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  1. andyjackie

    Beware of migration company

    Hi how do i pm you never pm before
  2. andyjackie

    home loan

    Hi pomz in oz can any body tell me how much i can borrow . Our income will be $165.000 befor tax and cars furniture etc will be payed for .Have been on calculatoure sites but don.t know out goings in general . Also have $50.000 deposi
  3. andyjackie

    exams and moveing

    hi poms in oz I have a 13 year old who is in yr 9 . HE will be in yr10 when we hoe to get our visa an that is when he will be studieing for his G,C,S.E . To sit them in yr11 as any bodie emigated at this time with there child and how did it work out please help
  4. andyjackie

    Just 45 Help

    hi you can still emigrate as the age limit was lifted on the 1 july .but you wil need state sponsirship .and as you are a teacher it will take ur pick . and your boys will go as dependants on your visa . i am emigrateing this way my self 46 thi september
  5. andyjackie

    state sponsirship QLD

    Does any body know if you can get state sponsirship . for queensland cains north queensland to be exact . applying as a trade painter G,S,M but need state sponsirship and wan,t to move to cains . Hope some one can help :err:
  6. andyjackie

    home loan how much

    Hi every one i hope to be moveing to be moveing to WA mid 2012 . with wife 3 kids my question is our conbined income will be $100.000 . how much could we borrow if any bodie has just applied for a home loan ur 6-12 mouthjs a go wouid be great to hear from you :wink:
  7. andyjackie

    Help with sol list and cat

    Hi mate did you get state sponsorship i have been adviced to i am waiting for my T.R.A to get passed and have been told the new state sponsorship list will be released on the 1 july hope Qld W.A . Have you looked at the employment situation i have and it seems good for us ps have you been told how long you will have to waite for a visa now you have lodged :smile:
  8. andyjackie

    new car ur not

    hi need new car in uk nissan navara cost £10.000 , 2008 plate same car in aus 30.000 dollars ur £20.000 uk if bought would wan,t to ship is it cost affective is there any bodie who has faced this problem :arghh:
  9. andyjackie

    Help with sol list and cat

    HI every one i am a painter and dec . am applying under G,S,M my trade at present is sol list in demand does any bodie know were i will be after 1 july . ps awaiting T.R.A result then will apply for state sponsorship . Queensland . Western Australia:confused:
  10. andyjackie

    painter dec work in Queensland

    hi can any bodie tell me the work situation in cairns and mackay mainly but Queensland in general for time serven painter and dec i can also dry line -tape and joint :radar:
  11. andyjackie

    dyslexia in oz schools

    Find we have to be the ones who have push and fight for any help. It feels like a long long journey!!
  12. andyjackie

    Education for dyslexic pupils

    Hi moveing to queensland early 2012 . we have a 8yr old son who is dyslexic is there any parents of dyslexic kids and teachers .etc who could give us information on how Queenslands schools support and help kids whare dyslexic . and parents of dyslexic kids how are they doing in oz schools :skeptical:
  13. andyjackie

    dyslexia in oz schools

    Hi new to pominoz hope to be moveing to qld or wa early 2012 does any body have information how oz schools deal and cater for dyslexic children as our son who is 8yrs old is dyslexic :unsure: