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    Couples who choice not to have kids.

    I think it might have been the early posts say people were "strange" etc that fired some up. Tried to correct it, but too late they ha bitten! We've decided not to have children, we have 5 nieces an nephews so far, yep we are probably too selfish and love our holidays etc. to be honest I'd rather be like that than have a child just to conform. Also, I don't think I'd be sitting on my Aussie veranda feeding the possums if I had children as I wouldn't have been able to take them away from their grandparents!! Each to there own, I actually admire people who have children....it's the biggest commitment to me.
  2. dalejaneaustralia

    My findings back in the UK

    No didn't write anything about moving to oz for the weather. Mentioned the uk weather. As for idiots.....in my opinion you are crazy if you move to oz without considering everything else....cost of living etc. How many people do you see arriving in oz and then are posting how expensive this or that is and then say they can't afford to live! I just don't understand how people can get themselves into this position, with all the info that's out there. We planned our move for over two years and tried to prepare ourselves as much as possible. To move across the world ill prepared and then be amazed you can't afford to live, then go back to the uk and slag oz (not you personally) off seems a tad harsh to me. As I said in my first post, the two sides are never going to agree.
  3. dalejaneaustralia

    My findings back in the UK

    Sorry don't wish to sound sarcastic but where did you read that I moved oz for the weather? We had a very comfortable live in the uk, we moved to oz for an experience....not to say its better.....but to give living in a different place a go!! We were at a place in our life where we wanted a change......and to be honest you think I would spend all the time and money moving to oz just for the weather....you'd have to be an idiot to do that!!
  4. dalejaneaustralia

    My findings back in the UK

    I'm sorry but they are not wearing those shirts cause they love Britain!! They are wearing them because we have the best football league in the world. Example is when Beckham moved to Madrid the shirt sales globally pretty much paid for his transfer. I'm not having a go at the uk.....I just don't think its as great as you are painting it. Maybe 50 years ago, but now, I'm not so convinced.
  5. dalejaneaustralia

    My findings back in the UK

    I dunno I've been living in the uk all my 33 years (except 3 months) and I don't think most folk are proud to be British. I think the Scots are proud to be Scottish, the Irish to. Not convinced most English are proud (I'm English by the way). We are a nation that are pretty much disliked globally, yeah we have a great history.....most of it filled with mistreating a lot of other nations and now ironically we send the troops overseas trying to tell other countries how to act!
  6. dalejaneaustralia

    My findings back in the UK

    Exactly!! I think there is a lot justification going on.
  7. dalejaneaustralia

    My findings back in the UK

    It's a never ending argument! Folks who move back will say uk is better because that's where they want to be. Folks in oz will say the opposite as its where they want to be! We've only been here 3 months and there are plenty of good points about it. It's not england but why come here and expect it to be the same? The people aren't British they are Australian so why expect them to be the same? My take is they are very proud to be Aussies and why should we knock them for that? Look how the uk was during the Olympics.....we should be like that all the time, nothing wrong with being proud of your country. Agree that food shopping is expensive, but fuel is cheaper....swings and roundabouts. As for the climate, I'd wait until you've had 4/5 years of rubbish summers before commenting on that! I don't know if we'll be here forever, but there are a lot of positives to oz for me, England will always be home though.....but it's not perfect by any means. One other point is we have no children....I imagine this makes a massive difference.
  8. dalejaneaustralia

    BBC Match of the Day

    If you subscribe to Fox Sports....Monday night 6.30pm all the game highlights......big benefit no Hansen, Lawro or Shearer waffling on!! Just the games back to back. You can also watch pretty much all the games at the weekend.....plus champions league on ESPN. Championship is extra as is only shown on Setanta, along with international matches and I think the FA Cup. 4.45 Thursday am Utd v Newcastle....you get used to footy then work!!!
  9. dalejaneaustralia

    What have you sacrificed to move to Australia?

    I think where the topic is posted is irrelevant. If you are being picky, this post is in "Moving" back to the uk......by the looks of it you have already "moved". No one is saying you should leave the forum, I said I don't see the point of people being on the forum once they have moved back.....you said you can't understand why people think you shouldn't be on here once you've moved back.......they are just two opinions. All I'm saying in my experience there is a clear negative vibe on most of the posts I read from people who have moved back. There are so many *** for tat posts which again in my opinion are pointless and do nothing to help people who are looking to move to oz. I've been on here since I started my visa process and there has been a constant slagging of Oz and in my opinion it didn't help me whatsoever! It just filled my "new topics" page with unhelpful posts.
  10. dalejaneaustralia

    What have you sacrificed to move to Australia?

    I agree that there could and should be a lot of great information to be shared, but lately (certainly on CTF threads) there just seems to be a lot of slating Oz......clearly from folks whose dream move hasn't worked out. And no I wouldn't ever ridicule the reasons people's reasons for moving home.
  11. dalejaneaustralia

    Melbourne smells

    We moved to the "Melbourne area" purely for the work opportunities......we've been lucky enough that we can live in Emerald and have our work still within driving distance. I've nothing against Melbourne city, but wouldn't bother me one bit if I didn't go there ever again! Just not a lover of cities, much prefer the countryside......so much on our doorstep at the weekends.....and no traffic lights out here!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. dalejaneaustralia

    Do you wish you'd never come?

    Great honest post, love how your negative has turned to positive......you will miss the coffee though Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. dalejaneaustralia

    What have you sacrificed to move to Australia?

    Totally know where you are coming from! We were very comfortable at home (2 well payed jobs, low mortgage, plenty of free cash, vw campervan) but we both wanted to come and experience living in another country. Once the train of thought was we are going to do this, you start thinking about the "what ifs"...... if the visa hadn't have been successful or some other reason made it not possible to go. I think a lot of folks put too much pressure on themselves......yeah we've given a lot up and it might not be forever, but in 40/50 years time we'll either be sitting in Oz thinking how glad we are that we moved or back in the UK thinking what a great experience we had when we went and lived the other side of the world! I know I might get slated for this but I don't see the point of the folks who have moved back home being on this forum. If it hasn't worked out for them they'll never (maybe the odd one) be able to give a balanced view. There will also be the group that couldn't get the visa they wanted giving their opinions. Yeah we've given a lot up, but wouldn't change it for the world (at the minute!) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  14. dalejaneaustralia

    Has anyone used SevenSeasWorldwide for shipping

    Yes we used them, 14 boxes, 2 bikes, golf bag and picture. All really well organised from collection to re-delivery. Only one mug smashed, which to be fair was probably bad packing. Would definitely use them again.
  15. I've been looking into this, having owned a VW T25 at home, I think it is very achievable against the cost of a decent van that has already been converted. As been said gas and electrics are the only thing you'd have to pay to get fitted. Beds, cupboards, sinks, worktop would be no problem. Just get your framework right. If you're going to the next level.....fitted toilet and shower I'm not sure it would stack up financially.