® 6105BTU Weight: 180 grams * Caller ID, POP ID features work only if you subscribe to the service provided by your local telephone company. There is usually a fee for this service. Caller ID Type 2 service is currently not available in New Zealand. # Diagram Illustrates Concept Only. The actual enclosed product and its colour is shown on the front of the box. ™ The DECT 6.0 Interference Free Communication logo is a trademark of DECT forum. ∞ HD Sound is achieved by extending the audio frequency allowing the signal to be reproduced from improved voice clarity. T box Everything is included to connect up and start using the T-Box. All you require to receive free-to-air channels is a TV with HDMI, Composite or Component Input and a Digital Signal. For additional services such as On-Demand TV, Movies, Internet etc you will require additional services from Telstra / Bigpond. As this is an ex-demo item it has previously been on display in a Telstra store. It may therefore have cosmetic marks / scratches from handling. Packaging may also be damaged. We have a number of T-Box, T-Hub, Phones, WiFi USB etc currently available for sale. All are either brand new or ex-demo with minor handling marks. All from Telstra Stores. Collection is available from Eatons Crossing Road, Warner, 4500. What's Included (also see pictures on right) Telstra T-Box (200GB) HDMI Cable Ethernet Cable Aerial Cable Component Cable Power Supply Remote Control Mobile broadband Telstra Prepaid Elite MF60 WiFi Next G Mobile Broadband Telstra Elite Wifi MOdem Genuine Australian Seller RRP: AU$ 79.00 The Telstra Elite is a mobile Wi-Fi router that connects up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Next G™ Network. With HSDPA 21Mbps downlink. Quad band GSM and tri band UMTS. Supports up to 32GB Micro SDHC memory. Key Features: Portable Wi-Fi connection Connects up to 5 users or Wi-Fi enabled devices Rechargeable battery & active battery life of up to 240 minutes OLED display and external antenna port (antenna sold separately) Add up to 32GB Micro SDHC card to use as an external storage device (sold separately) Whats in the Box: · Telstra MF60 Wifi Modem · Battery · AC Wall Charger · Telstra Next G Sim – 5GB Data Valid for 30 Days · Startup Guide
  13. Jin77

    Single Mum- stick it out or return?

    Good luck with talking to your employers.
  14. Jin77

    Teaching job interview in UK via Skype

    Thanks. Car sold! Now we can look at flights and final costs for shipping on Tuesday. Then arrange a meeting with the principle on return.