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  1. tinaisrar

    trying to help a friend need help

    he is married on a 489 visa wife is leaving and returning to uk. however he is not main applicant on visa. can he stay or does he have to apply for visa in own right. he does not have skill and working in a retail store and thinks she will cancel visa. they have been in Australia not yet a year. ty
  2. tinaisrar

    having doubts

    Thank you for all the words of support. i think its familiarity here at home im struggling with,my family i know will visit regular my dad within 3 months lol. plus offered promotion at work the week i put my notice in argh lol. As well as people saying why....and dont go.....and a man lol however, though i put notice in they are giving me sabbatical leave for 2 years and i never asked for it........so all doors not closed . I am positive about going i am looking forward to it and as a few said on here .....its an adventure that planes go both ways. But yes its a huge thing to do so wobbles are natural....right toughen up now Thank you again xx
  3. tinaisrar

    having doubts

    2 years of excitement to get to this point. fly out 9th jan to adelaide in temporary accommodation for 3 weeks. Start of a new life.............but now im doubting going awwwwwww so scared and nervous. Never thought i would be. anyone else felt like this.
  4. tinaisrar

    how to open bank account

    thank you for replies.....depositing $2000 should not be an issue so its to decide which one. Ty Parley Will also look online at process with commonwealth. I like the idea of westpac, getting cards before is ideal. How did you transfer funds say 8- 10k initially?
  5. tinaisrar

    how to open bank account

    Moving to Adelaide in January read in the past about opening account from uk ready for arrival, is this right and how do you do? Also i obviously have no address there how do you get past this issue? And finally which bank for basic bank account with debit card? Thankyou
  6. tinaisrar

    489 skilled visa

    Mine was granted nearly 2 weeks ago, they have given me till feb 17th 2015 to activate....hope that helps xx
  7. Yep confused.com Blossom lol x
  8. ty, just confused as grant was 8 oct 2015 i have to activate visa before 17 feb 2015,i always thought a year from when meds and or pcc done. Thisisnot the case as they were donein August 2014............hence why im confused. However not an issue as planning to go in Jan. Just thought would also be a bit of useful info for people, as things regarding entry looks like its changed Excited though .............thank you x
  9. Finally, my visa is granted a 489, feelings all over the place and nerves kicking in but.....excited eeeekkkkkk I dont know why but interested to know why i only have till mid feb 2015 to activate visa. Meds and pcc done in August! Luckily not a problem as planning to go in Jan :wink: Thought getting visa was hard, now i realise the hard but fun work begins in wrapping stuff up here. Thank you to all forall the help you have provided, it is appreciated alot and allowed me to do myself without an agent!
  10. Hi i uploaded all documents requested via IMMI over 6 weeks ago, including PCC medicals and extra document all show as received as of 6 weeks ago,medicals show as finalised. Today i receive an email firstly from a different case officer to what was allocated and secondly to ask i send outstanding documents via email :confused: no note as to what documents. I sent all docs again as per original email. Anyone else come across this, i am a little concerned that docs are shown as received and nothing showing as outstanding and dont want an unnecessary delay. i have applied for 489 and now into 5th month of waiting Thanks
  11. tinaisrar

    Joan Rivers has died

    awww what a shame, yes she was controversial,but loved her humour, sarcasm, directness a funny lady......81yrs!
  12. tinaisrar

    advice needed regarding update on immi account please

    Hi pumpkin , yes everything uploaded all show as received, meds showing as finalised. I will ignore it, nothing else i can do about it i guess as its not really asking for anything or providing info..............the wait continues pfft. Ohh and i wish someone would communicate hahaha....but not to request more info lol:wink: Thank you for reply x
  13. tinaisrar

    When did you feel like you had changed?

    i read this thread and can highlight quite clearly two times in my life i changed............the first being the day i got married at 21.........at the time i thought the feelings of doubt was me being scared, after that i realised it wasn't. However, i had made my bed so now i will lie in it!.............the 2nd was 15 years later (3 years ago when i divorced), i felt like me again. Its been a long hard road since but i am happier for it but still paying the price for it now,but i wouldn't change a thing. Always listen to your intuition its rarely wrong and live life for the day and take risks, i believe its the only way you make positive changes.
  14. Hi, need some help if you can, I have applied for 489 myself without any agents input, however i have noticed a change on immi and not sure what it means or if i need to do anything. It states............ADMIN FORMS DOCUMENTS.....CLIENT......DATE and underneath no attachments available! What is this for? is there anything i need to upload there.......i have uploaded all information requested and shows as received. Medicals are showing as finalised for this applicant to. Thank you in advance Oh anyone got an idea on how much longer i need to wait its been 3.5 months now Tina