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  1. Dogboy73

    Child Benefit Tax payments UK

    We just didn't check the account. We opened new bank accounts when we arrived in Oz. Bank account is now pretty much empty thanks to a direct debit on a credit card. Oops!! Finance is not our strong point :biggrin:
  2. Oops! We dropped a bit of a clanger with this one when moving to Australia. In the hail of things to sort out & finalize we neglected to cancel this benefit before we left. The payments have been going into our UK bank account ever since. But we've only recently realised after someone at our old address forwarded some documents that they had received to our address in Australia. The documents are asking for us to update any details & from the looks of it they can't be simply ignored, resulting in payments being stopped. Looks like they might come after us for the payments back if we do simple ignore the request! Not sure what we can do now as we may well owe back several thousand pounds!! Just what we don't need right now!! :-( Any advice on how we should best proceed? Cheers ;-)
  3. Dogboy73

    Amazon coming to Oz?....

    So what's the deal with Amazon Australia? Is it up and running? There still doesn't seem to be an Amazon.com.au site in any case.
  4. Dogboy73

    HR Driving question

    I did my HR truck training about a month ago. Got signed of by the instructor & got my license. Struggling to find work though because, it's the old catch 22, most jobs want a minimum of 2 years driving experience! Hard to find a job willing to take on a 12 tonne newbie!! :-) I'll keep trying though. Everyone has to start somewhere!! (I'm going to start putting this in my application / Resume!!)
  5. Dogboy73

    Job agencies in NSW?

    I've found loads online already but I'm wondering what are the best job agencies/recruitment websites to be looking at here in NSW. I worked in IT back home doing technical support and general IT support stuff in a school. But over here I was looking to get into the open cut mines so I've just done my heavy vehicle (HR) training and license to broaden my horizons a bit. So I'm looking for good agencies where I can find IT jobs and also truck driving stuff ..... Until the mines pick up again! Keep hearing there in somewhat of a lul right now. Cheers ;-)
  6. Dogboy73

    Lgv drivers

    Many thanks for the follow up, JP. I only held a standard car/light vehicle license in the UK. So this is all new territory for me.
  7. Dogboy73

    BBC Match of the Day

    Good old Torrents ;-) Will give this a go as well ....... As I'm thinking now is MoD (1) even on iPlayer?! I've seen MoD2 on there.
  8. Dogboy73

    BBC Match of the Day

    Sounds just the ticket. Cheers for this, I'll look into it ;-)
  9. Dogboy73

    BBC Match of the Day

    That's fu**ing fantastic! I'm definitely looking into this. Many thanks for the info ;-) I have to admit its Hansen, Lawro, Lineker, Shearer that I miss waffling on! :-) I miss their inter-game waffle! Been watching plenty of footy on Fox though. Great to get such good coverage over here. But Mark Bosnich and that other dude's waffle can't top the MoD lads! ;-)
  10. Dogboy73

    Lgv drivers

    Just about to do my HR training and before that knowledge test at the RTA. I didn't realise you could do mock tests online first. Very handy to know. Cheers http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/tests/driverknowledgetest/demonstrationdriverknowledgetest/index.html
  11. Dogboy73

    BBC Match of the Day

    Cool. So then I'll be able to watch regional UK stuff online, such as the BBC iPlayer stuff? Is Match of the Day on BBC iPlayer?! (I usually just watched it on TV).
  12. Dogboy73

    BBC Match of the Day

    I really miss Match of the Day! How can I watch this in Australia?!
  13. Dogboy73

    Partner Migration visa granted :-) Now what?!

    .. BTW, which border control gate do I go through when I return? Australian citizen or other/International? Or does it not matter?!
  14. Dogboy73

    Partner Migration visa granted :-) Now what?!

    Good call ;-) I've already sent my case manager the NZ trip itinerary. She replied saying the details had been noted. But I think I'll send another quick email when I'm actually there just to remind her ;-)
  15. Dogboy73

    Partner Migration visa granted :-) Now what?!

    Cheers for the reply, GeorgeD. It's kind of as I suspected, which is why nothing was explained by the case manager. It was just like, 'bugger of out of the country for 3 days, visa granted'! No written notification, no additional documents, not even a 'F**k you POM, welcome to Oz'!!! :-)